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Tyler Saint subjects Drake Jayden to police discipline

This is a vintage shoot from Bound Muscle Jocks! Tyler Saint finally goes on the offensive when he traps Officer Drake Jaden in the police locker room after hours. The interrogation begins when Drake is strapped to a punching bag for some PUNCHING, and more!

Tyler Saint subjects Drake Jayden to police brutality

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Title of this shoot: Protect and Serve Part 4

Tags: BDSM, bondage

Models in this shoot: Drake Jayden, Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti

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Interrogation Game: Chapter 5 – The Gift

By BondageChallengeGames

Tom pulled into the driveway after a long day of work. Not a particularly exhausting day, he’d mostly been on the computer, just a long and boring one. As he walked toward his front door though, he found himself getting a second wind.

He was very excited to hear about Kyle and Andrew’s game.

He knew the outcome of course. Having changed the code to something Kyle wouldn’t know meant Kyle had no way of winning. He would be tortured for an hour. The real question was what had happened after the hour was over.

Tom had a few guesses:

1) Kyle actually managed to go the whole hour without giving in. In this case Andrew and Kyle wouldn’t even know about his betrayal.

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Interrogation Game: Chapter 3 – Screwed Over

By BondageChallengeGames

I screamed into my gag. The electrodes on my thighs sent sharp shocks that made my legs tense up. They came without warning and pattern, an irregular cycle that made it impossible for me to ever relax or predict when the next shock would come.

With the tens unit running by itself, Andrew was free to hurt me in other ways. He flogged my stomach and chest again, whipping skin still sensitive from the duct tape strip he had just ripped off. He put the nipple clamps back on, attached with a chain that he pulled in between flogging me. It was overwhelming, I couldn’t focus on anything except the pain. I tried everything to speak, to tell him the code and end it, but I couldn’t make any meaningful sound through the gag, let alone go long enough without yelling in pain.

Eventually my body wore out of fighting. I want as limp in the bonds as I could for standing upright. With each electric shock and smack of the flogger I would flinch and jolt weakly, but any struggle I had left in me was worn out of me.

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Interrogation Game: Chapter 1 – The Stakes

By BondageChallengeGames

Andrew had one hour to torture the lockbox code out of me and get the key to his chastity cage. We’d come up with the idea of the scene a few weeks ago, as a fun way to do some interrogation with actual consequences and a goal. A way for me to get to endure some of the torment I enjoy during bondage, and a motivator for him to really try and break me.

We didn’t expect to get as emotionally charged as we did.

By the day he brought me into his garage for the scene, he’d been kept in chastity for over a week. Andrew’s husband had loved the idea and served as his keyholder. Andrew was finding chastity to be so much more frustrating than he’d thought. So as he led me handcuffed into his garage, I could tell this wasn’t going to be the carefree fun scene we’d both thought, rather this was his only chance to finally get out of the cage he’d grown to despise.

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Interrogation with hard cocks

Meanwhile at Daddys Bondage Boys, interrogator Drake Jaden has abandoned whatever professionalism he had at the start. Now that he’s had his cock sucked by the captive soldier Dirk Caber he can’t stop himself from fucking that ass! With his captive still bound and hanging, he rams that fuck hole with his wet length, pounding Dirk’s soldier ass until he’s ready to spurt his cum in the man’s face!

See the VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

See the VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models in this video: Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Title of this video: Soldiers In Hell – Part 8

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