Seen and Unseen – Part 1

By Steellock


I am walking down the pavement following my partner. We are headed to the park for our daily exercise in these freaky times of Covid Lockdown.

What you see is the Skinhead that I have been for a good 10 years.

My buzz cut hair, wide shoulders in a bleached Levi jacket over black Lonsdale polo shirt, my 32 inch waist supporting bleached Levi 501s held up by a wide, thick black belt and finished with a short turnup about half way down my calves so you can see the tight, white laced, black Grinders boots. The regulations on Covid protection mean that I am wearing a neck sleeve scarf pulled up over my nose. It covers my neck and face with a camouflage design.


I live in bondage with my partner.

As much bondage as possible while being visibly ‘normal’ when out and about and while at work… What you can’t see now are the bits that keep me hard for much of my life.

The boots are 30 hole and run all the way to my knees.

My balls are held away from my cock by a 75mm long, 1.5 kilo cylinder of steel keeping them stretched and the ‘log’ lies down my left thigh in my jeans – actually it is visible if you look!

Around the back my butt is filled by a steel dildo. It is there 24/7 and we are working up the sizes stretching my sphincter wider and wider. It has contacts for Estim too…

My cock is locked into a steel Chasity device, recently we have updated this to include a pipe that runs up my urethra which has a locked screw stopper controlling my ability to pee.

My chest and body feels the restriction of a thick, black leather harness with the buckles at the back of my shoulders where it is locked. A strap runs down to a belt around above my waist and then runs on down via a cock ring and keeps the pressure on my butt plug at the back.

Under this I am also in my rubber, shoulder entry suit with the zips locked. There are two holes in the front where my tits come through and today they have little black grips biting into them. These rub against the material of my Polo shirt keeping the feeling fresh and distracting.

This level of bondage has built up over the last few years all nicely underneath the public front I show to friends and work colleagues.

The change now is an opportunity from Covid restrictions. Underneath the cloth mask is a gag. Straps round the back of my head hold a 3-inch rubber cock shaped pecker that intrudes deep into my mouth. They loop around the front and my partner slipped on a tiny brass padlock. The mask covers this completely. It feels totally amazing and has refreshed the whole experience. In my steel cock cover I am trying to get hard but the spikes inside are making this hard.

So, we walk on and get some great fresh air in the park and I quietly suck on my gag… Can’t wait to get home to slip into my leather sleepsack.

Steellock Jan 2021 in the UK.


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10 thoughts on “Seen and Unseen – Part 1”

  1. Thank You
    First time I popped an erection reading
    something on line in a very long time !!!
    And it felt real good…

    1. Well I had not intended to expand on this, it was a quick one off that came to me as I walked through our town wearing my lather shoulder harness under my tee shirt. I was wearing the boots and the ball stretcher but the rest was fiction; including the physique….



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