Some Time in Rubber – Part 5

By rts

As the sun rose higher the day began to warm, while my legs to my crotch were cooled by the imprisoning mud the rest of my body was being heated inside the black rubbersuit. I sat back on my butt sitting in the mud so as to take some of the weight off my legs which would help to keep me from sinking any deeper. The sun got hotter ahd hotter as the hours slowly passsed, the suit was becoming unbareable.

I scooped up gloved handfulls of mud and smeared it over myself in an effort to cool the rubber. In an attempt to work myself free of the clinging trap I then lay back in the mud and tried to use my arms in a backstroke motion. This only succeeded in churning up the surface and was threatening to bury my torso so with some struggle I pushed myself back upright into a sitting position. I was now covered in mud which helped lessen the impact of the sun’s heat but I was still quite hot and sweaty.

I was frightened of my situation and trying to control the sense of panic in my desperation. There was no way for me to get free without some help, and the earliest I could expect help wouldn’t be until sometime tomorrow. I had to just sit here and endure this trap. I could feel the restriction of the steel chastity container as the pressure of a growing erection rammed tight inside it.

My total helplessness locked inside this hot rubber suit and stuck up to my crotch in this mud was making me horney and as long as I focused on this I could avoid panic. I was getting thirsty, the pail I had dropped was out of reach, so the only way of getting a drink was to slowly scoop up the muddy water puddled around me in my heavily gloved hands and try to get it into my mouth. This was made very difficult by the restrictiveness of my stiff posture collar and I could only manage to get a small amount from each handfull, most of it spilling out frustratingly down my chin. It was a slow tedious process but at least it occupied the long passing hours.

The afternoon sun was really cooking me inside this black rubber, I kept smearing more mud over my head and torso trying to get some protection from its full force. My butt had sunk a bit into the surface, I could feel some of the bog’s water leaking past my crotch zipper into the suit and pooling under my ass mixing with my sweat and the piss I was forced to release.

I shouted uselessly for help, no one there to hear me. I tried to keep my concentration focused on the feel of the mud gripping my legs and the confining sensation of the heavy rubber against my skin, the slimmy sweat filled interior, the rubber taste in my mouth the embrace and smell of the hot hood, the painfull pressure as my poor cock was forced tight against the insides of it”s steel container. As long as the eroticness of my predicament occupied my thoughts I could avoid panic.

I was getting tired sitting like this but I dare not lay down concerned that I could get burried deeper and become trapped under the surface, I held my arms out to the sides with my gloved palms spread against the mud for support, I hoped this would steady me if I fell asleep.

As the late afternoon passed into evening it began to cool down. At first I was beginning to feel more comfortable releaved from the intensity of the sweltering day but as it grew later into night I became colder inside my sweat and piss filled rubber. That night was a misery sitting in the mud with this cold puddle of fluid trapped under my ass. I was too cold to fall asleep other than occasionally nodding off and jerking awake as I would begin to fall over.

My movements settled my butt deeper into the mud, I was frightened but determined to remain as motionless as possible, I had to hold out until the morning. Strange sounds filled the night as the wind moved the trees and I shivered in the embrace of my cold rubber.

To be continued …

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