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Naked male mud wrestling with bondage and chastity for the loser

Meanwhile at Naked Kombat, it’s MUD WRESTLING — in this “Top Cock” shoot:

37396_0 37396_8 37396_9 37396_12

Cocksure studs Jessie Colter and Jimmy Bullet face off on Top Cock, each confident in an easy victory. So, the contenders up the ante: they tangle hard bodies in a slick and messy mud-wrestling bout. The loser finds himself bound and blindfolded, made to suck winner dick, all the while facing extra humiliation in a chastity cage. The winner then pushes the loser’s anal limits with a succession of huge Bad Dragon dildos. It’s almost mercy when the winner trades his cock for the dildos and delivers a rough fucking before finishing off the loser with a cum-glazed facial.


Models in this shoot: Jessie Colter, Jimmy Bullet

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How to fit out your bed for fucking and kink play

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Eat Dirt

Written by ty dehner

With the rain falling hard on the roof, this lazy Saturday morning brought back a kink moment from many years ago. Laying in bed, I saw my black 5.11 lace-up duty boots, caked with mud on the soles. I was reminded of a Saturday morning when I was horny and ended up going to the woods on a solo hike, planning a little jackoff session. Back then, I really needed to get away from it all. Work was just killing me, never letting me have time to get things done as well as I’d like. And the clients, a bunch of whining babies that could go to hell for all I cared.

So, when the weekend came, I made sure it was mine! Since I couldn’t find any dungeon to play in, I decided the woods would be the next best thing. While Fall is never a great time to go hiking, it is quieter than normal, with unpredictable weather.

Saturday morning, I suited up in my green old-school army camos, including jacket and black all-leather paratrooper boots. Since this would be a solo hike, I filled my backpack with simple bondage things, like rope, handcuffs, and duct tape. Before zipping up my back, I tossed in a couple of issues of Bound & Gagged magazine. It will help inspire me as I sit in the woods and play with my manhood.

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Tied up and fucked at the fruit stand

Jacob Durham gets into some WAM (wet and messy fetish) play in this classic shoot from KinkMen.  That’s right, for those who fantasize about getting fucked in the produce aisle:


… or forced to suck cock with a watermelon on for a hood:


… there’s this vintage shoot from KinkMen, where a studly shoplifter gets an eggplant up his ass and a face full of cum at a fruit stand:

wam_wet_and_messy_fetish_gay_bondage_03 wam_wet_and_messy_fetish_gay_bondage_04 wam_wet_and_messy_fetish_gay_bondage_05

The bystanders jump on Jacob Durham for shoplifting. They empty out his pockets then get carried away. Christian Wilde rips off his clothes and spanks the man’s ass. Jacob tries to fight back but it’s fruitless (get it? fruitless). He is made to suck cock and one dude blows a hot load all over his face. The crowd fucks him with vegetables and then fucks him with their cocks. A little WAM (wet and messy fetish) play takes place as they smear ripe bananas all over his face and body. The crowd goes wild when one dude dumps crushed watermelon over Jacob’s head. The poor stud receives multiple cum loads on his face. One shopper cleans off his face by pissing on it.


Only in San Francisco, folks, only in San Francisco!

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Echo Grove – Part 07

By Stormbound

gay bondage stories by StormboundI made a few slow walks back and forth across the room to stretch, though not too much as I was feeling tired from the forced workout in the morning. I realized towards the end that I kept rubbing my chaste metal and leather encased groin with my mitted hands. This whole ordeal, taking Josh’s place in this humiliating strict uniform and being totally controlled, had left me incredibly frustrated and horny. I thought once again how, once this was over, I would surely wank to the memories of this experience many times, satisfying that perverted dark part of me that had long lurked under the surface.

Unfortunately, my lustful daydreams were cut short by another, more pressing urge. I felt the growing need to answer the calls of nature, only this time I had no idea when ‘Josh’ was next scheduled to have those needs taken care of.  I sat down on the bunk trying to ignore it, hoping that Brad would return soon, and I could then hopefully alert him to my distress. But as the minutes seemed to drag on Brad didn’t appear as my urge reached critical levels.

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 5

By rts

As the sun rose higher the day began to warm, while my legs to my crotch were cooled by the imprisoning mud the rest of my body was being heated inside the black rubbersuit. I sat back on my butt sitting in the mud so as to take some of the weight off my legs which would help to keep me from sinking any deeper. The sun got hotter ahd hotter as the hours slowly passsed, the suit was becoming unbareable.

I scooped up gloved handfulls of mud and smeared it over myself in an effort to cool the rubber. In an attempt to work myself free of the clinging trap I then lay back in the mud and tried to use my arms in a backstroke motion. This only succeeded in churning up the surface and was threatening to bury my torso so with some struggle I pushed myself back upright into a sitting position. I was now covered in mud which helped lessen the impact of the sun’s heat but I was still quite hot and sweaty.

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Branden Forrest gets tied up at a birthday party

Branden_Forrest_gay_bondage_01 Branden_Forrest_gay_bondage_02 Branden_Forrest_gay_bondage_03 Branden_Forrest_gay_bondage_04

In this shoot from Men On Edge:

Branden Forrest waits at the bar to surprise Sebastian Keys for his birthday. As the night winds down, Sebastian never shows up, so Forrest starts flirting with the hot guy tending drinks, Brandon Blake. With nothing else to do for the night, Forrest offers to show Brandon a bigger tip if he demonstrate little thing or two about edging for the bartender. Brandon agrees and spreads his muscled arms across the bar, held down tight with ropes while Forrest strips his body. With a blindfold over his eyes. Brandon’s senses are left to focus on the slightest sensations running down his cock as Forrest brings him to the edge of cumming. Forrest takes Brandon to the back of the bar and secures his torso from the ceiling. With no control over his body, Brandon twists against the ropes and pleads for an orgasm, but Forrest only intensifies the pleasure. He rocks Brandon’s prostate with a dildo as Brandon swings in the air. Forrest ties Brandon back down to a table and gives Brandon a sensuous blowjob. Van finally arrives with Sebastian’s cake — but learning that Sebastian won’t make it — decides to put the cake to use. They spread the cake’s creamy icing all over Brandon’s body while he takes messy edge after messy edge. Brandon finally blows his load, the cum thickly garnishing the sticky mess all over his muscles. Van and Forrest won’t let Brandon off so easily; at Brandon’s first sigh of relief, they torment the stud with a wild tickling.

Branden_Forrest_gay_bondage_07 Branden_Forrest_gay_bondage_08

Model in this shoot: Branden Forrest, Brandon Blake

Title: Cancelled Birthday Party Becomes a Messy Edging Party

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