Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 01

By Justin I

Justin I male bdsm storiesFirst day of June. I woke up to the smell of eggs, protein waffles, and coffee. I was greeted with a pleasant scent in the air but my eyes were blessed with a beautiful man. Carrying two mugs to the table was a 22-year-old, 6’2, honey blond hair all over, lean beef white boy with tan flawless skin. I dressed him in nothing except a tight, very revealing pair of bright white compressions trunk length. Along with a thin silver chain around his neck with my dime sized medallion revealing a “β” for beta. I am the Alpha.

Four years since I, Fred, met Sam, three since taking full command. Just a stranger and boy back then, now a young man and powerful. A bodybuilding masterpiece sculpted for my pleasure.

Sitting down at the table Sam was to not speak unless given approval, whether that be permission or because of the chip in his head. This was how all of his actions remained. To do nothing unless ordered via verbal or digital command. More on that to come.

F: Good morning sub. Thank you for breakfast.

S: You’re welcome Sir. May I sit with you?

F: You may, but first you will kiss me.

Sam walked closer by my side, leaned down and kissed master. An exceptional kiss after years of practice, but short with hot food on the table. I reached under and caressed his pressed cock, feeling it grow as I stroked.

F: Sit now.

S: Thank you!

Sitting together they enjoyed their breakfast in silence. Today was Monday. Boy will maintain the pool with chemicals and cleaning. Once that is completed will come inside to dress in five-inch inseam shorts, no-show socks, and sneakers. Going back outside with a water bottle full of pre-workout and a rice Krispy treat. He will complete a rigorous chest and triceps workout. Lunch prepared by my boy. Then after cleaning up, will shower and change back into uniform white or black compressions and complete his hours of education and slave training. Meanwhile, I will work from home, with my office having a large window to the outside, a view of my sweaty and Greek god-like property at work.

Six o’clock came, leaving my home office, and we again enjoyed a delicious meal. Following this cleanup Sam moved to the basement waiting for me to come down.

In my disguised and soundproof basement was Sam’s bedroom inescapable cell on one side with a bed, sink and toilet. I had developed the other side into a malicious dungeon. For my enjoyment and the suffering of Sam.

Undressing into more comfortable clothing, I joined him downstairs. Standing at attention I led him over to my Lucifer chair. Binding him in place I strapped him around his left bicep and wrist, left ankle calf and thigh repeating on his right. Stepping between his legs with our crotches meeting I placed both hands on his chest.

F: Your chest feels very swollen today. Did you have a good workout, sub?

S: I did master.

F: Good sub, I can feel the work from today paying off. You feel massive in my hands.

Manhandling and squeezing his pecs in my hands I knew he was sore. I gripped both pectorals pulling them upward as I squeezed. I could see the tension and pain on his face. A feeling he has experienced many times.

Walking over I wheeled over a stand with two machines I designed on it. First was a heart rate monitor computer. Placing an electrode on each side of his chest I squeezed his nipples causing him to wince. Reaching over again I grabbed a face mask connected to a breathing apparatus. I wrapped the mask over his head leaving a wide and vincible window for me to watch his eyes. Then I turned them on. The machine connected to his mask would control his breathing; I being the Master of his air. I connect the heart rate monitor to the breath machine, if his heart rate should reach a dangerous pulse or stop entirely the machine will trigger a rush of fresh air.

I started with air on for 20 seconds off for 40 seconds. Again I was between his powerful legs, with a hand on either side of his thighs. The machine began. Sam was an aerobic and fit guy thanks to all of our training, but he was human with limits. He breathed as deep as possible while he could, then held as his air restricted, With no sound from the machine I stood staring down into his eyes. With no emotion I watched as his eyes bulged from the pressure of the mask and his struggle to breathe. I moved my hands from his legs tracing along his body which caused him to squirm. Sam was ticklish. Landing my hands upon his chest, using one hand I upped the time to hold his breath to one minute. As he struggled over and repeatedly my hands worked his pecs like fresh dough. Squeezing and pressing caused my sub to moan. Moaning and grunting into the mask fighting for air.

Then I upped the time to hold his breath to two minutes. Placing my hands around him onto his arms I began to squeeze and dig my fingers into his triceps. This too caused him to exclaim his frustrations, yet holding in his breath as much as possible. Finally, the machine triggered, and he was allowed to breathe before Sam’s two minutes were complete. Removing the face mask and electrodes I stepped over to comfort my boy. Sam had spent an hour with almost no breath.

F: You did very well today. I was hoping to last longer but with the new stimulus of applying pressure your will is strong. How are you?

S: That was painful Sir. Thank you for strengthening me.

F: Gratitude is required sub, tell me about the pain, the struggles.

Sam took a deep breath.

S: My lungs were on fire Master. I thought this might be the day you turn off the safety, the last day I take a breath. When I could breathe my chest and triceps were howling with pain. I would have begged you to stop if I allowed.

F: You are correct in not showing weakness. These last few years are proof enough that begging for mercy means that I need to strengthen you. Come time to torture your balls I wonder if your conviction will be the same.

I walked over to a table picking up a bottle of lotion. A special blend that would warm up the skin and relieve tension in the muscles with heat, at least in feeling. Walking back I poured the lotion all over his muscles. It gave them a shine. Rubbing and pressing I wanted to relax him before the next torment. Each night would only have two punishments when allowed to orgasm.

F: I am disappointed you believe I would allow you to perish. After all of our time together and the forced training you endured, you have too much investment to perish. That is the reason in your code that should you physically try to attack me or leave the property, a signal would cause you to black out and freeze in place. Do you understand?

S: Yes Sir.

F: I want you to ask me to hurt you?

With hesitancy in his voice, Sam swallowed. I watched as his Adam’s apple moved with the action. His fists clenched and eyes widened.

S: Would you hurt me master?

F: Say please.

I leaned in until inches from his face, helpless from stopping me.

S: Please hurt me Sir?

F: Very good boy. I will hurt you, thank you for asking. I would never want to do anything that you don’t ask.

Speaking with a more sinister tone. Knowing full well that disobedience was absolute. There was no room for rebellion. The chip in his head had means for that to be assured. I walked away again, placing the bottle on the table.

F: How should I hurt you now? I wonder. Having a full menu at my disposal is like choosing a movie to watch. Spending more time deciding than actually making a choice.

I left the basement and went upstairs to have a soda. Sitting on the front porch watching the sunset, I turned on the heater for the dungeon using my phone. I wanted it to be as hot as possible. When I returned inside, I grabbed a small cooler and placed 22 pieces of ice inside and proceeded downstairs. Taking the steps down I could feel the heat rising. Turning the corner I was pleased to see a puddle of sweat beneath an exhausted and droopy eyed muscle sub.

I brought over a flat surfaced cart putting the bowl down, grabbing a leather glove for my right hand. Walking over to the wall I grabbed a blindfold, stepping behind him I placed the eye cover and secured it in the back with a buckle. Moving again to the front, I placed a hand on his inner thigh. Sam developed some goosebumps just from my touch. Opening his mouth to speak, he stopped himself.

F: Sub, do you have something you wish to say? Express yourself.

S: Your hands are cold Sir. It tingles.

F: My hands are not the only thing that are cold.

With that I used my left hand to rub the inside of his legs, with no pain but to simply heat the area with friction I took a piece of ice from the bowl and touched Sam’s flesh. Sam clenched and physically tried to turn away from the cold. No choice in his bound condition.

F: We are going to continue this process until all 22 pieces of ice have melted. One ice cube for each year of your life.

I continued rubbing the ice in only one spot until it had melted. Grabbing another I chose his foot this time. Sam was extremely ticklish and giggled, turning into a full throaty laugh while I continued rubbing his feet with hand and ice. Again and again I repeated this process over his body until 21 bright red but cold to the touch spots remained as evidence. The last piece of ice for his cock and balls. This got the strongest reaction, attempting to arch his back Sam took deep breaths to relax.

Releasing him from his restraints I stood him up slowly. Placing my hands on his shoulders.

F: You are my suitable subject. My good boy. You know I have to hurt you because you deserve it? You earned these punishments for accepting your poor condition that first year we spent time together as friends. Failing grades, gaining weight and slacking on your responsibilities. I made you perfect.

S: Yes Master. You helped make me perfect. Thank you for taking me over. I need you.

In the beginning there was a hint of resentment and disdain when forced to thank me, but with enough time he knows his place.

Leading him upstairs I commanded him to use the restroom then meet me in the living room. He obeyed, taking his time, I’m sure inspecting his body for damage. Particularly the red spots around his eyes from the popped capillaries from forced breath holding. Besides warming up his dick and testicles. He returned, and I sat him on the floor in front of me.

F: Take my socks and shoes off. Slowly.

S: Yes Sir.

Then with slow and tender care. His powerful hands untied my right shoe, removing it to place aside and then removing the sock, again with my left foot. Pulling a bottle of lotion, a sweet smelling and soothing effect kind, placing it on the ground at my feet.

F: Rub my feet. Massaging until I say stop. This will be your forearm workout while increasing your grip. Do not hold back, but do not hurt me.

S: Yes Master.

Turning the tv on I began watching one of my favorite shows, while the sound of the squirt bottle and the massage began. Sam had gotten very good at massaging my body. A massage program from the local academy was part of his forced servant training. His muscular hands rubbed my ankles, fingers running between my toes and his thumbs pressing into the soles of my feet. This proceeded for two 45 minute episodes, with only a single break for Sam to retrieve me my drink. His hands were evidently getting weaker and I could see the strain on his face and in the veins on his arms.

F: You may stop. Go to the kitchen and get yourself some beef jerky from the cabinet, and a protein shake from the fridge.

With no hesitation Sam let go. Relieved. He has trained and eaten to become a very strong and muscular boy, not the skinny kind muscle but not too puffy either. However much strength Sam possessed I could force him to proceed until he was exhausted. I ordered him to grab some beef jerky and a protein shake. Which he ate with enthusiasm.

Finishing up the night. I walked Sam down into the basement once more for the day. Having him step into the cage. The cell door was a digital lock with a code facing outward. The cell would not open until the morning when the timer would unlock the door automatically, at which point Sam was required to come upstairs preparing breakfast for the both of us.

Coming back upstairs I prepared myself for bed. Turning the tv on in my room, I watched as the hidden camera in the cell revealed a frustrated and angry Sam. Lying in his bed muttering to himself about his situation.

Sam had become the ultimate slave. Using the chip placed in his head. I forced Sam to develop a mastery with bodybuilding, cleaning, cooking, massaging, pool responsibilities, home maintenance, and auto repair. The day I inserted extra guide wire into Sam’s neural pathway which controlled the body’s recognition of pain, was the day I could demand anything I wanted. Leaving Sam with only one choice, obedience. Putty in my hands.

Watching as my boy passed out from exhaustion, the camera was high quality and allowed me a perfect view of his body. His chest rises and falls with each sleeping breath. With that I powered down the tv, as I tucked myself into bed myself. With sweet dreams of living my dream.

How did we arrive in this situation?

For that explanation, we’ll need to go back four years in time, before when Sam was the neighbor down the street.


At age 25, I was on top of the world. Just having finished University, in both the field of neuroscience and robots. Starting my career. Buying my first home, while meager with only two bedrooms. It was enough for me alone, especially with the pool in the back for fitness and celebration.

There was one caveat. There was no one with me. I was not out, if I qualified. I enjoyed men and their physique. However, I was not interested in sex as much as I wanted to control, dominate and befriend a friend with benefits. As a result, I wasn’t out of the closet, if I even qualified.

As I was unpacking into my new house, I noticed my neighbor down the way. Sam. He was a blond fellow, more dirty than platinum. 6’2. 18 years old having graduation signs himself but from high school. He was also the association gardener, a job that I enjoyed as it toned him with an athletic build. Wearing mid-thigh shorts, an open-sided tank and vans with no socks. Looking over and seeing my small moving truck he made his way over.

S: Hello Mr. B. Looks like you could use a hand?

I was in awe, up close and personal; he was an astonishing specimen. Hotter than his Instagram posts and TikTok videos.

F: Sam, how many times have I told you to call me Fred, or Freddy? Yes, if you have the time I would appreciate your help.

S: Sorry Mr- I mean Freddy. Sure thing, with both of us this will go faster and get us out of this heat quicker.

Sam reached into the truck, grabbing one box labeled books. His muscles strained and I could see his arms flexing. I could see the side of his pec and his obliques through the gap in his shirt. I paused for too long to stare but got away as only one person could grab an item at a time.

F: Thanks man! It’s scorching out here! Can you believe it’s this hot at the beginning of the summer? I hate to imagine the temps coming in August.

I reached in, grabbing a box of my own and following him. Mine were books as well and carried with slight difficulty as well. I was 5 ’10, short brown hair, Caucasian with a muscular build. I was bigger muscular wise than Sam but not by much.

F: Just into the garage for now, on the left. I will sort this out when it’s cooler tonight.

Following behind him I noticed his wide back, with his lats and shoulders popping out of the shirt ever so nicely. We set the boxes down and continued carrying boxes and furniture from the truck to the first bay of the two-car garage. At the end we were both dripping in sweat. He was soaked especially on the top portion of his shirt and lower back. His light gray shirt stuck to him and gave a vague outline of the muscles underneath. Big but not as big as my fantasies of a weightlifter. Reaching into the fridge I grabbed two water bottles.

F: Here you go. (Handing him the water bottle) It sure is hot but I appreciate your help.

Reaching for the bottle and chugging some immediately. I witnessed as water escaped down the side of his mouth, past his chin and onto his chest. It turned me on but kept myself hidden. Pulling the bottle away from his lips with a heavy breath.

S: That was so good! Thank you! I’m burning up and dripping sweat everywhere. I’m sorry.

F: You and me both! Don’t worry about it. I will not worry about cleaning until I’ve unpacked most of my things and put them away. If they maintained the pool, I would offer to cool down in the water.

S: You have a pool? If you need it maintained I could help. I’m attending school this fall and looking for opportunities for cash. I could come by once or twice a week just to make sure it’s clean and functioning.

F: I was thinking of working on the pool myself but I know nothing about being a pool guy. If you can keep it up and running, then you got the job.

My mind wandered at the fantasy of Sam being my pool boy. The kind that worked in nothing but a swimsuit, trunk to mid-thigh hugging the legs. I quickly snapped out of my daydream when Sam spoke.

S: Then it’s a deal. I can start next week throwing your pool into my schedule. I really appreciate this Freddy. Even though I am going to college here in town, tuition and everything is super expensive.

F: So you are staying in the neighborhood? That’s a smart move to save some cash and live at home while you can, if your folks have the room, anyway.

Encouraging my local fantasy to stay close was a simple situation. I agreed with his choices, but to be stuck with no one close to admire would be awful. So anything to make staying if he could better, then great.

F: Working on the lawn and bush is your job already through the association. If you are looking for cash, I will keep an eye out for any jobs. If interested, I also like to keep a clean car. I could also pay you to clean my car once a week or when it’s especially filthy?

S: You are making my day bro! I am glad you moved in so close. I could keep your car clean for you, I don’t have any car stuff but I can get some.

F: Then we’ve got another deal. Don’t worry about getting the car cleaning stuff. I’ll swing by the store later this week and pick up a basic car cleaning kit and a vacuum. I need to get them anyway so don’t worry.

S: Your car will be spotless and the pool crystal clear my dude! (Checking the time.) I have to get back; I have a few more yards and then chill for the night. I will swing by later to figure out a schedule.

F: Sounds good to me. Get back and here, (opening the fridge again) have a Monster and a protein shake. Whichever you need first I don’t know, but I’ve got plenty.

I passed them to Sam, replying with gratitude he headed out the garage and back towards his home. I was exhausted and collapsed on the floor, enjoying the cool hard floors. Looking up at the ceiling my mind spun, bouncing between getting everything set up and my new employee. Imagining him in the most revealing ways. Cleaning the pool in his trunks. Washing the car in just a pair of shorts, muscles glistening from water that bounced back at him. It was a good daydream.

Three days later Sitting on the couch in my now established living room, the doorbell rang. Checking the doorbell cam I saw it was Sam, and it looked like he was holding something. I got up and opened the door.

F: Hi Sam, how are you?

S: Great Freddy. I was hoping now might be a good time to figure out a schedule? I would have called or texted but I don’t have your number.

F: No worries Sam. Come on in.

I stepped to the side and waved him inside. Stepping in, Sam walked in towards the kitchen but turned after a few steps.

S: These are cookies I baked for you, chocolate chips. A welcome to the neighborhood and thanks for giving me some jobs to earn some cash.

Handing the cookies to me I unwrapped the saran wrap to reveal almost two dozen chunky chocolate chip cookies. They looked and smelled amazing.

F: No problem, man. These look delicious! Too many for me so let’s get some milk and share some of these cookies while figuring things out.

We walked over to the table, sitting down next to the double glass doors that showed most of the backyard including the pool. We sat and talked for a long time. The cookies disappeared one by one. After a while, we came to some conclusions.

F: So to confirm. You’ll swing by every Monday around noon to service the pool. If you give me a list, I can get the pool chemicals and servicing tools online. Otherwise I could give you my card to purchase what you need from the pool store. Thursdays you’ll stop by in the midafternoon to wash my car. Those essentials are here and are sitting in the garage.

S: Sounds right. I would feel weird using your card myself, but the prices at the local pool store are cheaper for bulk amounts.

F: Don’t stress about it. I’m always looking for a deal, and supporting a small business is always a bonus. If you are free right now and willing, we could drive there right now and pick up the supplies? Plus, these cookies are sweet but I could use a bit of savory. We could hit up a burger place or something after? That sounds good to you.

S: I’m free right now. The pool place is only 15 minutes away, if that’s an issue?

We got in the car to the pool store. It was a pricey trip but I will make good money in the fall, and if I want a functioning pool, this is the cost. Loading everything into the car, we drove over for some cheeseburgers, fries and I splurged for both of us to get shakes. We sat and talked for a long time about his sports, life, and goals. Driving back we enjoyed the same upbeat and fast pace music. Pulling into the driveway we got out and parted ways.

Weeks went by and my daydreams started becoming reality. I was working from home most days, especially Mondays and Thursdays. Cleaning the pool, he did a good job. I would swim laps first thing in the morning. He did the same good job with the car. My hopes slightly changed as he still wore tank tops and cutoffs while working. It was enjoyable, but I was hoping for more action.

Summer passed quickly, and we adjusted the schedule so Sam could attend school.

One day when Sam came over to clean the pool he looked more bleak than usual. I grabbed a protein shake from the fridge and headed outside.

F: Hey Sam, you don’t look chipper or upbeat as usual. What’s going on?

Handing him the drink he lifted the bottom of his shirt to wipe sweat from his face. Revealing his stomach for a second which didn’t have his normal chiseled abs. Still lean but not ripped.

S: Thank you! I have been pretty down. School has been tougher than I thought. I haven’t been able to hit the gym as often. I spend a lot of time alone, even when I’m surrounded by classmates.

F: I am sorry to hear that. School is hard, but I got through it with some tutoring. The “Freshman 15” is real but you still have a good build. You’re not alone, you ever need a friend or ear to hear come on over.

S: That makes me feel better. Thanks! I can’t tell you man how much these jobs have helped. You are a good neighbor boss to have. (I laughed).

F: Neighbor boss makes me feel like I am in the mafia.

We both laughed this time and seeing his smile I could tell distraction from the stress was good for him.

F: You look finished today, but I wanted to let you know anytime you want to swim, go for it. Text me first to let me know you aren’t some crazy person who just jumped in. But anytime you want, it’s just me with this great enormous pool so might as well share.

S: I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time but thought that might be inappropriate. Thank you Freddy!

F: Sam! You can be honest with me. I’m a pretty chill guy and I would have let you from the start. Hell! If you even want to avoid getting a farmer’s tan then swim and work without your shirt on.

I paused in anticipation of his response. I wanted that shirtless pool boy fantasy but didn’t want to scare him or reveal my interest in him. Sam, looking at me from the conversation, turned without hesitation towards his arms. Sam laughed.

S: See me when I take this shirt off later. My head, arms and legs are tan like the beach movies but I am paper everywhere else. I might take you up on that offer.

I was relieved. My playing it off as a joke paid off. I was also excited I would start getting more of a show while he worked up a sweat. Wanting him to keep that in mind but change the subject.

F: Yeah I bet it’s pretty bad. I’ve got some spray sunscreen in a box by the house whenever you feel like it. Now that’s solved, what’s the hardest part about school? Anything I can help there?

S: School? Um. I guess the hardest part would be paying attention and tests. I just get bored in some classes and zone out easily. Then for tests and quizzes I usually get C’s. I do the reading and the homework, just go blank when I need it.

Sam stopped as his phone went off. An alarm sounded more than a ringtone.

S: I have to go. I am all finished here. Thank you for the drink and conversation.

F: No problem. I get the bulk drink packs so whenever you want while working, I’ve got energy drinks, protein shakes, and various juice mixes. Next time help yourself.

With that, I bid him farewell and headed back inside.

As time went on, I was working on a project to help addicts rid themselves of their addiction. A chip, a universal method, applied at the top of the spine with a guide wire into the cerebrum accessing sensation. It was a success in our subjects and had helped relieve them of their addiction and improved their lives. The chip could safely stay indefinitely; we remove the chip at the end of the trial. Subjects having less than 5% chance of returning to their addiction.

One day I was reviewing the results of the trial and found that some guys in the trial looked vastly different from the beginning. While before they looked sickly and skinny or overweight and heavy, now they looked like they had been healthy their whole lives. The skinny grew muscles that didn’t make them big but human. While the larger guys with eating addictions now had smaller guts with large legs, chest and arms. This gave me an idea.

Sam had been coming over and was gradually losing his figure. Still looking good, but looking skinnier in his arms and legs due to lack of exercise. It distracted him with school, video games, porn I am sure, and his jobs. I gave him protein shakes to help but it wasn’t enough.

One day I texted Sam to come over. He arrived, and I let him in, we both sat on the couch as he was comfortable in my home now.

F: How are you doing Sam?

S: I’m pretty good, could be better. School and work are draining and I don’t have any time to myself anymore.

F: That’s rough buddy. However, I think I have an unconventional solution if you are interested. It would also help with some cash for spring break, pays pretty well and into the thousands.

S: Unconventional and will solve all my problems? Sounds like a scam.

F: No scam. The lab I work for has been using a mind modification chip to help people with addiction. It works and has zero side effects, besides some headaches the first day or two but after that, nothing. I am thinking you could be perfect for the next phase of the trial. Testing to see if the modifier can amplify good habits and focus rather than simply suppressing habitual desires. I would check you in person every week. Texted every day. Make about $8000 and the chip would be unnoticeable under the skin so no one asking a million questions.

Sam sat there thinking about all of this and asked some follow-up questions of his own. We went back and forth while I also pulled out my computer to reveal some results of the trial. People coming out of it looking healthier than ever. In the end Sam agreed.

F: I think this will be fantastic for you. It will help with school, work, and physical wellbeing. Only concern is that this remains confidential. Our subjects, those married or in a relationship, must maintain discretion from sharing with their partner. Is this something you think you could do without sharing with anyone?

S: I don’t know. The confidentiality is no issue, I don’t spend time with anybody closeby. Besides you. Can I think about it and text you later?

F: Sure thing, and here (handing him a flash drive) here is all the data with before and after results. Proving this as a working and guaranteed solution.

Sam grabbed the flash drive and stood up, needing to leave as this was a last-minute hangout at my house. The next few hours I was terrified. It scared me this was way too much and that I could lose him forever. Potentially having a mob outside my house to burn me at the stake. Then my phone chimed. Message reading, “I’m in :)” I was thrilled and jumping for joy. What Sam didn’t know was that I had some other plans with the chip, to potentially form him into the perfect guy for me.

A week went by, Sam came to my house, I drove both of us to my lab while everyone was out for the procedure. We arrived, no cameras so no trace. Inside after entering the procedure area I asked him to remove his shirt. He obeyed. He was athletic with just the hint of a paunch at the bottom of his abs. Overall skinny but still one of the best looking guys in my life. I placed some sensors on his chest and leaned him forward on a chest supported chair.

S: Your hands are like ice, Freddy.

F: I know, they keep the lab colder and my hands rarely warm up much. How are you feeling?

S: Nervous but excited for the end results and some pay. With the money I was thinking of getting a car, nothing fancy but something to get around.

F: Good. You won’t feel a thing and will stay awake the whole time.

Sam relaxed. I walked around and applied the sedative to numb the area. Preparing to start with a scalpel, chip and guide wires.

F: I am about to begin but I need you constantly talking. Talk about anything you like that will allow a constant flow of conversation.

S: Got it. Is it cool if I vent? I’ve got a lot to complain about but nothing I can do about other than get the words out of my head and de-stress.

F: Sure thing! Just make sure that you keep talking. If you stop, I will think something is wrong. We have tested almost 200 people and nothing has happened but I want to be careful.

Sam looked like he would sweat if it wasn’t so cold.

S: No problem.

Sam began. Complaining about some neighbors that thought he wasn’t doing his best with their yards, some homeowners in the association that got a bit too handsy when he was working, professors just printing packets instead of teaching, classmates unimpressed he wasn’t willing to join an expensive frat….on he went.

I placed the chip and waited until the little light showed green. I guided the four wires into the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and finally the cerebellum. Before closing up I ensure the chip, connected to satellite, is established with a program on my phone and computer. Cleared, I closed up. It took Sam a few moments to rise.

S: This feels great, my head hurts slightly but everything seems clearer.

I suppressed a chuckle since the program had not begun and would start during his first nights’ rest while sleeping. I let him have this moment.

F: Well then I better up my game if we ever play chess, tennis or any other competitive game.

We both laughed and walked out. No one saw us. Driving to the closest food place and getting tacos. Driving home I explained to check in with me if anything felt off. I could take it out at my house in a genuine emergency, but nothing should happen. He was content and continued to spout off random exclamations of his now genius brain. I dropped him off at the end of the driveway and told him to head straight upstairs so no one would see the bandage. He got out and was gone.

Getting to my house my heart was racing. The secret I was keeping was that I had other plans than to just improve Sam’s life. I would improve his life and tailor him perfectly to my preferences. I got to work coding. First, I made a program to affect his memory. Nothing long term, was too unstable and dangerous but I could clear the last 24 hours, forgetting about the chip installed allowing me to operate without limitations. Then I got to work on two other functions for now. His memory would expand into the 2 terabytes of data storage the chip contained, only remembering school and essential information for testing, homework and intelligent performance. In addition, anything pertaining to my interests and hobbies. Especially with perfect images of my body with facial recognition. The next was physical, I coded a program combining desire and fatigue to ensure it would compel him to hit the gym and perform his best. Exercising without interfering with school, his jobs or bodily function desires. I submitted the program, made sure I delivered it and began installation, going to bed.

End of Part 1

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Metal would like to thank Justin I for this story and welcome him to the Prison Library!


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