Some Time in Rubber

By rts

I only began wearing rubber a couple of years ago, having no one to partner with I never had the “incentive” to remain in my catsuit for more than 12 hours, and that was an act of self control. Usually I find myself too horney after just a few hours to resist pounding off and then needing to get out of the rubber immediately after as I begin to feel more uncomfortable in the restrictiveness and sweat.

Well thanks to the internet I met a bud who offered me the opportunity to experience some extended rubber wearing time. As he lives some distance from me it took a few weeks until we could arrange to meet when I had plenty of free time.

He arrived at my place in his truck with a duffel bag full of gear which he promptly opened ordering me to strip. I complied and he proceeded to help me into this heavy industrial black rubber suit with attached boots, thick gloves and hood. My feet filled the boots comfortably and he help me pull the heavy rubber up my legs. This suit had a zipper that ran down the back of the hood all the way through the crotch. The suit was a snug fit and I had to struggle a bit getting my arms through the sleeves and my hands into the thick industrial gloves, next I had to work my head into the hood which fitted the contours of my face, the eye openings covered with plastic, two soft rubber tubes fit up into my nostrils, the mouth opening a thicker rubber which covered over my lips and front teeth. He then pulled the zipper closed down my back tightening the hood and suit to my body.

This felt fantastic, the heavyness of the suit, the closeness of the fit all over my body, the restrictiveness of the thick gloves, the increasing warmth of it as I heated up sealed inside of it. He then added a high thick rubber collar banded with steel to my neck, locking it closed forcing my head upright and then a six inch wide steel banded rubber belt snug around my waist also locked closed. He explained that it was now impossible for me to get out of the suit although I could still zip open the crotch if I could manage it with the thick gloves and that I would be left in it for the next week. I protested the restrictiveness of the training collar, he just laughed and told me to get use to it and follow him out to his truck.

He looked hot, shaved head, early thirties in the long sleeved tight rubber shirt, Levis and rubber riding boots he was wearing as he walked in front of me. We got in the truck, I was feeling selfconscious sitting there all rubbered up but fortunately it was getting dark now and soon I wouldn’t be too obvious to passing eyes. I ask Him where he was taking me as he helped me into the seat belt which I couldn’t manage with the thick gloves and the collar restricting my head movement. He pulled the belt tight and told me he had a remote cabin about two hours drive and started the truck. It was a hot and horney drive, as he kept the windows closed and the heater on even though it was a warm summer night. The last half hour was over a rutted dirt trail through the woods the truck bouncing around and the collar and waist belt digging into me me with every movement,

I was relieved when we arrived at a small cabin near midnight. I helped him carry his gear and some boxes of food inside, it felt good to be out of the truck and moving around although the weight of my suit was becomming more noticeable as I walked to the cabin. He lit some candles, told me to haul in some wood from the pile outside as he started a fire in the small stove. I agained complained about the restrictiveness of the collar, He looked at me, went over to his duffel bag grabbed something from it walked over to me turned me around and proceeded to strap a head harness with a ball gag on me.

My protests now just muffled grunts as he booted me outside toward the wood pile. My thick gloves prevented me from releasing the harness’s straps. I struggled to breathe through the nose tubes as I lifted and carried a few armloads back inside making several trips getting very hot and sweaty in that suit the plastic lenses covering my eyes fogging up, both enjoying it and aprehensive at the idea of a full week helpless inside this heavy gear wondering what he had in store for me. When I dropped the last armload on the floor he approached me carrying something I couldn’t make out through the fogged up lenses. then I heard the sound and smelled the rubber as he took each of my arms and slipped them into the sleeves of heavy straight jacket.

He pulled tight several straps down the back, crossed my confined arms in front of me and strapped them together behind me. He sat me in a chair and told me to cool off as he proceeded to cook us some food. I sat there soaked in my sweat, much hotter now with this straight jacket, my eyes stinging as the sweat ran down inside the hood, my boots feeling slimmy as they were slowly filling, saliva drooling from the ball gag in my mouth.When it was ready he removed my head harness gag and began to feed me spoonfulls of the stew he had cooked up. I had to take small bits of the food in order to get it through the hood’s mouth opening without choking. While we were eating he told me that he was going to leave me here alone in the cabin for the week enjoying all that time in my full rubber containment, no way for me to get out of the gear and nothing else to wear if I did, no place for me to go unless I tried to walk the miles back to the highway and faced that humilation, something that would be next to impossible to do anyway as the lenses in the hood would fog up from the effort and an additional restraint he would be locking on me in the morning would further restrict any movement through this rough country.

I would have enough food for the week, I would have to haul water from a spring a short hike from the cabin which he would be leading me to tommorrow.

Now as he sat across from me he pulled off his rubber riding boots, standing up he then dropped his Levis revealing the rubber cat suit he had been wearing all the time I had been thinking it was just a rubber shirt. His cock and balls were encased in a rubber sheath moulded to the suit. He pulled his tall boots back on, then a tight hood and gloves. He stood with his rubbered body shining in the candle light. He had one more supprise for me as he knelt down in front of me and slowly unzipped my crotch. My balls felt the coolness of the air. He grabbed them with one gloved hand and then carefully with the other he began to insert them into a metal container and then my slowly growing cock was rudely forced into a fitted tube and as I felt the container close tightly I heard the click of a lock. My cock was rammed up tight inside, no room for a full erection. When he released his grip the weight of the steel container pulled down on my balls, this further arroused me causing more pain to my confined cock.

He laughed and said “now you will really have a helpless week with this enforced chastity as it’s not coming off for seven days so you will just have to endure one hot sweaty rubber week with no release. You can still piss out of the drain hole in the cock tube but there is no way you can get it off without the key.”

He then closed my crotch zipper, stood up and embraced me tightly. Our rubbered bodies sweaking as we pressed together, we kissed, rubber hooded head against head, He pushed me to my knees and shoved his rubbered cock into my mouth, The rubber “lips” on my hood sealing tightly around the shaft as he pumped away. I was struggling to breathe through the nose tubes as his rubbered body pressed against my face, my engorged cock crushed inside the steel sheath. He came sealed inside his rubber sheath inside my mouth and wrapped his legs around me and rode me on to my back. We lay together on the floor breathing heavily for some time, both of us sweaty and hot in our gear. Him on top of me pressing me to the floor. I was hot and craving release but helpless to do anything about it and feeling pretty miserable in this heavy restrictive rubber, held helpless in the tight heavy straight jacket slimmy with my sweat, the damn collar holding my head stiffly.

After some time he stood up and told me to get up. I had to struggle to get to my feet handicapped by the straight jacket and stiff posture collar. He walked me over to the bed and ordered me to lay down on my back, He then climbed in and unzipped my crotch, lifting my legs he took his sheathed cock in one hand and with the other gloved hand he began working my bung hole with his lube covered fingers. This again was turning me on causing my poor contained cock further pain. He then took his cock and began to fuck me, entering slowly, I felt wildly helpless as he slowly pumped away, my legs held in the air by his shoulders, his mouth pressed against mine sucking each other’s breath as he climaxed inside me. When he finally pulled out and zipped closed my crotch I pleaded with him for the chance to cum, but he just told me to hang tight and enjoy the coming week. We spent the rest of the night sleeping there with him holding me tight smelling of sweaty rubber.


Part 2 (the next day)


I awoke before him, my body heated by his rubber clad form pressed against me. I was covered in sweat, my balls and cock hurt and itched maddenly in their steel containment, my bung hole sore from the butt fucking, the confinement of the tight heavy rubber straight jacket and posture collar driving me crazy, the waist belt holding my torso firmly tightening it’s hold each time I took a breath. I was hot, miserably unconfortable in that hot rubber suit, thirsty and had to take a piss. I started to struggle around manageing to finally wake him. He pressed his hooded head to mine and kissed me sucking the breath out of me. He got out of the bad and I asked him for some water.

He told me we would have to go out and get some up at the spring. I told him of my need to piss, he got me up, led me outside and unzipped my crotch, the weight of the steel chastity container hanging heavily on my balls once the zipper was opened, the posture collar and bulky straight jacket prevented me from seeing what it looked like. I spread my legs and just let go the urine and heard it splashing on the ground. He zipped me closed and began to unstrap the straight jacket, it was a relief to be free of it’s restriction, my arms felt stiff and cramped from the hours spent in it and I could feel a slight coolness now that it was off. He told me to grab the two buckets hanging by the cabin’s door and following him he led me up a trail to the spring a few hundred yards away.

There was a small muddy bog in front of the water source which we had to cross, our booted feet sinking above the ankles, the mud sucking as we slogged through it, each step a struggle. I knelt down in the mud and drank thirstly from the spring, then I filled both buckets and set them down, looking at him as he grabbed me and pulled me down into the cool mud. We rolled around wrestling each other churning up the mud and sinking deeper into it. The coolness was a relief for my over heated body, my cock growing painfully inside it’s steel container, Both of us covered completely in mud, I knelt before him as he took my head in both his hands and began mouth fucking me. Pumping away faster as I gagged and tried to breathe, he finally shouting in triumph as he came. We then lay together in the mud cooling off for a while.

We were both feeling hungry so we returned to the cabin, me slogging along carrying the two buckets full of water. When we got to the cabin he made me take one of the buckets and use it to wash off most of the mud covering his rubber suit and hood. I was left covered in mud which was beginning to dry. He fixed something to eat, (last night’s stew re-heated), I fed this to myself this time with some difficulty holding the small spoon in my heavly gloved hands. He made us a pot of coffee. When we had finished he told me to come with him to his truck.

Opening the tail-gate he pulled out a six foot length of heavy chain attached to a steel or iron ball. He told me to turn around and then he proceeded to lock the end of the chain to a steel ring which was welded to the steel band of the thick rubber belt I was already locked into. He dropped the steel ball on the ground explaining that it weighed 20 pounds or more if you add in the weight of the chain. “It’s a little something to discourage any thoughts about walking any distance away from this place, you can either try carrying it or dragging it behind you as you move around here. It should be an interesting sight the next time you go for water and try slogging through that mud hole carrying a bucket of water and dragging it behind you.”

He laughed at this and said he expects a detail report of my experiences when he returned for me. We headed back to the cabin, I picked up the ball and chain being carefull not to trip on the chain as I carried it awkwardly. Once inside the cabin he told me he needed my help to get him out of the neck entry cat suit he was wearing. Sitting down he lifted each leg and had me pull his boots off, as he lifted his legs I could here the sounds of his sweat and piss which was trapped inside the one piece suit with it’s attached feet. He next pulled off his gloves and hood, his shaved head shinny with sweat. Following his directions, I worked my gloved hands around the neck opening and stretched it open as he slowly pulled his arms free peeling the suit down from his shoulders. It was a struggle as it fit him so tightly.

Pulling it down past his ass and working his balls and cock out of their cum and piss filled sheath, his sweat and accumulated piss spilling onto the floor. The air rich with the smell of his hot rubber, sweat , cum and piss. He got up and went outside, taking the second bucket of water he poured it all over himself. Coming back inside he put on the Levis he had been wearing yesterday and then his rubber riding boots with the Levis tucked in to them. Smiling he told me to clean and talc his rubbers and have them ready for him when he returned in six days. He warned me not to try something stupid like attempting to cut myself out of the suit, as there was no way to remove the steel banded rubber waist belt and collar and my balls and cock were tightly locked in their steel chastity container, and if when he returned he found I had attempted to tamper with the suit he would leave my balls and cock permently locked up.

“Have fun getting some more water dragging that ball and chain” he laughed as he walked toward his truck, “see you in six days, you should be plenty ripe by then”. I started to follow him, the heavy steel ball dragging behind, my steel bound balls slapping against the inside of my legs, the suit feeling very heavy as I tried to keep up to him, panicing realizing that I would be helplessly trapped like this all week. “Please” I said “can’t you at least take this collar off it’s really uncomfortable forcing me to hold my head in this position. He turned and smiled and said “just get busy and clean up my rubber gear now you pathetic piece of shit before all that sweat, piss and cum dries on it” He gave me a shove backwards, got in his truck and drove it away in a cloud of dust. I headed back to the cabin, the morning sun was now very hot and heating all this black rubber I was imprisoned in, the ball and chain draging in the dirt behind me pulling against my tight waist belt. The heaviness of all the gear I was wearing seeming to increase with each step I took. My balls itching in the heavy steel container pulling against them as I walked.

I had to get out of the sun, my suit filling with my sweat, my feet slipping inside the sweat filled boots, my gloves full as slowly I shuffled back inside. I needed some water then I realized both buckets had been used up cleaning the mud off his rubber and washing his body clean. I had to head back to that spring, should I take two pails and drag the ball and chain behind or only one pail and carry that 20 pound ball in my arms? If I took only one pail I would have to make an extra trip for more water. I decided to go for two pails and get on with it before the day got any hotter. I struggled up the trail dragging the ball and chain behind me, the sweat pouring into my eyes, the plastic lenses of the hood steamed up, it was hard to see the trail and I kept stumbling off it, the ball and chain getting hung up on tree roots jerking me to a stop, I fell several times and with each fall my poor balls feeling the full weight of the chastity container. I finally stumbled into the mud hole, now much deeper since our morning play session.

I was sinking almost to my knees as I leaned foward pulling against the ball and chain which was deeply sunk into the mud. I could hardly move foward and the more I struggled the deeper my legs would sink. I could just make out the spring through my fogged up lenses, I was able to toss both buckets over to it, freeing my hands to pull this fucking ball and chain free of the mud and carry it the rest of the way. I managed to struggle the last few steps and just lay down under the cold flowing outflow of the spring letting the mud and water slowly cool me. I wasn’t looking foward to the return trip carrying the two pails full of water, that promised to be an ordeal.


Part 3


As I sat there cooling down in that spring I began to feel the water leaking into my suit through the rear zipper. This felt good so I reached down for the pull tab on my crotch zipper and fumbling for a grip in my thick gloves I managed to slide it open and lowered my butt into the water so that it could flow around my overheated balls and down into my legs filling the boots. I lifted each water filled leg letting the water wash out the accumulated sweat. I did this several times, then I turned around and lay down with my head downstream to the water flow and enjoyed it’s coldness as it began to fill the torso and arms of my suit.

The water washed away much of the external mud that had coated me the wet rubber shinning and when I stood up lifting my arms the water poured from my un-zipped crotch washing out the rest of the sweat that had been trapped inside. Stepping out of the stream I sat down and again lifted each leg high making sure all the water drained out then I closed the crotch zipper. I knelt down and drank as much water as I could, then filled both buckets. I had an idea as to how to deal with this ball and chain on my return through the mud hole. I took the chain between my legs up my chest and passed it looped around my neck, the 20 pound steel ball hanging down in front. My stiff posture collar offered some protection but the full weight of the ball and chain pressed on my shoulders painfully. I would have to be careful with my balance as I struggled through that mud carrying the two pails of water (another 30 pounds).

The cool water had cleared my hood’s fogged up lenses so I could see my way across the bog to pick a route where the mud was less churned up and deep. I managed to slowly work my way through the mud without sinking too deeply or falling, just a steady pace resting the weight of each pail on the mud as I pulled each boot free. The ball and chain getting heavier each step and digging into my shoulders. My balls cruelly enduring the weight and confinement of their steel container. When I finally got free of the mud I had to drop the ball and chain to the ground and drag it behind me as I worked my way back to the cabin.

By the time I reached it my body was again hot with sweat and I could hardly see through the steamed up lenses. I managed to get most of the water back and after a short rest I began cleaning the sweat, piss and cumm from his catsuit. I enjoyed handling it picturing the man who had just worn it and who would be back for me at the end of this week. Eager to help him get back into it. As these thoughts began to arouse me I was painfully reminded of the steel chastity container preventing a full erection. I hung his suit up from the cabin’s rafters to dry out and went looking through his duffel bag for the talc. The bag was filled with a variety of gear.

There was the straight jacket and ball gag he had strapped me in last night, some body harnesses, wrist and leg restraints both leather and steel, an inflatable gag and butt plug, an enema kit with attached butt plug, two gas masks with breathing hoses, a shoulder entry catsuit with attached feet, gloves and hood and a black Aquala drysuit. There also was a pair of Hip boots and a hot looking pair of knee high lace up rubber boots. I found the talc and rubber lube, also some polish. I took the can of talc and one of the gas masks.

I pulled the mask on over my hood and took it’s breathing hose and fit it inside my crotch zipper, forcing myself to breath my own sweat. My breathing became laboured and I could feel my suit clinging tightly to me as I breathed in. Enough air was leaking past the zipper but I had to work at it to get enough. I continued to wear it as I attempted to light a fire in the wood stove to heat up some food. I had to stomp around the cabin dragging the heavy ball and chain across the floor as I got some kindling and wood together, the sounds of the flapper valve in the gas mask intense as I gulped in each breath. After about an hour I managed to get the stove going and found a can of stew to add to the left-overs in the pot. I also found some beer.

Pulling off the mask I opened a bottle and took a long pull of it’s warm contents as I waited for the pot to heat. I was feeling pretty beat standing there in this heavy gear, now all hot with my sweat feeling slimy as I moved aroud, my head and neck itching in their rubber prison, my weighted balls and restrained cock painfully swinging with each of my movements. “This is going to be one tough week and there is nothing I can do about it” I thought to myself feeling so helpless in my dispair.

This is not quite what I had expected being left alone like this trapped in this miserable posture collar and the cruelly effective steel chastity container locked on my balls and cock and then he had to add this fucking ball and chain. I stood there, finished the beer and opened another.


To be continued …


4 thoughts on “Some Time in Rubber”

  1. …which reminds me, rts, that you once wrote a short story about a guy being bolted into a full suit of armour. I really loved the idea of a mobile steel prison (especially as it would make a long-term incarceration possible!).

    Did you ever consider to write more about this? I know that there are more of us with this kind of phantasy. :-)

  2. some guy bolted into a suit of armour???
    Please ………………….tell me where i can read that? I love armour and would really love to experience being bolted into one of my own.
    This story is amazing in the fact that it has lots of details that i relish. I am so hard now and waiting for the next installment…..breathtaking.

    1. rubberc, look for “prison library” -> rts -> “Steel”.
      A hot story, but rather short. I would definitely enjoy an “extended dance remix” of it. ;-)

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