ShackleNYC spends a week in chains and lives to tell about it

My friend ShackleNYC spent a week in chains and he sent me some pictures and information to share here on Metalbond … Check it out:



My Week in Chains

By Anonymous


Here’s a short recap of the events that transpire:

If you remember, I had agreed to spend a full week in heavy Irons. Originally, we had thought this would all transpire in the Jail Facility up at Dragon Ridge, but realities of Yossie’s work and other factors made this unrealistic for this week.

I was scheduled to be in CA for 11 days.

First two days were rather tame – some fun cuffs and shackle play here and there, but nothing heavy or full time.

I was even left totally uncuffed for the trip up North.

We had dinner up on the Ridge, and it wasn’t until Yossie said to grab anything I needed and ushered me into the truck that my heart began to race, as I knew we were going down to the Jail.

Upon arrival, he immediately led me to the Cell, (hear after “my” Cell) and locked the door.  I could hear him preparing the Irons in the large playspace in front, but of course could not see anything from my Cell.

After a while, he came to fetch me, and ordered me to put my hands behind my back and thru the slot in the Cell door they way it is done in Prison. Of course cuffs were slapped on me, and he opened the door and led me to the front room.

There, as I suspected, was a pile of Irons and the hammer and rivets and anvil.

“You know the deal – heavy Irons,” he reminded me. I knew only too well.

Heavy was a understatement, What he had devised for me was truly massive:

The two inch Collar had an attached chain leading down to the 2 inch ankle shackles, nothing too astonishing in that, except that the front chain also passed through a loop in the Iron Belt he had made for me on my previous visit.  Collar was riveted on first, then each ankle, and finally the Belt.  I knew immediately I was in for it; just the sound of the chain passing through the Belt with the slightest movement told me this would be some very restrictive Bondage.  Wrists were last; riveted into heavy 2 inch wrist shackles attached my chain.  This chain could (and would) be easily padlocked to the Belt making movement almost impossible, or to a ringbolt in the Cell walls.  Very versatile.

I was sweating like a pig by the time the Riveting was finished and I was led back to my Cell.  It was not long before it was “light out” and I was left alone in pitch darkness in massive chains.  He was generous enough to NOT secure my belt or Collar to the wall or floor – it was difficult enough finding a position to lie in that was not too uncomfortable for the night.

With the exception of occasional abuse sessions (Beatings with the massive Prison Strap, forced cock sucking,) and one outdoor hose-down (a long chain padlocked to my Belt and the front of the Jailhouse) I spent most of the next two days in my Cell.

When it was time to return to SFO, I was led to the car and off we went – me still in full Irons.

As hot as this all sounds (and indeed, was) there were a few issues.  Even though the Belt had been built for me, it had begun to dig into my waist rather badly, and I had large open wounds were the metal kept abrading my flesh.  The Collar, too, had similar issues, and my neck was rather badly chewed up in various places.

Here’s where friendship can interfere with a total bondage scene – between my lamenting and obvious genuine discomfort and wounds, Yossie cut off the chain connecting my Collar to leg Irons, and struck off the Belt.

After another day in the Collar, he struck that off as well, as by the time my neck was really hacked up by the sharp edge of the massive band I had worn for three days.  He did replace it with a riveted on Collar made of rebar, (smooth round iron) which I wore till the end of the scene.

The ankle Irons and wrist shackles remained in place for the rest of the allotted time as well; I quickly developed what is called the Convict Shuffle – as it is the only way to walk in permanent ankle restraints.  I got very good at every day tasks in my wrist Irons as well.

I won’t say I missed them, exactly, when all my Irons were finally struck; but I was already thinking about the next time when we might extend the time.

So, although it was not full time in the massive “Six Ways” I was originally hammed into, I indeed spend 7 full days in Irons.

By the way – now, over a month later, my neck and waist still show heavy dark marks from where my Irons had dug in…. HOT!!!


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