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BDSMTOP4Muscle reminisces about the Black Tulip Hotel

Today’s pictures are courtesy of BDSMTOP4Muscle:

Metal-1 Metal-2 Metal-3 Metal-4 Metal-5 Metal-6 Metal-7

BDSMTOP4Muscle writes,

I went through my archives to find some pics to send you, and remembered my last stay in the famous Black Tulip Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I went there at the end of 2009, shortly before this place closed down for good, and spent five days in my favorite room – and as you can see, I was quite creative in tying up different slaves and bondage bottoms there.

This hotel was (as far as I know) the only BDSM hotel in the world where kinky gay men could literally do whatever they pleased, in the privacy of their room (each one was different in size and equipment) or with an open door, with your own slave or bondage buddy, or with guys you met in the hotel or outside in the bars. And the staff was more than helpful in any way desired… ;-)

There were always many American guests, some of them staying for two weeks or even longer. I wonder if some of your readers may have some pics of their own that were taken there, so you could do something like a “Black Tulip Memorial Post”?

Anyway, I hope you like mine, and I will send you some brand new pictures in December!

Cheers from Germany,




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