Stud Squaw – Part 2

By Alex Ironrod

“God in heaven, Billy, what have I done to us,” the Lieutenant choked out. “I can feel things crawling all over me, and I’m erecting again.”

“Try to relax, Tom, “ came the grunting reply. “You need to keep your courage up as well as your cock. We have to bear it.”

He got only a sigh of despair and a groan of anguish from the head next to him, as Tom tried to move his body. Bright shuddered in turn; his back felt as though knives were cutting him, as the flies drank his slobber and the drying piss.

The soldiers lost track of time in the hot sun; men and women passed them by; some spat at them, one or two pushed them onto the thorns; the flying insects bit and crawled on their naked bodies. At last the group of Apaches returned, unpegged their ankles, untied their arms and pulled them off the cactus. Spaulding shouted in pain; the sergeant bit hard on the rawhide, as they were raised upright and allowed to stumble back to the chief’s tepee.

There they collapsed, shuddering, on the floor, with dirty fly-speckled chests and matted hair, and bleeding backs and butts. For a few moments, neither spoke as they tried to recover. Bright managed to undo the rawhide tightening in his mouth.

“Come over here, Tom, let’s try to check your back and get rid of any thorns. Then you can do the same for me.”

The lieutenant struggled over to the sergeant, putting his arms tight around him, despite the pain it brought both of them.

“I’m not sure I can survive much more of this,” he murmured.

“Oh, yes, you can, and you will, Sir. Now turn around and let’s look at your back. It’s going to hurt as I pull the thorns out, so bite on that rawhide again.”

It was a slow process; each worked on the other for a while, getting spikes out of ass cheeks and, slowly, up the back, wiping the blood off with the remains of their uniforms, still in the tepee.

After removing as many thorns as possible, and wiping off some of the dried cum and fly lava, they sank back down of the earthen floor, holding tightly onto one another, to draw energy and strength from the other man. It gave them some renewed hope, as warmth spread through their battered bodies, and gradually they responded to one another. Their cocks began to rise and to nestle together, and Billy Bright brought his mouth to Tom Spaulding and they kissed gently, then with increasing passion.

“God, Billy, I need to feel you around me, feel another human being, and, for the first time, a man. There’s nothing wrong with wanting this, is there?”

“No, Tom, it’s natural. We’re two men in fucking great need of comfort and hope. And taking strength from one another is fine.”

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Tom, and much more. I’ve loved and fucked other men in my time, beginning as a raw recruit in the recent Civil War. There my sergeant found me, shivering and frightened in the woods. He comforted me in the best way he knew, and, over time, he taught me the positive power and strength of another man’s love. I was bigger and stronger than most, but I needed discipline and to practice obedience to another man’s cock, body and spirit. And it’s been that way with me ever since.”

Tom settled in Billy’s arms, wincing at the odd thorn still sticking in him.

“And you’ve found other soldiers who share your interests?”

“There are always one or two loners at a post, and we learn to accommodate one another’s needs – like this.”

He held Tom tightly and kissed his inviting mouth – and then his nipples and was moving down towards his twitching cock, when the tepee flap opened and Red Feather strode in.

The chief looked at them lying nestled together, and shouted furiously to his men outside. Then he switched to Spanish, as he kicked his prisoners apart.

“What’s he saying?” demanded Tom.

“Something about taking his rights, after he’s shown us who’s in control. I’m not sure, but he’s sure pissed.”

The warriors rushed into the tepee, with various implements in their hands, laughing and chattering amongst themselves. The soldiers were hustled to their feet, back to back, and their hands tied high above their heads, while the butt plugs were jerked out. One man held out the bowl of grease, and the angry chief dipped into it and then roughly shoved two fingers into Bright’s open ass. He worked the grease in well, adding a third finger, which produced a shuddering moan from the sergeant. Then he turned to the lieutenant and more slowly did the same, forcing quantities of the grease into the gradually stretching hole, which responded to the violent treatment.

The interpreter slid in front of them, holding in his hands a buffalo horn, with the two bone ends smoothed and curved upwards.

Bright gasped, “My god, it’s a kind of a double-headed dildo. Tom – you’ll need to push out as they shove it in you – and that’s what they’re going to do to us….” His words were choked off as a leather gag was forced into his mouth.

Spaulding looked at the horn dildo with horror, as the chief smeared a quantity of grease on the smoothed-down ends and then approached him with one point aimed at his ass. Bound as he was, he struggled for a moment, until two warriors held him firmly and parted his ass cheeks. Slowly but firmly Red Feather inserted this new instrument of torture. Tom shuddered as he felt an alien bone slide up into him, stimulating his sphincter muscle, as it was eased in to its hilt. Then the chief ordered more men to take hold of the sergeant, and more violently shoved the other end of the horn into his twitching, well-greased hole, forcing the soldier further onto the bone dildo until he too was firmly mounted in place and their asses touched.

Tom was gasping in pain, but also in excitement, as he was hoist onto the buffalo horn; his cock was rising rapidly, and his whole body trembled in anticipation, as his insides were filled and stretched with a greased bone. And the chief had not finished. Taking the twitching dick in his hand, he swiftly tied it and the balls in thin rawhide laces, and then pulled them down and under the crotch. The sergeant’s full 8 inches were similarly treated, and both penises pulled under the dildo, so that they just touched and were then laced together, forcing the men closer together, as they were joined together twice in the most vulnerable parts of their tormented bodies.

Tom shouted in pain and anguish, and a thick gag then closed his mouth too. Then a long strip of rawhide was added across both mouths, forcing the heads closer together, as it was tightened in the middle. Similarly a thick band across their eyes blinded them, and enclosed their upper heads. Finally ropes round their chests joined their bloodied backs and a few remaining thorns together.

The soldiers were squirming and groaning in pain, as their naked bodies were restrained one way or another from head to genitals. They were being dehumanized, animal victims of the chief’s perverse pleasures. Red Feather leaned over and began to play with their nipples, pulling and twisting hard. As they tried to pull away, they could only bang into one another, forcing the horn dildo in and out, while the tips of their excited and bound cocks touched one another, and dropped of pre-cum slid from their slits.

They couldn’t see the Apache’s final gesture, but they felt his quirt, as he whipped nipples and chests, sides and thighs. They danced in place, restrained and vulnerable, arms bound high and tight, bodies jerking together, as the dildo slid from one to another, gasping and groaning through the thick gags.

Then the warriors left, and the prisoners stood panting and excited in their new strict restraints. One cock would squirt some pre-cum and its owner would feel the bone dildo twitch in his rectum in reply. They were fully aroused, but powerless to act. Only the pain from injured backs and lashed chests kept them alert.

Tom moaned deeply and Billy responded by rubbing against him. Shards of pain from the horn that filled their holes were being replaced by warm sensations, as Billy moved it gently and fractionally in and out. The lieutenant grunted in acknowledgement and tried to pleasure the sergeant the same way. They both felt their cocks growing more excited, bound under them, as they stood straining and sweating together. Time passed in an agony of feeling impaled and tormented.

Then voices returned – Red Feather was easily identified, giving orders. First, the soldiers’ blindfolds were removed. The chief stood naked and proud of his masculinity with erect dick and body glistening with oil. Slowly and ritualistically he began to untie the prisoners, beginning with the gags and talking in Spanish as he proceeded to the chest ropes and then down to cut the thongs that forced the two cocks together. As the lacings fell apart, the pricks rose back up to their natural position, engorged and eager.

“What’s he saying?” demanded Tom, as the chief chuckled.

“He says he’s here to sample each of us, to take each of us in turn. He’s going to fuck me first – something about a man of similar strengths and desires. You will be forced to watch and then comes your turn.”

Billy groaned as the bone dildo was slowly pulled out of him, but left curving obscenely out of Spaulding’s ass. Bright’s arms were lowered by the interpreter, who was assisting the chief, and he was forced over a large chest which had been dragged into the center of the tepee. Red Feather had been massaging his powerful penis, as he walked over to the sergeant’s head and rapped out a command in Spanish. Bright moaned, but opened his mouth as the erect dick touched his lips and he sucked it in, saliva coating the pole, as Tom watched with growing horror and fascination.

Red Feather was soon satisfied, and moved round to his target, the opened rosebud winking in the dim light. The interpreter cackled, as he pulled the roped arms down and tighter. The naked victim was ready, and the massive cockhead slid into the waiting hole. He withdrew briefly, then forced his way in hard and fast, burying his prick up to his pubes into the grunting and squirming sergeant. The chief began to work his prisoner, withdrawing almost all the way, then banging eagerly all the way back. Bright began to buck in rhythm; both men’s breathing grew harsher and more labored. They exchanged shouted guttural noises, as their common lust grew. Billy rolled around on the chest, penetrated fully and moaning in appreciation of the chief’s skills in fucking him.

Suddenly the chief reared up, as he shot not one, but two, loads of Apache hot cum into the cavalryman. The two men lay on top of one another, cock still in hole, gasping and grunting. Then the chief pulled out, his rod glittering with cum and ass juices. He trumpeted to the world his success, and slapped Bright’s ass to a redness with the quirt he always carried.

Then Red Feather turned suddenly to the interpreter and issued a new command. The man chuckled and turned to the two prisoners.

“The chief enjoyed that fuck, but he wants to rest, and thinks it would be good to see the two white men fuck one another. He thinks the young one has a tight virgin hole and he commands the sergeant to enlarge it for him.”

“No, no, I can’t do that. The boy has no experience of being fucked.”

“Then the chief will whip both of you until you agree.”

Tom was dragged over to the chest and laid alongside Bright, ass also up in the air. Two warriors were called in to hold the soldiers in place, as the chief started methodically to lash the buttocks of each of them in turn, ignoring their shouts and protests. It was the final blow for the young lieutenant, who began to shriek with pain, as the blows landed unceasingly, reddening his ass and flecking it with blood. The sergeant shouted something in Spanish and the savage beating stopped.

“Tom, there is no way out. I’ve agreed that I will fuck you, as slowly and carefully as I can, but it will hurt. So scream and yell as much as you want, but stop that shrieking. Remember who and what you are.”

And so the mounting began. The horn dildo had been taken out, and Billy Bright smoothed plenty of grease into the reddened hole and worked his fingers in and around to stretch the space. His own cock was rampant, excited by the fucking he had received, and he shuddered with anticipation as he coated it liberally with more grease. He bent over and kissed the back of the boy’s neck and murmured that he was ready. “The pain will be sharp, but I’ll be as careful as I can with my big dick. Push out, if you can, and make as much noise as you like.”

There was silence in the tepee, except for the heavy breathing of all the men, most visibly excited by the sex they were about to witness, with erect cocks reddening in anticipation.

Bright ran his greased pole up and down Tom’s bruised and beaten ass cheeks, and then spread them wide. He pushed his square cockhead in at the gate which had gradually been widened by the plugs and dildo, and he slipped in. Spaulding gasped as the live cock began to worm its way into him. He shuddered and whimpered at the missile as it passed his sphincter, and then felt the warmth and the width of the prick that was penetrating him. He tried pushing back, grunting, and the sergeant’s tool forced its way yet further into his virgin passage, until gradually all eight inches were home.

Billy sighed with relief, and slowly began to move up and down, exploring the unknown territory and coating it with grease and juices. Tom quivered beneath him, breathing noisily, and sweating profusely, but the gradual and careful movements of the giant invader were becoming almost pleasurable, and his ass muscles tightened almost involuntarily. Bright took his cue and began to rampage more vigorously. His excitement grew with the challenge of tenderly raping his officer, and a man he was growing to love, especially after his own more violent fucking. Tom began to move his body on the chest, although his arms were still gripped painfully. He felt fully mounted and possessed by the man he cared for, and thrust back and grunted at the movements in his chute. The pair of them began to groan and gurgle with pleasure; the lieutenant started to hump the big prick which filled him so completely and excitingly. He had not known man-sex could be like this, demanding and yet fulfilling.

“I’m coming, Tom. I’m going to take your cherry, my lieutenant. I’m going to baptize you with my man-seed, fill you to capacity – and now here it comes.”

The big sergeant gripped his young officer firmly, grabbing at his excited twitching cock, massaging his balls and they roared their desire as they exploded together. They lay there on top of one another, tingling and exhausted, pleasured yet embarrassed. Finally Bright pulled gently out, patted the lieutenant’s red cheeks, and was allowed to stand up – his arms still roped in front of him.

Tom still lay there, arms pulled tight over the chest, and cum beginning to seep from his newly awakened hole. Red Feather grunted and scratched his cock until it returned to its former erect and enthusiastic state. Then he reached down to quirt Tom’s abused ass three or four times, pulled apart his cheeks and surged straight up the chute. Spaulding gasped and yelled as the new pole pierced him, its passage smoothed by the sergeant’s cum. But this was no gentle invasion, but a master fucking a slave – cock straight in to its root, checking a passage that could barely accommodate it.

He felt he was being torn apart, but the violence also excited him, as one hand of the chief grabbed his hair and pulled his head up, while the other ground into his dick and balls and forced them back into arousal. The brute force of Red Feather’s prick ground up and down his newly stretched and cum-lubed passageway, exploring deeper and further than the sergeant had done. The chief pulled out as far as his dick-head, then slammed back in, building a strong rhythm. Tom grunted with each stroke, then began to ride the massive tool, tossing and humping in return. The panting lust of the chief passed to the gasping lieutenant, who felt on fire from the rough treatment. For fifteen minutes, Red Feather drove in and out of his victim, spraying his sweat and howling his challenge; then, gathering himself and pulling his victim fully onto himself, he let loose his cum into the burning hole, and forced the boy to spray his seed across his chest a second time.

The chief seemed pleased as he withdrew, came round to Spaulding’s head and shoved his cock covered with cum and ass juices at Tom’s mouth. The lieutenant groaned, but was too exhausted and humiliated to protest. He opened up and began to tongue the seemingly endless prick. It was his first time as a cocksucker, and he gagged as the penis forced its way back to his throat, but the chief seemed quickly satisfied. His dick grew flaccid, but he used his quirt to keep Spaulding’s ass cheeks well reddened, forced a large leather plug into the pulsating hole, and then spoke rapidly in Spanish to Bright. Then their hands were roughly tied together and the rawhide was stretched round their booted ankles in a hogtie, and the Indians left them alone.

The sergeant sighed, “If I understood that bastard properly – in the morning we’re to be cleansed and purified inside and out for a public ceremony – some kind of torture and public fucking later in the day before the whole village. At the end of that, we become his slaves or fucking stud-squaws – the trophies of the chief.

“I’m sorry I had to take you like that, Tom, but there was no way out. One way or another he was going to have us both. I don’t see any blood oozing out of your ass around the plug, so I’m hoping you’re just sore and overly stretched.”

“That’s alright, Billy, I’m grateful that you took my cherry slowly and gently. Actually, I began to enjoy myself in some strange way, so I’m getting perverted too. But you’re right about the chief. He’s a real bastard. When he fucks a man, there’s no kindness or mercy shown.. Yes, I am really sore, and this plug may keep me open for him, but it also keeps me well aware of the pain and pleasure and of my anus and muscle.”

“You must remember that’s the Apache way – don’t show kindness to an enemy. He means to break us one way or another. Well, that’s enough of that. Let’s try to get some sleep. Here, roll over against me. It’ll keep us warm, and our cocks are too tired to think about anything more tonight.”

To be continued

Copyright © 2021 by Alex Ironrod, All rights reserved. Posted here with permission of the author.

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