Adam Wesco

Shredded – Part 01

By Adam Wesco

This story is inspired by partially true events with obvious enhancements. Bear with me as I set the stage for what’s to come. I hope to make this a series of stories.

Part 1

It was a typically sunny day in central Florida when I was out running some errands. I had just moved to the St. Pete area and after having been pent up for a year in the house being lazy because of COVID-19, I knew I needed to get back to a gym now that things were getting back to some form of normal. As I pulled up to a traffic light, I looked to my right and noticed a large gym that I hadn’t remembered seeing before so I decided to take a small detour from my errands and stop inside to check it out.

male bondage sneakersI parked my car and noticed a few folks streaming in and out of the gym, all of which were men. Because I’ve always been into gear, esp sneakers, this day I was wearing a pair of my size 11.5 Kobe 9 “Influence” in a very bright neon yellow, green and orange pattern. I always loved the way these sneaks looked and wrapped so high above my ankles. I wasn’t shy about wearing matching bright socks with them as well. I did love having guys stare at my sneaks after all.

I headed inside already with a raging boner seeing all the hot guys coming and going and walked to the front desk. Standing behind it was a young man probably 26 or 27 wearing a standard black gym uniform which caressed his muscles tightly. He wore a very nice pair of pure white Adidas Ultraboost sneakers that I could tell had been well used at the gym. Was that a cum stain I saw on the toe? Before I could get a better look, he turned around and greeted me with a big smile.

“Hi, welcome to Shredded! How can I help you?”

“Oh hey” I replied trying to look innocent like my eyes hadn’t been trained on his hot sneakers or beautiful bubble ass. “I was just driving by and wanted to stop in and see about a membership.”

“Awesome. Well, my name’s Tom and I’m one of the managers here. You are?”

“I’m Adam.”

“Nice to meet you, Adam” he said, reaching out to shake my hand.

I reached back and shook his hand. He had a nice, solid grip as he shook. His muscled biceps were bulging from under his shirt.

“Let’s get some information on you and then I can show you around.”

“Great!” I replied.

He proceeded to ask me the standard questions – my full name, address, phone number, email and then some additional details which I hadn’t been asked before.

“What size shirt and pants do you normally wear, Adam?”

“Um, usually a medium shirt and 34” pants or medium shorts” I replied somewhat perplexed.

“And shoe size? You look like about an 11 maybe?”

“11.5 actually.”

“Cool. By the way those are freakin’ awesome Kobes. Love ‘em, bro!” he replied.

I could feel my erection get even harder in my underwear. This hot guy telling me how much he liked my sneaks really turned me on. The fact that he was able to guess my size pretty closely and knew the model of sneaker, too? I thought it was unusual but was too distracted staring at his smile.

“Oh, thanks man. Yeah I love Kobe 9s. They are super comfy as well.”

“Awesome. We’ve got a few guys who wear them to lift in. I’ve always wanted to try a pair but nobody’s been the same size as me until you.”

Was he fishing for an offer to have me let him try them on? My mind and heart were both racing.

Before I could reply, though, he continued on with the questions.

“Now these are a bit more personal questions so they’re optional for you to answer at this point.”


“You identify as a male, correct?”


“And are you single, married, widowed…”


“Any relatives, friends, significant others that might want to join you at the gym?”

“No, unfortunately my family disowned me after finding out I was gay and I’ve just moved here so I don’t really know anyone yet.”

“Wow. I’m really sorry to hear that, Adam.” He reached his hand out and put it over top of mine in a comforting way. “Don’t worry, you’ll make friends here at the gym quickly” he replied with a smile.

He continued on – “Okay let’s get you a tour! Follow me.”

We began to walk around the gym as he pointed out the cardio machines to my right. “So here we have your normal treadmills, bikes, steppers and elliptical machines.”


He pointed to a door that said “Training Studio” on it and added “Let’s take a look in the training studio.”

As we walked in it was a room full of bikes with a giant theater-sized projector and screen on it. There must have been 30 bikes in the room that looked like a normal spin bike but every bike had cycling shoes already fitted to the pedals and every guy on one was wearing what looked to be some kind of oxygen mask and cycling sunglasses. What was odd was I couldn’t even make out what was on the screen.

“So this is an upgrade to your membership but it’s basically like Peloton on steroids. We have special lightweight VR glasses you wear to make you feel like you’re actually cycling through the mountains or on the Tour de France or wherever you want to go. The oxygen masks help simulate altitude changes while you ride.”

“Wow – this is the most high tech thing I’ve seen.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I usually spend 5 days a week in here training for at least 30 minutes.” Tom added. “Let’s continue the tour.”

We proceeded to finish the rest of the gym tour – past the free weights, machines, exercise studio, power lifting stations and TRX training area. The last part of the tour was the locker room facilities.

“So here’s our locker room with full shower and changing facility. You’re assigned your own locker when you join. Oh, and we have a steam room and dry sauna as well that you’re free to use any time. They’re both good for post workout muscle tension.”

We left the locker room and sat down at the table to go over the memberships and numbers. “So do you have any questions?”

“Um – one obvious one…and not that I mind but is this a male-only gym? I haven’t seen any women.”

“Oh yes, sorry! We are an exclusive gym for male clientele only. We have a sister gym for the ladies but here we’re more focused on helping guys get fit and the physique they want. Men and women’s bodies are so different we felt it would be better to focus on one instead of both.”

“So that’s why everyone here looks like amazingly built? Because you focus on men?”

“Yes. Most of our members started like you where the weren’t necessarily in great shape and were looking to get fit. I forgot to mention that every membership comes with a free personal trainer as well.”

“For like a week?”

“No, for as long as you’re a member. We’ve got a lot of great trainers here to work with you on achieving your goals.”

“Oh wow that’s great!”

“So can we get you signed up today?”

“Yes. Let’s do it.”


After signing what seemed like an awful lot of paperwork and giving him my banking details for my membership fee, we finally got to the end and Tom handed me my membership card.

“So when do you think you want to come in for your first session with your trainer?”

“How about tomorrow at 8am?”

“Sounds great. I’m going to pair you with Duncan. I think you guys will get along well.”


We said our goodbyes and I left the gym on what felt like a natural endorphin high and horny as hell. I was really looking forward to getting back into shape. Could I possibly look as good as all those hot guys at the gym? Well, if anything, I’d at least have a ton of eye candy while I worked out.

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I arrived the next morning at 7:45am sharp so I’d have time to get to my locker and change. It was a cool day so I opted for sweats and my favorite yellow Adidas Magic Man wrestling shoes. I loved wearing these things and getting attention. Plus I was hoping I’d see Tom again and maybe he’d ask me about these as well.

I walked out to the waiting area where I was supposed to meet my new trainer, Duncan. At 8am on the dot he came up and greeted me. He had to be about 6’1”, 180 pounds and was wearing a tight spandex shirt showing off his muscled 8 pack abs. He had a really hot mohawk hairdo and wore a nose ring and had obvious tattoos on his arms. He greeted me with a giant smile.

“Hey, I’m Duncan, your trainer. Nice to meet you!”

“Adam. Nice to meet you too, Sir.” Sir? Had I just let that slip out of my mouth? I was used to being kinky in the bedroom but I guess I was so horny looking at him that it slipped.

“Sir. Haha. I like it.”

I was so embarrassed but he seemed to have shrugged it off so I just went with it and started going over what my goals were. We spent an hour having him run me ragged through various machines and weights. We did a whole body workout so he could assess where my strengths and weaknesses were, taking notes all along the way.

When we finished, he took me back to the trainer’s office and went over my results.

“So you didn’t do too badly but we definitely need to get your cardio and endurance levels up and work on your flexibility as well. I’ll put a full plan together for you including a meal plan and a recovery plan.”

“Okay that’s great. I definitely need some guidance and help sticking to the plan.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you do.” he said with a smile. “You’re gonna be sore for a few days so I’d recommend hitting the steam room for a bit now and we can catch up before you leave.”

With that, I thanked him for today and headed back to the locker room. I saw the steam room was empty and decided to take Duncan’s advice. Question was – what was the dress etiquette? Should I go naked or just stay in my sweaty gym clothes and wrestling shoes? Being new, I opted for the latter and went in still in my sweaty clothes.

As I opened the door, the steam really hit me. The fog was fairly thick so I felt my way over to the tiled bench and took a seat and sat back and closed my eyes. After a few moments I was feeling tingly and warm all over my body. This really was making my aches go away….but was also making me incredibly horny. Maybe it was spending an hour working out with Duncan smiling at me the whole time. Maybe it was thinking about Tom. Whatever it was, before I knew it my hand was really stroking my cock under my sweats…edging it over and over…getting myself closer to shooting.

I finally couldn’t help it any longer and just whipped my pants down and started jerking feverishly. I was just about to explode when the door opened and I saw Duncan and Tom standing before me – each of them dressed in what looked like full rubber catsuits. Duncan had the exact same wrestling shoes on that I was wearing and Tom was wearing what looked to be my Kobe 9s!

“I told you it wouldn’t take more than 1 session, Duncan.” Tom quipped.

“Yeah, he’s going to be a good recruit, Tom. Well done.” Duncan replied.

My mind was in a haze. I was still jerking off with them right in front of me but I couldn’t cum no matter how hard I tried. Why was I still masturbating? What the hell was going on?

It was at that point they each grabbed an arm and Tom pulled out what looked to be one of the masks from the Training Studio and forced it over my nose and mouth.

“Just breathe, Adam….breathe and relax.”

Before I knew it my eyes were rolling back in my head and I felt myself losing consciousness.

What the fuck had just happened to me?

To be continued…


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  1. Damn hot story man! Love the sneaker choice and can’t wait to read the next part! Hope to see more about shoes and swapping!

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