Rubber Isolation Suit

By Scribe

My buddy Jim works for Discipline Technologies as a software developer. Discipline Technologies designs and builds prison cells and inmate controls. Jim told me his company is designing a rubber isolation suit that can be worn by a slave or prisoner in solitary confinement. The company had just completed a prototype and wanted someone to test it. Jim knew my enthusiasm for bondage and rubber, and he also knew I was taking a leave of absence from work after completing a large, lucrative project. He explained they just wanted a long weekend test. They could put me in the suit on Friday night and release me on Monday night.

Jim explained the suit combines a heavy rubber catsuit with computer controls, hardware and artificial intelligence offering unique features. He recommended that I abstain from sex until the long weekend, laughing that I would enjoy the suit even better while horny. He also suggested that I shave all the hair off my body the day of installation, saying the suit would fit me better over bare skin. I hesitated at that suggestion, but decided I’d do it since my facial hair was pretty short to begin with and I wasn’t going to return to work for several weeks.

I eagerly volunteered since my own catsuit is one of my favorite toys. I locked on my preferred chastity cage. I called Jim saying I could start Thursday night instead, making it a four day stay instead of three. Thursday arrived, I shaved, and Jim drove me to his work. We found our way to the basement prison cells. The cell I would be locked in was solid steel but had cameras so the company technicians could watch my reactions to the suit. There was also a computer monitor outside the cell which displayed the various operations of the unit.

The heavy rubber catsuit was waiting for me on a hanger outside the cell. I was told to strip naked and remove my cock cage. Jim showed me the inside of the suit, which consisted of soft rubber. The outside was heavier gauge rubber with a hard detachable shell over the crotch and butt. The hood looked something like a motorcycle or space helmet, also lined in rubber. The suit included foot and hand mitts. A zipper ran from the back of the neck to the navel in front. Jim and another company team member helped me into the suit. The rubber was chlorinated, so I slipped in easily. The rubber was cool and silky smooth and felt great. The zipper was pulled up and locked at the neck. The hand mitts were flat and hard, preventing any manipulation of the fingers. There was no way I could let myself out of the suit.

What felt like a small butt plug was inserted in my hole and the butt plate was attached to the suit. The crotch plate had a small rubber cylinder which enclosed my cock and also had a balloon encasing my balls. I guessed I was going to remain in chastity. A catheter was slid into my cock and attached to a bag hanging on the outside of the catsuit. I could see some other electronics in the plate which was attached to my crotch. Finally the helmet was lowered over my head. There were no eyeholes, so I was immediately plunged into darkness. A rubber sheet slid into my mouth with a tube running through the middle for breathing. A flexible tube was inserted in my nose, running to my throat for feeding. This was quite uncomfortable, and I had to take a few minutes to adjust. The helmet had a zipper that joined a zipper around the neck of the suit and locked into place.

I failed to notice a large bladder built into the back of the suit. Jim filled this with water and explained that a pump would frequently deliver water to my nose and throat tube. The rubber would quickly warm, and I would need to stay hydrated.

The cell door opened, and I was pushed into the cell. I heard the door locks click behind me. I was now in a locked cell in a locked rubber suit with no hope for release until someone would let me out. White noise began to play from small speakers in the hood. I understood why they called this an isolation suit. I couldn’t see anything, and the hood and white noise ensured that I wouldn’t hear anything from either inside or outside the cell. I could smell all the glorious rubber and taste the rubber in my mouth, but nothing else. The thick rubber and mitts prevented me from feeling much outside the suit. However, I would find touch to be the sense the unit used to torture the victim (me) inside.

I immediately noticed a change in the catsuit. The inside rubber started to inflate. What was initially a rather loose fit began to tighten. The rubber was pushed against every square inch of my body, my arm pits, my fingers, my toes, my cock, my balls, my ass. As the rubber warmed, it sealed against my body. Then the helmet began to inflate. My eyelids closed and soft rubber pressed against my eyes keeping them sealed. Rubber expanded against my neck, nose, mouth, ears and scalp. Again, as the heat built, the rubber would seal around my newly shaved skin. Pressure began to build around my head and body.

But the helmet wasn’t finished. Small balloons filled my ears. A balloon filled the nostril that did not have the feeding tube in it. The gag began to inflate. It filled sideways, stretching my cheeks and also inflated lengthwise filling my mouth. I wouldn’t be able to make any sounds other than the occasional grunt. I could only breathe through the tube in the gag.

The isolation suit was only beginning to ramp up, however. What I thought was a chastity tube expanded and began slowly stroking my dick. The butt plug expanded and became a dildo slowly fucking my ass. The suit must have had a reservoir of lube because everything slid and felt so good. Waves of pleasure overwhelmed me as the stroking increased in intensity. I was excited by the suit, the smell of rubber and realized I hadn’t cum for some time. I thought I’m really going to enjoy this orgasm. The dildo pumped slowly at first and then increased its speed. The milking tube started slow and then increased its speed and pressure. The tube squeezed as well as stroked my dick. Little rubber fingers seemed to stroke the head of my dick, driving me crazy. The dildo pumped deeper, hitting my prostate. I was soon rolling on the floor of the cell ready for the explosion. The rubber around my balls then inflated and began squeezing and massaging my orbs, redoubling the waves of pleasure. I felt precum leaking down my legs. I had never felt such urgency to climax. I screamed into the gag. Sweat poured off my face down the suit. The breathing tube must have had a computer-controlled valve because suddenly my air supply was cut off further increasing my thrashing and excitement.

Just at the point of release, sudden painful shocks ended it all. The stroking and fucking stopped. The pain quickly deflated my cock. The rubber tube shortened so that I was trapped in chastity again. The breathing tube opened.

I found this edging would restart every few hours. I began to think of the suit as a machine. A machine with intelligence. It seemed to know when I was about to cum and when I had recovered enough to start another edging session. I suspected that it monitored my blood pressure and heart rate and maybe my breathing rate and perspiration rate as well. I think the catheter had a sensor which monitored my precum and hardness. Every time, just as I approached the point of no return, the machine would shock me and the milking machine would return to chastity cage size, trapping my ability to cum.

I thought I would become fatigued by the edging cycles and would fail to respond after a while. But it seemed the more I was edged the more my testosterone and semen would build and the more desperate my urge to ejaculate. I would try to beat the machine, thinking of my favorite stories on the Metalbondnyc website, but the machine always bested me first. The lack of any other input, sound, sight, smell or taste, made me fully concentrate on the sensations to my dick, balls and ass. The edging sessions got longer and longer. The AI was learning my body chemistry. It learned which strokes would get me the most excited. It also knew which actions would defeat my arousal and allow the edging to begin all over again. The fucking and stroking would stop briefly and then resume again. Sometimes the fucking would continue but the chastity cage would shrink, preventing a climax. Sometimes the stroking would stop but the cock sleeve and head would pleasantly vibrate. I found I was begging through the gag for release for hours on end. I never knew there were so many ways to edge and so many ways to delay and deny an orgasm.

Between edging sessions, the machine would often massage my balls or gently pump my prostate in order to build my capacity for another edging. I surmised that the suit or machine was sadistically designed to keep me constantly agitated. I tried to do the opposite, thinking of work, my sometimes asshole of a boss, clients who were a pain to deal with, hoping I could get rid of my compulsion to cum. But that didn’t work either, especially when the machine amped up the stroking.

Besides the edging, the machine had some other “diversions.” The butt plug turned dildo would change again into a long snake that worked its way up my colon. The farther it went, the more my discomfort, but it also was erotic as well. The snake would retract to dildo size, ready to fuck me when another edging session was about to begin.

The gag was not erotic or pleasant, however. The thing would slowly expand, pushing its way toward my throat. When I started to choke, the gag would retract slightly. As soon as I calmed down it would advance again. As I got used to the new position, the cycle would begin again. I assumed the machine monitored my reactions keeping the gag as large and uncomfortable as possible while still allowing me to breathe and swallow without much difficulty. The one nose plug and the ear plugs would also expand or contract providing different sensations. The suit itself would inflate further, resulting in additional pressure over my entire body. As I became used to the additional pressure, it would inflate again making movement difficult. The suit became quite hot and uncomfortable. When another edging session started, the suit and gag would deflate a bit allowing me to fully concentrate on my cock.

I soon lost track of time. I laid on the cell floor hoping to fall asleep. While I think the suit allowed me a few hours of sleep in order to recover my adrenaline and testosterone levels, the machine seemed to always be doing something either arousing or aggravating. I may have snached a few hours of sleep during my four-day stay, but I was hardly rested.

Then a new way to torment me began. The dildo retracted to butt plug size and expanded to tightly seal my hole. Water began to fill my intestine. There must have been a second tube running from my back water bladder to the butt plug.The pressure increased until I felt completely full. Then nothing happened for a while. The pressure became more and more uncomfortable. The stroking began again and soon I was ready to explode from both ends. I rolled on the floor begging for relief through my gag. Finally a guard entered the cell, removed the butt plate, and positioned me over the steel toilet in the cell. He then deflated the plug. After cleaning my butt and the urine bag, he deflated the suit, allowing the sweat that had collected to drain through perforations in the feet. He refilled the water bladder and zipped the suit back up. He then fed me a protein drink through the feeding tube. I suspect the drink was laced with long acting Cialis to keep my dick receptive to the edging. While the guard didn’t speak (I probably couln’t have heard him through the helmet, with its white noise and ear plugs) and I couldn’t see him, the little break and human touch meant a lot. Soon, however, I was alone again, and the suit/machine started another edging session. I ended up on the floor thrashing about hoping to get at my dick through the flat, heavy mitts and codpiece or rubbing my cock against the floor, both unsucessful of course.

It seemed that my encasement in the rubber suit was lasting forever. I had several more delayed enemas and cleanouts along with the protein drinks. I had a lot more edging sessions. Finally the cell door opened and Jim, the other technician and the guard started to remove the suit and helmet. I was glad to be released and so horny after all that edging that I thought I would jack off right there in front of everyone.

“Not so fast,” Jim said and produced a metal cock cage and ice pack. The two other guys held me while Jim deflated my hard on and locked the cage over my cock and balls. A battery pack was locked to my thigh with an unremovable metal tube to the cage. “We thought you enjoyed the edging so much that you would want it to continue. This is a new chastity device we designed. The internal lock and clock can be set for up to one month. We figured you would want the maximum time. The cage provides electronic stroking of varying intensities. We were also able to duplicate the silicone fingers used to massage the head of your dick and your balls. The cap of the cage will also retract to keep it in contact with the head of your cock even when flaccid providing constant stimulation. Unlike some devices, you won’t forget that you have this cage installed. You will be happy to hear that no painful shocks are necessary. The small length and width of the cage will prevent any erections or ejaculations. You will be staying horny for a very long time. We hope you enjoy this complementary souvenir of your stay in the rubber prison. When the month is up, you can return the cage.”

I was not happy with the prospect of not getting off for another month. I begged Jim to take the thing off or at least reduce the time to a few days. When he refused, I begged him to at least let me whack off one time before reinstalling the cage. Jim said sorry, the lock is already set and can’t be changed. Jim did assure me that the cage was programmed to edge me on nights and weekends so that my work would not be interrupted.

“You may not get much sleep this next month,” he laughed.

I did appreciate their shower. It felt great to wash off all the sweat. The guard explained that a longer stay in the isolation suit would include a weekly shower. After dressing we discussed my experience in the rubber suit. Jim’s colleague said they were impressed with my reactions, especially with the equipment’s ability to edge me over and over again without cumming. He said they would like to do a 30-day test.

“Prisons will often punish an inmate with 30 days solitary,” Jim said. “We feel a prisoner’s experience in solitary would be greatly enhanced by wearing our isolation suit for the full 30 days. We’d like to market this product to prisons as well as private individuals who crave isolation and sexual stimulation or to Mmasters who wish to discipline their slaves. If you can arrange the time, we’d like you to come back for a 30-day test.”

Jim knew I had started a leave of absence from work. He said he had an idea. If I would agree to immediately start a 30-day test, they would remove the chastity cage (I guess Jim lied and the lock could be cancelled.) They would immediately give me some privacy and allow me to whack off before getting in the suit again.

I struggled with that proposition. Thirty days would be a very long time in isolation. At the same time, I had to admit that all that rubber turned me on. The constant edging while very aggravating was also very erotic. I especially wanted to get rid of the damn cage and jack myself off. I figured I wasn’t going to get off for a month anyway, I might as well get rid of my blue balls and then go back into the suit. Of course, I later realized that I was letting my dick make the decision rather than my brain.

After some very satisfying masturbation and the best orgasm I ever had, I found myself back in the suit and the cell door locked. The suit inflated and the annoying white noise began. The gag started crawling down my throat and the snake started crawling up my ass. The machine immediately started stroking my cock. This was not what I expected. I had just whacked off and my dick was extremely sensitive to new manipulation. The machine didn’t care, it just kept stroking and squeezing. Even worse, the suit began stimulating my cock’s head, especially sensitive. I grunted into the gag begging it to stop but of course it didn’t. The damned AI decided it could torment me this way.

With a 30-day stay, the suit could later let me recover and then begin the endless edging. Another thought occurred to me. I wondered if Jim was going to reinstall the chastity device when my 30 days in the suit was over. In my haste, I forgot to make them promise not to use the cage if I agreed to get back in the suit. I figured I would be horny and begging for release for a very long time. What did I get myself into?

The end

Metal would like to thank the author, Scribe, for this story!

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  1. I bet that will be one of the longest 30 days he’s experienced. Jim seems like a good guy to know though.

  2. Mmmmmph! Love it! Being trapped in a suit like that would be a dream and a torture from which there is no escape!

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