Spy Gets Captured

By Mister-X/Spartan

I warily looked around. This was near where I was to meet him. I didn’t see anyone, which was a good sign, since I was early. It looked like the authorities didn’t know about our planned meeting. I walked over to where I was to meet him, and saw a figure walking this way. When he was close enough I saw it was him. He was nervous.

“I’m being followed.” I had pulled out my pack of cigarettes and pulled one out to give him.

“What? You shouldn’t have met me, then.”

As I started to leave he put the cigarette in his mouth and said, “wait, I’ve got the information you want.”

I hesitated, pulling out my lighter to light his cigarette, and that was when a bunch of armed men started coming out of the nearby area, guns drawn. I realized I’d had it. All these years I’d not been captured, but my luck had finally run out. My cock started getting excited.

The other guy panicked, and started to run away. I knew better than to do that. When he was taken, he was screaming, but not for long. When the others came up to me, they said something in the local language. I knew they had said to put my hands behind my back, but I played dumb. One of the guys spoke English, and said “don’t play dumb, Mr. Crawford.”

“Play dumb? Why? I’ve done nothing wrong. He just asked me for a cigarette and I gave him one. Then he wanted a light, and I pulled out my lighter when you people showed up.”

The guy pulled out a recorder, pushed a button, and played back the conversation I had with the informant. So they had been able to record it. “Now please put your hands behind your back so we can secure you. Then we will take you where you will tell us what information you wanted from him.”

I realized I had no choice against an army, so I put my hands behind my back. The cuffs were ratcheted very tight. I said, “hey, those are too tight. I’ll start losing circulation in my hands.”

The man who spoke English smiled and said, “that will be the least of your problems, Mr. Crawford.”

I knew these people’s reputation for torture. I realized I was in for it. My cock was starting to get erect. I thought about the people I was working for. They were supporters of this country’s previous ruler, sworn enemies of the current ruler. But if they found out that I was captured they would just abandon me. They figured they owed me nothing. I was just someone they’d hired. So I figured I owed them nothing. I figured my best hope was to switch sides and work for these guys, if they’ll have me.

In the meantime I was secured in the back of a van, shackles added to my ankles with a heavy chain between, chains attaching each handcuff to each ankle shackle as well as to the sides of the van. A rag was stuffed into my mouth and wrap after wrap of duct tape was put tightly around my head to keep it in. There were three armed guards making sure that I didn’t try to escape. I saw the van pull into the local prison for the most extreme criminals. I knew its reputation and shuddered. Very few people ever went in here and came out alive. I wondered if I would ever see daylight again.

When I was driven inside, two of the guards went out the back of the van and positioned themselves and their weapons on me. The other guard locked a metal collar around my neck. It was extremely tight, and started making me cough and wheeze into my gag. That guard smiled when he heard that. He got a chain and locked it to the front of my collar. Then he released the chains from the van’s sides. He started pulling me out of the van, holding the other end of the chain that was locked to my collar. At least the guards helped me get out of the van.

Out of the van, it was slow going with the short chain between my ankles. I was taken to a room, the metal door was unlocked, and I was taken to a metal chair which had straps attached with a chain hanging down from the ceiling above it. Soon I was strapped to the chair, none of the other restraints changed, though the chains attaching my wrists to my ankles were moved to the side of the chair to allow me to sit. The chain at the front of my collar was removed and locked to the back. The other end of this chain was attached to the hanging chain, links locked together at the point that would keep my head as high as possible. I was now having more trouble breathing through my nostrils with that tight collar on. The guards left, locking the door behind them. I’m turned on by being tortured, and my cock by then was tenting my pants.

I was left like that for a couple of hours. By then I had erupted and there had to have been a wet spot at the front of my pants. Finally three men came in. One of them was the man who spoke English. After they sat down, he spoke, after first letting out a deep sigh. “Oh, Mr. Crawford, you are in big, big trouble. Your contact has told us the information you were wanting, and told us who you said you were representing. Surely you must know what we think of those people.” With a head motion to one of the others, this guy got up and yanked off the duct tape and took out the rag so I could talk.

When I could talk I whispered back, “Yes, I do. I realize the trouble I’m in. I have no loyalty to them. To me, it was just a job I was paid for. They, for their part, have no loyalty to me, either. I was just someone they paid to do a job. I have no doubt that I’m completely expendable for them. I suggest you consider my position and attitude, and see whether I could be of service to you.”

There was a pause while this man translated my answer to the others. They started discussing this in their language. I was pretty fluent in it, and I knew that they were considering what I had suggested, though obviously not trusting me. Finally the guy who spoke English realized, and said, in their language, that I could well know enough of their language to understand what they are saying, and they should leave the room to discuss this. With that, the three got up, went to the door, unlocked it, and left, the door being locked behind them.

I was left alone again for several hours. I was getting pretty uncomfortable in that strenuous position, my fingers long since having lost their feeling. My neck was starting to adjust to that collar. At least I could now breathe through my mouth. And my cock had erupted a second time, and was now erect again.

Finally the three returned. “We have decided to accept your suggestion. You will have been told that the information they seek is available from a guy who is now supposedly working for them. You don’t know the guy’s name. We will give you his address. He is someone who will be known to them, someone who used to work for us. We know he is a traitor to us, but they do not know whether to trust him. In telling them this, you will be doing us a favor. This man is not known for being easy to get information from, so he will hold out long.

To ensure that you do your part, we will be locking your cock in chastity. We will be the ones who hold the key. If you betray us, you will never be able to use your cock again. Knowing your reputation, this should be very important to you.”

He was right. I’d sooner die than not be able to erupt any more. My cock was big, and I was still virile. I erupted about twice a day, on average. To have it locked up will be a major problem for me. This was going to be extreme torture, much more than what they have done to me so far.

The door opened and someone came in holding a metal chastity device. They unzipped my pants and my cock leapt out erect. In their language one of them said “holy mother what a monster”. They had also brought along an ice cube should my cock be erect, and they need to use it. Restrained as I was, I was powerless to do anything to prevent this. Soon, with the click of a lock, I knew that I was in prison, which was how I viewed this. Even though I would be free to go and was not behind bars, I was in prison.

I thought about their plan and realized that it was a good one. I had reported regularly to my employers, so they knew that I was planning to meet my informant to get the information tonight. When I was released from the restraints, I was told that there was no one on their side that I needed to report to, that after they had verified that I’d done what was asked of me, they would find me, wherever I was, and release me from the chastity. I had no choice but to accept that.

I left with my overcoat collar turned up to cover my face should anyone from the other side be looking for whoever came out of that hellhole I was just in. I breathed a sigh of relief when I left that prison. But my cock was hurting in its prison. I went to my hotel room and got my things packed. I booked a flight to a neutral sight, a place where I could then fly to meet with the people who had hired me. Finally arriving in that place, after two plane rides, I booked a room in a hotel. I flew under my real name, and I knew that these people regularly checked the register to see who was coming into their place.

It wasn’t long before I had my expected visitor. He had a gun drawn. “Please come with us, Mr. Crawford.”

“I was expecting to see you people. There’s no need for the weapon.”

“And I’m sure there’s no need for these either, but we still have our rules.” He held up a pair of handcuffs. I turned my back and put my hands behind it. Soon they were cuffed. These were not as tight as the others had been. Out in the hall, I noticed that there were four men. I was soon tightly restrained in a van, the same way that I’d been kept in that other van with the other side, and was riding to, in all likelihood, their comparable prison. They were enemies, yet used the same methods.

By the time we got there, that obligatory collar and chain to it had already been locked on with the rag and duct tape covering my mouth. At least the collar wasn’t as tight here. When I was removed from the van, they pulled me out of it, so that I landed on my chest on the concrete floor. I was then kicked, and told to get up. None of the guards helped me. It wasn’t easy, restrained like I was, but I managed. With a guard holding my armpit on each side, I was almost carried at a quick pace inside the facility.

This time I was put inside a room, again with a metal door, and sat down on a normal chair. There was no chain over it. I was chained and locked to the chair. I was kept like this for a short time before three guys came in. I recognized one as the one who met me at my hotel room, and another as the person who had hired me to do this assignment. One of them came over and removed the duct tape and rag.

I had decided to start the conversation. Addressing the guy who had hired me, I said, “Mr. Stanislaus, I’m reporting back to you. Is the information you need cleared with these others?”

That surprised them. They conversed among themselves in their language, the same as the one spoken where I’d been before. I was able to follow it pretty closely. Apparently the person who’d met me at the hotel room was just there to bring me in, and wasn’t cleared for the information I had. So he was sent out of the room. After the door was closed and locked with him out, Stanislaus said, “What have you got for us?”

I told him what the other side had told me to tell him, that my informant said that the person who had the information was actually living in their area. I gave them the address I’d been given. Both reacted with recognition when I gave them that. As soon as I’d finished, the two got up and went out of the room. It was again locked, not that this would have done me any good.

The two were soon back. This time it was Stanislaus who started the conversation. “Our information is that both you and the informant were arrested and taken to that prison. How is it that you were let go?”

I realized that this could get touchy. “I told them that I was just a tourist, and the man asked me for a cigarette, which I gave him, and then asked for a light, which I was about to give him when the authorities took us away. All this was superficially true. What I didn’t tell them was what the informant had a chance to tell me, which is what I told you.”

Stanislaus translated this to the other guy, who nodded his head, and then responded. Stanislaus considered his response. He finally spoke. “This could be true, or it could be that the others have co-opted you into betraying one of us. We don’t know. As a result, you will be kept here until we can find out which is correct. You will both be interrogated.”

I was basically under arrest until they could verify my story. I didn’t know how successful they would be in doing that. But I didn’t have any say in the matter. I just wanted my cock out of its prison, and I did what I could to achieve that. I was a little worried that they would find that device while I was here, and wonder who had the key. I had to think about what answer I would give to that which would sound plausible.

I thought of whom I’d played with in that other country in the past, and came up with some names of people who had put my cock in chastity over the years, but were not the current key holder. I considered giving him the name of a friend who lived in the other side, Nicolaus, since they would have a difficult time verifying this with him. I also thought of the language that they would use. In their language the difference between then and now was blurred. I decided to settle on Nicolaus.

I wondered how long I was going to be kept in this prison. Soon some prison guards came to take me out of the room. I figured it was too soon to be released, and my opinion was confirmed. I was taken to an elevator. I was getting a bad feeling about this. I realized that I was going to be interrogated. When the elevator came, I was taken down into the bowels of the prison. It was where I didn’t want to be. I was taken into a room and left standing, still heavily restrained. There was an armed guard who had his weapon pointed at me. Soon a man entered who was dressed in civilian clothes. The guy told him, in their language, that I was to be prepared to be interrogated.

I wasn’t sure whether that meant to be given drugs or not. But that wasn’t how they prepared me. Instead, while the guard kept his weapon pointed at me, the other guy got a rope with a loop at the end, widened the loop and wrapped it several times tightly around my neck above the metal collar, yanked it taut, and threw the other end over an overhead beam, pulling it until I was on the front halves of my feet, then tied it to the wall. They got more rope and brought my ankles together to be tied, then my legs below the knee and above my calves, then my legs above my knees. When the guy was finished, as he was leaving the room, he turned to the guard and said, in their language, “soften him up.”

The guard got a big smile, put his weapon down, and came over to stand in front of me. His smile got wider, and he punched me in the stomach as hard as he could. I swung back off my feet into the air. The rope tightened around my neck with that. I was having difficulty breathing. When I swung back, the guard punched me again, which sent me back again, the rope tightening a little further. He held me when I came back and went over to the wall to untie the rope, take up the slack, and retie it. By then the world was spinning around, as I was getting dizzy. I was having difficulty thinking clearly. I couldn’t focus my eyes. I was definitely having difficulty breathing. And I started getting a headache.

When the rope was tightly tied to the guard’s satisfaction, he was back and punched me in the stomach again. This time when I swung back, the rope didn’t tighten any further. When the guard saw that, he just steadied me when I came back, went back to where he’d been standing, and picked up his weapon again. The smile never left his face. My cock was desperate to erupt, but couldn’t.

I was only half conscious when guards came in to take me to be interrogated. They had a cart that they lay me down on, stretched out, pulling the other end of the noose rope taut under the table top to tie tightly around my ankles, yanking my body taut before tying the rope. They also attached other leather straps around my body and the tabletop. When they were satisfied that I was tightly attached to that tabletop, they wheeled me down the hall. I could barely move any part of my body. My cock was again desperate to erupt. When I got to the room I stole a glance at who was there. It looked like the same three who came into the room when I was brought here.

It was Stanislaus who started the questioning. “What is your name?”

“Christopher … Crawford” I groggily answered, my speech slow and deliberate, choosing my words carefully. I was still very dizzy, and my head was spinning.

“Who are you working for?”

“You, … sir.”

“Have you been sent here by our opposition?”

“No, … sir.”

“How came you to be released from that prison?”

“I … haven’t … been … released. … I’m … still … in … the … prison.”

“No, not this one. You were in another prison and were released. Why?”

“They … had … no … reason … to … keep … me.”

Stanislaus motioned to one of the guards, who went over to the rope, which was pulled taut before being tied to my ankles. He loosened it from my ankles, yanked it hard, which caused the rope around my neck to tighten even more. Then he re-tied it to my ankles.

“Our opposition has sent you here to give us false information, haven’t they?”

My head was spinning. I was now barely conscious. I mumbled something in response.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you?”

“What … did … you … ask?”

“I said our opposition has sent you here to give us false information, haven’t they?”


He got up and unzipped my pants, pulling out my chastitied cock. He raised his voice. “Then why do you have this on now when you didn’t before? Who’s got the key to it?”

I tried to think of the guy whose name I had decided to give them. It was hard to think clearly. I decided to delay while I thought of his name. “Played … with … a … friend. … He … locked … it … on. … Wasn’t … thinking … I would … be … leaving … so … soon.”

“What’s his name?”

I’d been trying to think of it when I slowly gave my answer, and I couldn’t. Finally as he was about to tell the guards to yank the rope tighter, I thought of it. “Yaroslavskiy. … Nicolaus … Yaroslavskiy.”

“We will check on your story. It had better be accurate or you’re in big trouble. Guards, take him to a cell. Leave him on the cart like this.”

I felt myself being wheeled back down the hall. By the time they’d gotten to a cell I had lost consciousness.

I awoke to some cold water being thrown on my face. It was the guards wheeling me back down the hall again. I was back to being interrogated again by those three. I was still like I’d been on the cart.

Stanislaus said, “How did you know Nicolaus Yaroslavskiy was arrested?”

It took a minute for that to soak in. I furrowed my brow and said, “Arrested? … Nicolaus? … Why? … He’s … done … nothing … wrong.” I was genuinely surprised to hear that. I figured the other side had analyzed what questions I would be asked and acted.

“Nonetheless, he was arrested. We cannot ask him to verify what you told us.”

“But … why … would … you … need … to? … I’ve … told … you … everything.”

“Because your release from that prison doesn’t make sense. You should have been kept there much longer than you were, just as we are doing.”

“Have … you … found … that … guy … who … lived … at … that … address?”

“Yes, and we are interrogating him. He proclaims his innocence, just as you do.”

“Oh. … So … you … don’t … know … which … of … us … to … believe.”


“Tell … me … his … name. … Maybe … I … know … him.”

“Gregor Rosenbaum.”

My jaw must have dropped a foot as I gasped. Gregor. My good friend Gregor. Those bastards on the other side had me set up my best friend in this area. I closed my eyes at the thought. Those bastards.

Stanislaus couldn’t help but see my reaction. “Ah, so you do know him. How is that?”

“He … is … my … best … friend … in … this … part … of … the … world. … We’ve … played … many … times. … I … didn’t … know … he … was … living … here. … And … I … had … no … idea … that … I … was … implicating … him. … I’d … almost … rather … blame … myself … than … him. … He … is … a … good … man.”

“So now let me ask you these questions again. Were you sent here with false information?”

I was thinking, and finally said, “Just … as … you … don’t … trust … me, … why … should … I … trust … you? … You … could … have … just … checked … my … file … and … found … that … Gregor … was … my … best … friend, … giving … me … his … name … to … get … me … to … falsely … confess.”

Stanislaus thought about this, and told one of the guards to bring in the other prisoner. While he was gone I was thinking that if Stanislaus was confident enough to do this, then he must really have Gregor here.

When the prisoner was brought in I heard him say, “Show me this man who falsely accuses me.” I recognized the voice immediately. It was Gregor. Now I didn’t want to see him. I looked at Gregor and saw that he was roped and cuffed, though not as tightly as I was. I figured they did me much tighter because they knew my reputation for enjoying torture, and figured I could put up with more. I quickly looked away.

But Gregor saw me and gasped. “You? You, Christopher, falsely accused me? Why? Why have you done this?”

“I … didn’t … know … it … was … you, … Gregor. … I’m … sorry. … I’m … truly … sorry … to … have … put … you … through … this. … The … other … side … told … me … to … tell … you … people … this. … They … locked … my … cock … in … chastity, … and … told … me … it … would … never … be … freed … unless … I … got … you … people … to … believe … what … they … told … me … to … say.”

“Oh. Your cock is in chastity? I understand now. Nothing is more important to you than that.”

“It’s … been … driving … me … crazy. … I … couldn’t … live … without … that … being … able … to … function … regularly.”

Stanislaus said, “So you admit lying to us.”


Turning to the guards he said, “Release Gregor Rosenbaum. He is innocent.”

Turning to me he told the guards, “Take this one back to his cell. Leave him like he is.”

I wondered what they would do to me. My life isn’t going to be worth living with my cock locked up. I was in a deep depression.

Later, Stanislaus came to see me. “You have provided a valuable service to us. We didn’t know whether to trust Gregor or not, and you have convinced us that we should. Gregor has made it clear to us that you consider your life to not be worth living with your cock locked up, that we may as well release you to him. So we have decided to do that. There is no further punishment we could do to you than has already been done. And since you have done a service to us, since we now know that we can trust Gregor, you are free to leave, though you will be kept restrained. Gregor is here to take you, and do with you what he wishes.”

The rope and the straps were loosened which had restrained me to the cart, and after I was able to get up off the floor after I got off the cart, since I was too woozy to stand, was pushed out of the prison by the guards, one of whom stuck a prod in my back while he pulled back on the noose rope that was still tightly around my neck, while the other two guards supported me to stay upright, one on each side. When I saw Gregor, I couldn’t look him in the face. He had them put me into the front seat of his car, my hands still cuffed behind my back, ankles in shackles, and chains attaching the two worked to the sides of the seat. Gregor removed the rope, but the metal collar was still locked around my neck, with a chain attached. Otherwise I was still in my clothes. And my cock was still locked in chastity. I started breathing much easier with that rope gone.

Gregor drove me to his house. After I was taken inside, he first got the keys they’d given him and removed all the restraints from me. He started writing on a piece of paper. When he finished he gave it to me to read. I noticed that he had a match at the ready and a smile on his face. I knew what the match meant. After I had read it he would burn it. I figured it was something that was not to be shared with anyone else or even spoken.

What I read was that Gregor was actually secretly working for those who had originally captured me. They needed some way to convince the people here that he was trustworthy, and devised this scheme. They figured that the authorities here would suspect something was wrong when I was soon released from that notorious prison, and would wonder about the chastity. And they counted on my reaction on finding out who I had betrayed. My reaction was an honest one. Their plan worked perfectly. And they have given Gregor the key to my chastity to decide whether to free my cock or not, since in doing so he could jeopardize his own life. His decision was to give me the key. So my cock will soon be freed from its prison.

I couldn’t believe it. When I’d finished reading, Gregor put a finger to his lips and a match to the paper. Soon all evidence of his statement was gone. I got up and hugged him.

I needed to get my cock out of its prison so I could get it to function again, once again becoming the person I am. But I knew that they would be checking at the airport scanner, so I had to keep it on until I left that country. I booked a flight home, and thought of who would be the best one to top me. I had been thinking constantly about the torture I’d been through. The problem was that I hadn’t gotten any gratification from it. I decided I wanted to be tortured like I’d been and get gratification from it. That’s when I thought of Ivan. He was the only one who could be that intense.

Ivan used to torture people in that first prison I’d been taken to, when this country was united, but had to leave and is now in exile back home. I’ve been with him before. We had become friends. On the flight I was finally able to unlock and remove that chastity device. With my cock finally freed, my thoughts were constantly on that torture which had turned me on so much.

When I called Ivan from the plane and explained, he told me he was available to meet my plane. I told him to meet me elsewhere, that I would take transportation and transfer several times to meet him at his car, which would be in a deserted area where he could easily spot anyone following me. When I finally got to him, I told him that from now on I couldn’t be seen playing with anyone. On the ride to his place I gave him the details of what I’d been through, first without being able to get gratification, then with my cock locked up in prison. After I’d finished, he said he’d be able to accommodate me. I told him to first set me up the way I’d been when initially captured.

Soon I was tightly cuffed, gagged, chained and locked to a metal chair that was bolted to the floor of his dungeon. Ivan had gotten a super tight metal collar which he locked around my neck and had dropped the chain from overhead down to attach to it, hoisting it up to where I was forced to sit stiffly erect as I’d been before. But this time I was naked. My cock was sticking up erect, leaking pre-cum. He looked at his watch, and said he would leave me for two hours, just as I’d been left at that prison. Ivan was re-enacting it perfectly.

As before, I’d erupted a couple of times, and my cock was again erect. I was really turned on. But when I heard Ivan return, there was someone else with him. That’s the first indication I had that something was wrong. When they came into the room I realized that I was suddenly in big, big trouble.

“We meet again, Mr. Crawford,” said Stanislaus. I was starting to involuntarily shake from nerves at the realization. I knew that I was sunk. I hadn’t known that Ivan was a friend of Stanislaus. My cock had clouded my judgment.

“I owe you an explanation. We knew how clever and devious our opponents are. We decided to be the same, devising one last test. When you were unconscious we carefully inspected the inside of your chastity, and found a small microphone device. We decided to leave it and plant one of our own. We heard nothing wrong until you called Ivan to have him torture you to get you to erupt. We wondered how that would be possible if your cock was still locked in its prison. There was only one person who could have been able to release it. So we put a watch on Gregor and I booked a flight to come here, having my old friend Ivan meet me at the airport to bring me here.

And there, sticking up high in all its erect majesty, is the proof. How, Mr. Crawford, how did your cock get out of its prison? When Ivan told me it was, I called home, and Gregor is now arrested and will be tortured to get as much information from him of the activities in our country as he can provide. He doesn’t have your love of being tortured, as you know.

And as for you, now that you have shown us who Gregor is really working for, we will reward your cock by giving it the torture it so desires. We will not lock your cock up in prison, like those pigs of our opponents do. We realize what that would do to you. Instead, we have this nice spiked cock sheath that your cock will be locked into, the key kept by us, though in all likelihood, never used. Your cock will be able to erupt, which is what it wants, though doing so will be quite painful. This will now be where and how you will be spending your retirement. You see, we aren’t such terrible people. We will give you what you want. As you know, Ivan has a nice variety of additions for you to experience. And now after we set you up properly so you can start enjoying your retirement, Ivan and I will be going out to celebrate by having a nice dinner. Thanks to your careful way to avoid being seen with Ivan in this large city, no one else knows you are here.”

An ice cube was produced and my cock was put into one of those spiked cock sheaths. After the hoist button was touched and I was stretched up even higher, putting intense pressure on my back and neck, my breathing now severely restricted by that tight collar that forced my chin up very high, the two left. I tried swallowing, and found that I couldn’t. I heard the thick metal door close and be locked. It was as if my life was now closed and locked. As my cock was erupting, I was trying to yell into the rag that filled my mouth and was covered by duct tape, but found that my voice was cut off by that collar. I realized that this was even more intense than what I had experienced.

It was the start of the rest of my life. My cock was going to be happy. But I wasn’t sure I would be enjoying my forced retirement. As I moved my eyes around Ivan’s dungeon, I saw that he’d added more torture devices, as if he needed more. I was starting to get pain again as my cock was already starting to get hard at the thought of experiencing these. I wondered how many times I would erupt while they were having dinner. What was left of my life was now entirely devoted to my cock’s pleasure. I wondered if my cock had thought of the consequences, and had intentionally caused me to think of Ivan, the mistake that betrayed both Gregor and me.

The End

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story!

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  1. I always get excited to see another story by spartan.. I love his obsession with collars so tight that they could threaten your future existence. Loved the extra frisson of excitement at he thought of that spiked cock sheath to add to the prisoner’s torment….

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