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Dakota Human Resources – Chapter 04

By CFlex

The former Divide County Deputies weren’t staring at each other for more than a few seconds. Partly out of fear, but mostly out of embarrassment, their eyes broke the stare and began a head to toe visual inventory of each other. This was more than the “sizing up” glance men gave to each other in hundreds of locker rooms everyday. While it was difficult for both of them, Luke Owens was overwhelmed and disgusted by what he had seen and what he was seeing.

And each time their eyes met it was obvious, the eyes never lie. In front of him hung Alan Grant. Grant’s cock still purple and pulsing in its clearer-than-crystal prison. Even though he couldn’t see it from where he was suspended, Luke knew those pulses were happening every time Grant’s ass was tugging on that obscene plug. What put Luke over the edge was the way Grant’s mouth was suckling the cock stuffed into his mouth. Clearly, Grant was enjoying himself! “Fucking faggot!” was the message his eyes were broadcasting.

Grant’s eyes sensed the disdain in Luke’s eyes. With his head now free to move, Grant began shaking his head furiously. His eyes certainly weren’t going to convince Luke that, despite how it looked, he was in agony. Especially from the sensitive area behind the head of his cock which was now ringed with needle-sharp spikes.

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Dakota Human Resources – Chapter 03

By CFlex

Chapter 3 – ‘Shrinky Dinked’

Grant saw the rolls of plastic lying near the bottom of his rack. His mind, still reeling over all of the new sensations he was feeling, managed to string another thought together, “I don’t know what’s about to happen with the plastic, but it can’t be good for me.” The mounting points on the front uprights, the ones his ankle cuffs were attached to, got loosened and his ankles began to move from the bottom of the upright.

But instead of putting his body in the gyno position again, they stopped when his knees began to bend. The restraining straps he had on earlier were put back in place around each of his knees and tied off at the front uprights of his rack. Then he felt his left foot get freed from its moveable mount.

“These bastards know what they’re doing,” Grant mused, “they aren’t about to give me any opportunities to kick at them.” But he thought if he were patient enough, the opportunity for escape would present itself. Grant also knew that former Deputy Luke Owens, still forced on his knees in front of Grant’s rack, was thinking the same thing. He didn’t know who the unfortunate civilian was kneeling next to Owens, but the guy looked able enough and Grant hoped he’d follow their lead when the time came.

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Dakota Human Resources – Chapter 02

By CFlex

Chapter 2 – ‘Prepped for Packing’

Styvers and Holstrom lowered Grant’s ankle mounts until his body was once again pulled into a taut X. Grant’s cock continued to harden against his will like he was 19. He kept sobbing. There was absolutely no way for him to hide what was happening to his cock. Even trying to do long division math problems in his head, which worked in college, wasn’t going to stop this erection.

Jason and Luke couldn’t comprehend what was happening right before their eyes. They had witnessed the ultra masculine former Deputy Alan Grant suck that huge plug into his ass with an audible pop. They weren’t even over that shock before they saw a hose click right into the bottom of the plug. Luke and Jason had front row seats to the leak test. “Just how do they test for leaks – and what fucking leaks are they talking about?” Jason wondered. Then Grant’s belly started growing. And growing. Thoughts raced through the kneeling men’s brains, “NO! What was wrong with these brutal fucks?

Grant’s gut looked like he was pregnant! The prep team was forcing a powerful enema into him. They were enjoying it, too, by their clear smirks as they playfully patted Grant’s distended belly. Then came a bear hug. Luke figured Grant’s plug was leaking. He could see drops of liquid hitting the ground. Wait, that wasn’t a leak! Luke followed the path of liquid all the way to Grant’s face. He could see tears flowing out of his former fellow Deputy’s eyes. He could hear the cock muted moans of agony. “Jesus, please make them stop. Please don’t let this happen to me!” Prayed Luke in silence.

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Dakota Human Resources – Chapter 01

By CFlex

Chapter 1 – ‘The Operation Gets Some Visitors’

Jason wasn’t supposed to see what he had seen.

He had gotten shit-faced because it was the weekend and he needed to unwind. Driving was a bad choice but he thought it wouldn’t matter in desolate western North Dakota. Who makes good choices when they’re toasted, anyway? Jason was having fun driving on unpaved back roads in his 2021 Bronco. The dirt and gravel were new to him and at first he had a death-grip on the wheel. Then the alcohol got the best of him. Jason got overconfident.

Jason couldn’t negotiate a well-marked, sharp, left turn and the Bronco’s stability control wasn’t going to save his ass. He went straight ahead and got some air. His pucker-factor was at a 10! He landed on all fours going down a tumbleweed infested slope. Jason was screaming “FUUUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK OF FUCKS!” as he careened down the hill.

The derby-worthy ride ended and the Bronco came to a stop on another road – upright! Jason looked up the path he had just made and was amazed he was alive – let alone conscious! There were blue and red flashing lights coming from just around a bend in the road. FUCK! COPS!

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