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Male bondage and water torture: Lab Rat Revenge


This is a male bondage porn video from Bound Gods. Click any of the pictures to go directly to the video:

Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_02 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_03 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_04 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_05 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_06 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_07 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_08

For some time now, genetically gifted Rusty Stevens has been a lab rat for Dr Evil, Derrek Diamond. He endures strange experiments and a preliminary stage for cloning. Rusty can only take so much, and he finally fights back in a wild rage. He gives Derrek a taste of his own medicine, whipping and prodding him with the crop. Rusty dunks Derrek in the water tank and fucks him underwater. Enraged, Rusty gets his revenge by forcing semen extraction from the screaming Derrek.


Title of this video: Lab Rat Revenge

Models: Rusty Stevens, Derrek Diamond

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