Shane is tied up and dominated


Beefy handsome rugger Shane has fast fallen from admired athletic star to a cock hungry slag in a piss-stinking bog. His arms are tied behind his back and he’s on his knees in nothing but a filthy jock strap. Adrian grabs Shane’s cock and jerks him till he can’t stop himself growing stiff. He’s on the brink of ejaculating, but this isn’t about his pleasure. He’s presented with two hard dicks in front of his face when he’s shouted at to service or there will be consequences.

Gay_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_02 Gay_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_03

He desperately turns from one erection to the other, sloppily sucking them till spit and cock juice is running down his strong hairy jaw. Shane is so overwhelmed with dick being rammed down his throat it feels like he’s permanently stationed here in the toilets.

Gay_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_04 Gay_Bondage_MetalbondNYC_05

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