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A chastity striptease …

Cue the stripper song before you scroll below …


I met this amazing dude at “bondage camp” a couple years back, and he let me take these pictures. We did a chastity cage “striptease” to show off the cock cage he had on under his clothes.

Turns out he was locked in this CB device for more than a week before camp, and he was going to stay locked for an overseas trip to a bondage man in the U.K.  The metal lock was going to be swapped for a numbered combo lock.

Listen guys, this is important. As I have said before, I have great admiration for any man who has the balls to get his dick locked up like this. Fucking HOT if you ask me!

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To get in touch with this dude, check him out on Recon by clicking here.

You can buy a chastity device for yourself by clicking the Store tab, above!