Seen and Unseen – Part 2

By Steellock

I have been asked to talk a little more about managing a 75mm ball stretcher 24/7 at home and out, seen and unseen. Well I can only speak from my own experience and can’t be blamed if you end up with aching sensitive balls!

The first thing is to actually decide how long the stretcher can be. We all love squeezing on that extra short ring and getting the skin over the boys really stretched, so tight that you can feel every detail and your balls are incredibly sensitive. Well that’s wonderful for a few hours in the dungeon or with the steel log poking out of your leather sleepsack. A perfect plaything for your Master, Top, Alpha so he can use his choice of an electric toothbrush, a pinwheel – especially one with Estim attached – or as a pincushion or a target for his Grinders. If you are standing spread-eagled, then he may want to use his boxing gloves! But, after a while the line around the end of the stretcher will bruise and the skin over your balls will get very, very sore. The boys themselves will ache.

At this point you must take the weights off and let it all relax and heal. But this is a good way to get the skin to stretch if you keep it up, and it’s addictive.

For 24/7 you need to have the skin over your balls to be loose and unstressed when you are sitting or lying down so they have time to relax and the blood to flow unhindered. In my view this is a weight that is between one-half and two-thirds of your maximum stretch. For me that is between 55 and 75 mm, and I have both lengths available. You should also have this as one weight rather than a stack – you will find that the joints in a stack catch your scrotum as you move around or in the middle of the night and that hurts like fuck!

A key point then is how do you get a long stretcher on without getting skin trapped! It all starts in the shower. Get the water good and hot and scrub your balls and scrotum and they will relax, and the skin will be stretchy. This is also a good time for you to check your balls for any changes in size or lumps. Or to get your partner to! If you haven’t already then shave your scrotum and balls smooth.

Dry off and then sit down; you need to massage in a good body butter or oil all the way up your scrotum and around your balls. I use SheaCoa Ball Butter from

This allows you to really stretch out the skin and get it all very flexible. It sooths any stretch marks you may have gathered too. At this point, by the way, if you wear a full body harness you need to slip the cock ring over the root of your assets and get it all set up!

Now we talk about the design of your stretchers, you need them to be high grade steel and very well engineered so there are no sharp edges or mis-fitting joints. These are not an issue for short-term play but think of this as a piercing – you will sweat, and it will corrode if it’s not good enough! The ends need to be rounded so you have a gentle pressure on the ball skin and don’t get bruised by a sharp edge. I buy them from Dave at Secretleather; his WMC range (Worlds Most Comfortable) are fully bespoke so you can select the length and internal diameter that suits you. They are superbly engineered.

What internal diameter do you need? Well your scrotum must not be under any pressure that might slow the blood flow and I feel you need to be able to get your little finger up there, so you can keep them clean the next morning in the shower! For me this is 42 to 43 mm. This will change by the way. As you get a longer stretch I think the skin thickens and you may need to migrate to a wider hole. It also depends on the size of the boys on the end.

Start with a pair of short rings – I use 15 mm, but you may need 10 mm ones if the end length is too long. Get them both bolted on and then pull them apart getting a really good stretch and you will have a nice, round, tidy log of scrotum without any bits of skin sticking out and getting stuck in the joints! Then you can slip the bottom of your long weight between them, add the top, twiddle it a bit and tighten the bolts.

Ta dah!

You can then just take the others off, but you do have an opportunity. As your balls and sack cool they will do the morning thing and go tight and wrinkly! This is a very good stretching opportunity and keeping the spares on allows you to maximise this for an hour or so and then be a real relief when you take them off later! Makes life a bit more fun as well…

So clothing.

Unseen – A good solution that I use for work is the classic Cargo or Camo trousers or shorts. The wide leg fitting allows your steel log to hang free and not show, if you need to keep an element of privacy. It allows you to have the weight doing its bit to keep your scrotum stretching when you are standing up too. When you are sitting it can look like you have a good old fashioned ‘hard on.’ Your mates will get used to it anyway. Just as a note, you may need to free up your balls every so often so the weight does not work its way down until everything is too tight and stretched.

Swimming or gym shorts are fun. If you want to keep the mesh liner, then just cut a hole in the bottom at the crotch for your steel to hang through by your leg. With a bit of luck or good judgement the boys will peek out of the bottom of the shorts leg too…


One key aspect of all of our lives as Skinheads is our Bleachers.

I like mine to be a higher waist style, so I can wear a nice wide and heavy belt cinched tight to my waist. That also means that the crotch of the Bleachers is quite tight into my body – more later why! One side effect is that this is a great way to highlight a guy’s butt! Sloppy hipsters never do this in my view as an expert on butts…

I like to get them from Bleachers & Co in the UK. They deliver a great bleach and also ensure the final size is checked so they fit. Best for me are the classic 501 or 505 style from Levi. The width of the lower leg works so well when shortened to the essential length with a little turn up, half way from Knee to ankle so my boots show well. The fit on your thigh is such that the steel log is held quite tightly between the material and your leg and shows well. One side effect, because it is held firmly, is that your scrotum at the top gets a good stretch every step you take! If you have a style that is too tight then there may not be room to be comfortable.

They also do a great hidden back zip. Always useful. These are great when walking in the park with my man or in the pub. Visible but slightly discreet.

At home, though, my man loves to see the boys hanging free between my legs. But he loves me in my Bleachers too. So, we need a hole in the crotch. This will be in front of where the seam in the inside leg meets the seam between your butt and the fly. It needs to be a good size, for me at least 40mm diameter for your scrotum and have a good rolled edge for longevity and comfort. You should push the boys and through before putting on the steel stretcher as the outside diameter of the log will be about 60mm and that’s really a bit too big for the hole.

Then as you walk your boys hang free and swing. You need to learn how to sit down though!

This is the absolute best of both worlds!

For His eyes only

Returning from our 6-mile walk in the park my Man and I entered our little terraced house. About 100 years old it still has many of the old features. The door opens into the front room and there is a chimney breast down the side wall with two alcoves, one on each side. To the left is a large TV and to the right is my day cage, bolted to the wall. Thick black bars, tall enough for my 6 feet and just wide enough for my broad shoulders. The depth is sized to my chest, just pressing it and nice and tight.

My night cage is built-in under the kitchen table in the back room…

As the front door shut my Man said, ‘Shirt off, collar on.’ I slipped out of my Bleached Levi jacket and peeled the tight Polo shirt off leaving the tight rubber suit top. The movement of the fabric over the titclamps awakened the feelings in my nips! I took the opportunity to have a good stretch, swinging my shoulders and posing my arms, he loves this. I lifted my collar, 5 kilo steel, 40mm tall and 25mm thick, it closes around my neck and locks at the back with a barrel lock. A covering of stitched black leather means I can wear it for long periods without bruising and damage to my shoulder muscles. I pulled the jacket back on over my black rubber suit and walked over to my cage, turned and backed in. First, my Man attached four screw clamps; one from each corner to the thick steel lugs on the collar and tightened them so I was standing fixed in the cage, head held so I can’t look down. He then strapped well used, padded black leather restraints to my wrists and locked them to the sides of the cage. He bent and buckled on similar restraints over my boots at the ankles, locking them on with little padlocks, pushed my heavy boots apart and locked them to lugs on the side of the cage. I relaxed. This was home! I looked across the room at a large mirror and watched him close the top door of the cage and lock it with a large brass padlock. My cock was trying to stand but the Chasity cage stopped that!

The he un-cinched my wide leather belt and pulled my Bleachers down freeing the 75mm steel stretcher that was holding my balls. He pulled out the hex key and removed the bolts on the stretcher freeing them. Then one of my favourite times of the day as he massaged the boys with the Shea butter we use, rolling my balls in his hand and then gathering them together and pulling them as he made sure the scrotum was soft and pliable. He then ‘posted’ them through the hole in the crotch of my Bleachers, pulled them back up and did up the waist band. He then pulled my belt good and tight over my taught 6-pack belly. All that remained was for him to go through the process and load my balls back up with the heavy weight and leave it hanging between my spread legs.

Then he pulled the back zip down and reached round to attach the Estim wires to my butt plug…

The remaining two cage doors clanged closed and I heard the click of their brass padlocks. I learned how to stand while I was in the army. Those who haven’t tried it may be surprised how hard it is to stand still for hours. You have to keep the muscles in your legs and core moving and the blood flowing. The key is to get so used to it that you do this automatically and without visually moving around. My Man hates to see me moving around, if he sees too much he will add more straps and chains to stop it. Hmmm, it has been known for me to provoke him a bit!

I looked in the mirror to check that he was standing back and enjoying.

Heavy black boots with tidy white lines of the laces padlocked to the sides of the cage, the Bleachers starting mid-calf and running up past my chunky thighs to a thick and wide black belt that emphasised my narrow waist. A wide, long steel stretcher hanging from the crotch of the Bleachers with a nice pair of balls poking out of the bottom. A tight black rubber suit that showed my 6-pack, flared up over my heavy chest and had two holes over my tits, small black clamps gripping them tightly. The Levi Bleached jacket hanging open. A heavy steel collar strung between chains to each corner of the cage. My face mostly covered by the front of a black leather gag which was locked with a little brass padlock, this also hid my grin… This was all framed by the black bars of my day cage.

He settled onto the couch and relaxed looking at his boy. My locked cock squirted more precum juice! Then he saw the tit clamps and leapt back to his feet and reached through the bars. I closed my eyes and got myself ready.

PAIN arced across my chest.

He quickly slipped them off, giving them a good pull as he did so and then massaged them, digging his thumbs into them and twisting his hands. After what seemed like hours the pain began to ebb away as the blood flowed back and he lost interest. Casually he reached to one side an picked up another pair of clamps, but these had wires attached. They bit into my sore tits and I shouted into my gag.

Finally, he picked up a remote and clicked the buttons. The tit clamps are wired for Estim, safely, with the current just flowing between the side of the clamps. The feeling can go from a gently tickle to feeling like they are being pierced every second! His favourite program has them running in a cycle with left tit, butt, right tit, butt going at random and the strength varying between a sharp jerk and the full needle. Totally grabs the attention and makes my eyes water! Then he went upstairs, I wondered if he was just going up to shower and change or for a couple of hours kip! I settled back and enjoyed the view, leaking more juice.

I heard the shower run and then quiet descended on the house, broken by the sound of my Man snoring. He loves to sleep while I am being jerked every few seconds by the program. He calls it his lullaby setting…

A couple of hours later he came back down and got himself a coffee. Pulling up a stool he sat in front of me. Unable to look down and with my Man blocking the view in the mirror I could not see what he was doing. Then I felt a lovely gentle stroking on my balls and heard the sound of his toothbrush! This may be an odd sex tool, but the effect is orgasmic. Then, with this, I felt the prickle of our pinwheel. He is the one who found it and loves to plug it in to the Estim. In fact he whipped out the control and my butt got a rest. He put the pinwheel in sequence with the tit clamps and I started to feel a line of fire as he ran it over my balls and the same tingle in my tits. He chuckled and told me that the end of my cock cage was making a nice dark mark on my Bleachers as I leaked a great stream of pre-cum! I was juddering in my bonds, yanking at the restraints and mewing into my gag.

Fuck; I love weekends!

Steellock Feb 2021

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9 thoughts on “Seen and Unseen – Part 2”

  1. Thanks a lot for this sequel of a great story which contains many of my “turn-ons”

    I begged you on the first part to continue, and you did, in a great, unusual way!

    I’m afraid there won’t be a third part, which of course would be welcome, but I can’t ask more….

    1. Hi, my collar came from Blackstore in Deutschland. It is a heavy steel collar that has been wrapped in black leather. The location lugs stick through this. It hinges at the back and has a barrel push lock at the front that has a gap for either another attachment point or a chain.
      Can be worn for hours as the leather usb adds padding to the shoulder area.

        1. It’s not on their website now so you may need to talk with them. 20mm high by 120mm thick, barrel lock and leather wrapped…

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