Summer at the Ranch – Part 4

By Rubrpig

John and Steve returned to the ranch late after getting rid of the Sheriff’s SUV and walked over to John’s house. The men walked in and sat down in the kitchen. John grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and sat down after handing Steve one of the beers. The men began to discuss what they were going to have to do to train the new gelding and to protect the ranch and the herd from the Sheriff once he was aware of his deputy’s disappearance. They both knew that the ranch would be targeted and that it was possible that the herd and its newest horse would be discovered

The men finished their beers and John smiled at Steve and both men got up and headed to the bedroom. They had been lovers for a few years even though both of them were hard core leather tops, they still managed to make things work for them. They walked into the bedroom and both began to strip quickly and soon John has Steve on his back and he was pushing his cock hard into his ass. Fucking him hard he reached down and grabbed Steve’s nipples and twisted them hard causing Steve to groan loudly from the pain. This just drove John to fuck him harder. Finally, he blew his load deep in Steve’s ass and slowly pulled out. John collapsed on top of Steve and the 2 men rolled over and fell asleep.

The next morning, they walked into the stable and over to the new gelding’s stall. They looked in and saw the gelding was curled up in a fetal ball in the bedding straw. They walked in and John nudged the gelding with the toe of his boot. The gelding looked up at the 2 cowboys standing over him and he struggled to scream and beg for them to release him. The heavy steel bit tightly strapped in his mouth prevented him from speaking so all the men heard was a series of gurgles and moans which just made them smile as they knew that the gelding was screaming and frustrated. They knelt by the gelding, their chaps creaking, the spurs jingled softly.

They checked the gelding’s harness to make sure it was snugged on tight and then ordered it to stand up on its rear hooves. The gelding struggled to stand but it was soon standing upright and swaying on its rear hooves. They hooked a lead to its bridle and led it over to the stall that housed Cimarron and pointed out how Cimarron ate and drank from its trough and then it was lead back to its stall where water and ground up vegetables were put in its troughs. The cowboys forced its head into the trough and told it to eat and drink as it would need its strength as it was going to be worked hard learning how to be a working horse.

The gelding struggled but finally managed to get used to drinking and eating with its bit in its mouth and finished its feed and water. The cowboys cleaned it up and then they led it out of the stable and into the yard. Waiting in the yard was the blacksmith to fit it with its shoes and measure it for its chastity device to turn it into the gelding it was going to be. Soon the gelding was shoed and the blacksmith took off after telling John that the device would be ready the next day and he would be over to fit it on the gelding and rivet it closed. This startled the gelding as it realized that everything that these men had told it was going to happen to it. It looked down at its hooves and saw that it was now fitted with steel horseshoes and it knew that it was in a lot of trouble.

It just had to hold out till the Sheriff figured out where it was and staged a rescue mission. It thought about being rescued and found as a horse with a steel cage riveted on its groin which prevented anyone from touching its cock and balls. It hung its head knowing how embarrassed it was going to be when it was found and rescued. However, that was preferable to becoming a horse and living out its life in a stable working and living that way.

John realized that the gelding could not remain in the stable as the Sheriff would soon realize that his deputy had disappeared while investigating the ranch and the men on it. He called Steven and the ranch hands together for a meeting to discuss what was best to prevent the herd of horses from being discovered. The men were concerned especially once they learned about the origin of the new gelding. Finally, they came up with what they thought would be a workable solution. The remote ranch buildings where the horses had been stabled during the initial searches was not going to be safe as the Sheriff’s Department would be conducting an air search for the missing deputy and the buildings would be noted and once the search warrants were served on John, those buildings would be included.

The plan they decided on was to truck the entire herd including the new gelding to the breeder’s ranch about 8 hours away. The breeder was the one that sold John the mares so they knew he could be trusted to provide for the special needs of the herd. John contacted the breeder and discussed the situation and the breeder agreed to stable the herd and to begin the training of the new gelding. The breeder told John that his truck and trailer would leave shortly and would be at the ranch by early morning to pick up the herd. John agreed and contacted the blacksmith and told him that the horses were being shipped out in the morning so the gelding needed to be fixed asap. The blacksmith told John that he would be there that night and geld the new horse.

The men went back to work and they all kept a wary eye out for anything out of the ordinary. That evening the blacksmith arrived so John and Steve took him into the stable and walked the gelding out of its stall and tied it off to the post. The blacksmith got everything ready and walked up to the gelding and grabbed its cock and balls and fitted them into the back plate, and then fitted the cover over and then began to rivet the two pieces together. Once that was done, the steel cage was riveted to the leather harness the gelding wore which would keep it in place and pointing downwards so that the piss could drain out of the hole in the cage. The entire time this was being done, the gelding stood swaying and whimpering trying to beg to get them to stop.

The blacksmith finished with the gelding and it was untied and returned to its stall where it tried to grip the cage with its front hooves but all that did was make it even more frustrated. John and Steven along with the blacksmith left the stable and turned off the lights.

Early the next morning, John and Steven were woken up by the sounds of a heavy tractor trailer rig pulling into the yard. They got up and quickly dressed and pulled on their boots. Walking out, they found the driver and a ranch hand from the breeders ranch waiting for them. They showed John the paperwork for the transfer of the herd for boarding and training purposes and John signed the agreement. They walked over to the stable and opened the door, turned on the lights and that woke up the herd who scrambled to their hooves and were all looking out of their stalls wondering what was going on. They quickly fed, watered and let the horses empty their bowels and bladders and once they were all cleaned up they were led to the trailer and loaded.

The last horse to be loaded was the new gelding. It was approached by Steven who grabbed it by the bridle while John unstrapped its tail plug and pulled it out of its hole. Telling the gelding to empty itself out or wait for the next day, it spread its rear legs and finally emptied itself and its bladder. John wash and cleaned the gelding and put back its tail and strapped it in place. The gelding whimpered the entire time as it embarrassed by having to do this and have someone clean it up and the worst part was having its tail put back it. The heavy plug stretched its hole and it was so sore from it that it hurt to walk with the plug in. Finally it was led out of the stable and walked up the ramp of the trailer. Inside it was moved into a small tight stall that would prevent it from moving around and falling over while the truck and trailer were moving.

It began to panic and try to kick out with its rear hooves, however the cowboys handling it were very experienced with handling unbroken horses so they quickly used short riding whips and it was soon welted and red from where the whips had landed on its body. It was whimpering and knew the pain it was now feeling would only get worse as it now knew it was going to be broken and turned into a horse whether it wanted it or not. It was finally secured in its stall in the trailer and the ramp was closed. After a few minutes, the rig started and moved off. John and the rest of the hands stood watching as the rig pulled out of the ranch yard and headed for the highway.

They turned and began to remove all traces of the herd from the stable and by the evening they had succeeded in cleaning it and moving their real horses into it. John and Steven walked through all the buildings and did a final check and found nothing that indicated that the herd of horses had been there and nothing to indicate that the gelding had been there prior to its capture.

John and Steven headed back to their houses and crashed. Both men along with the hands had spent the day working hard so they were all exhausted. Just as he was getting into bed, the breeder called to let him know that the herd had arrived safely and had been stabled and bedded down for the night. The gelding was now scheduled to start its training in the morning and that regular updates would come. John thanked him and hung up.

Just before dawn, John was woken up by the sounds of vehicles entering the ranch yard. He got out of bed and went to the window and saw that there were 4 Sheriffs vehicles in the yard with their lights flashing and at least 10 men getting out of the vehicles. John pulled on jeans, a t-shirt and boots and walked downstairs and was heading for the front door as they started pounding on the door. John opened the door and was shoved back hard by 2 deputies in swat gear and quickly cuffed and forced to his knees. The sheriff walked in and tossed a search warrant on the floor and told John that they were here to search the entire ranch for any evidence of his missing deputy sheriff. John looked up at the sheriff and asked him what he was talking about as he had not seen a deputy sheriff on the ranch since they were there several months earlier searching for any evidence about Rick his former ranch hand and friend who disappeared.

The sheriff laughed at that and told John that a deputy sheriff had been monitoring the ranch and that several nights ago, he had disappeared. John looked at the sheriff and told him that he had not seen any deputy. One the deputies holding him on his knees knelt and slammed a heavy lead weighted gloved hand into his right side. John grunted and slumped down from the heavy blow and again repeated that he had not seen any deputy.

The two deputies pulled John to his feet and dragged him from the house. Outside John saw that the deputies had taken Steven and the ranch hands into custody as well as they were all being dragged out to the yard. The hands had been taken by surprise and were just wearing boxer shorts while Steven was in jeans and nothing else.

They were all moved into a group and guarded as the search began. John looked at Steven and his men and asked if they were all ok and had they been hurt? They told him that they were all ok and they had just been roughed up a little. One of the deputies guarding them, nudged John in his ribs with the muzzle of the assault rifle he was holding. John looked at the deputy who told him to shut his fucking mouth. John nodded and the men stood quietly in the yard watching as the ranch was being torn apart. An hour after the search began, the sheriff got a radio call from the aircraft searching from the air that there were isolated buildings about 40 minutes from the main ranch. The sheriff walked over to where the cowboys were held in cuffs and asked John about the buildings. John nodded and told the sheriff that they were range barns for the cattle herd and horses when the men were out on the range. They used the buildings for their horses when out on the range and if they had to treat any injured or sick cattle.

The sheriff walked away and ordered several men to take one of the SUV’s and go search the remote buildings. The two men got into one of the SUV’s and took off following the aerial maps of the ranch. The rest of the men continued their search and finally after several hours, one of the deputies ran out of the main barn and called for the Sherriff who ran over to the barn. John and his men watched and smiled knowing what the deputy had most likely discovered. The sheriff walked out of the barn and signalled to the men guarding the cowboys and ordered them to bring the men over to the main barn. The deputies nudged them to move and the cowboys walked over to the main barn and entered. The door to the large dungeon space had been forced open and was hanging loose as one of the hinges had been broken The sheriff walked over to John and asked what the fuck was all this and John smiled and told the sheriff that he was into S&M and nothing in the room was illegal.

The sheriff and his men crowded into the large space and stared at all the equipment and other items neatly arranged on shelves. The sheriff looked over at John and told him that he was a sick fuck if this is what he got into.

John looked at his men and they all smiled and nodded. The sheriff looked over and told his men to lock the cowboys in the jail cell that had been built in the room. Soon John and his men were in the cell locked up and still cuffed. This freed up their guards to help with the search of the remaining buildings.

John stood at the door of the now crowded cell and watched as the Sherriff and his men left the dungeon space. He turned to his men and laughed. Guess, this is a bonus for all of us. A great group bondage scene for a bonus. The men all smiled and laughed and they relaxed as they were all very accustomed to being cuffed.

The sheriff radioed his men that had been sent to search the remote buildings. They reported back that they had found nothing but barns that appeared to be used for exactly what they had been told they were used for. The Sheriff ordered them to return to the main ranch. The search finally ended several hours later and he walked back into the dungeon space and over to the cell where the cowboys had been locked up in. He took the keys and opened the cell door and told the cowboys that they were released but they were all warned not to leave the county as they were all under suspicion in the disappearance of the deputy sheriff.

The deputies unlocked the handcuffs and the men stretched and rubbed their wrists as they watched the sheriff and his men pack up and leave the ranch. John turned and told his men to go get cleaned up and they all needed food and coffee. John walked back to his house and walked in looking at the mess the deputies had made searching for evidence. He walked into the kitchen and cleaned up so he could prepare food. Soon he had bacon frying, eggs on the stove and a large pot of coffee brewed and Steven and the hands walked in now showered and dressed. The men all sat down and dug into the food and relaxed.

Thanks to Rubrpig for this story!


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