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Male bondage and water torture: Lab Rat Revenge


This is a male bondage porn video from Bound Gods. Click any of the pictures to go directly to the video:

Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_02 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_03 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_04 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_05 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_06 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_07 Rusty_Stevens_Derrek_Diamond_gay_bondage_08

For some time now, genetically gifted Rusty Stevens has been a lab rat for Dr Evil, Derrek Diamond. He endures strange experiments and a preliminary stage for cloning. Rusty can only take so much, and he finally fights back in a wild rage. He gives Derrek a taste of his own medicine, whipping and prodding him with the crop. Rusty dunks Derrek in the water tank and fucks him underwater. Enraged, Rusty gets his revenge by forcing semen extraction from the screaming Derrek.


Title of this video: Lab Rat Revenge

Models: Rusty Stevens, Derrek Diamond

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BootedRay puts Wired4Fun into serious confinement

In a male bondage video, BootedRay decides that Wired4Fun needs to spend some time in the infamous underground deck cell at Serious Male Bondage. The confinement space is a cement cell under a backyard deck with bolts mounted in the walls for attaching chains and shackles!

BootedRay puts Wired4Fun into serious confinement

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Title of this video: Water Rising

cell under a backyard deck

Bodybuilder Derek Pain is subjected to chair, pit and water torture

Check out this vintage shoot from 30 Minutes Of Torment, featuring bodybuilder Derek Pain:


Derek Pain begins his challenge bound in the chair as Van punches him in the chest and beats him with the crop. Clothespins are clamped across his chest and all across his balls as Derek screams at the top of his longs when each one is ripped from his flesh. The bound body builder then struggles to balance on stilts while enduring a flogging. After he’s warmed up, Derek endures the biggest flogger Van possesses before he’s taken off to the water chamber. There, Derek hangs, suspended over a giant water tank, as he’s dropped and plunges in face first. Clover clamps then pinch down his torso to keep him afloat before he’s dunked back into the water. After three intense challenges, Van milks Derek’s rock hard cock till he blasts his cum all over.

34611_7 34611_8 34611_10

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Water Torture: Patrick Knight pushes through three intense challenges

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Patrick Knight is head buzzed, ass-stretched and water tormented to the extreme


The Pit – Patrick Knight starts his first challenge at 30 Minutes of Torment in the pit, his hands bound above his head as Van gets his big cock nice and hard. After a few warm-up punches, Patrick’s balls are pulled till he’s up on his toes before Van suspends him in the air. As Patrick dangles, he’s given a beating with the flogger before being taken to the water chamber. – The Water Chamber – Bound in rope, Patrick is fully submerged in water as Van holds his head down. Patrick tries to hold his breath as long as he can before having the pillowcase over his head and repeatedly dunked again and again. – The Ass Station – The Bad Dragon dildos await Patrick in the ass station. He warms his hole up with the small one while enduring the riding crop whipping his torso. Van gives Patrick’s head a shave before making him shove the big dildo up his ass and ordering him to blow his load.

35710_6 35710_14 35710_17 35710_18 35710_20

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Hot pain pig Micky Mackenzie pushes his limits to the max

I am a longtime admirer of Micky Mackenzie. In this vintage shoot from 30 Minutes of Torment, Van Darkholme pushes Micky to his limits and gets him to blow a load all over the place:


Micky Mackenzie is no stranger to BDSM, but he admits that his pain tolerance is pretty low, nevertheless he’s still a pain pig. The Wall – Micky begins his session with the wall. Van works him over with his bare hands. Micky grits his teeth as he’s punched and smacked. Van brings out the flogger and mercilessly beats him before taking him off to his second challenge. – The Pit – Van uses the cane on Micky, leaving beautiful red welts on his ass. With a row of clips across Micky’s chest, he is caned on his ass and thighs. A round of hot wax takes Micky to his limit, and then Van flogs it all off. The Water Station – Micky is now determined to make it through, but first he must endure clothespins and the heavy blast of the cold water on his raw skin. Having made it through the challenges, Micky launches a huge load.

36094_3 36094_8

Free video preview of this shoot here.

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The Tank – Part 04

By Rubrig

Nick felt his shoulder moving and he slowly woke up and realized that he was laying on the floor of the dive tank.  The heavy helmet banged against the floor of the tank as he moved groggily.  He looked through the faceplate and saw The Boss in a black wetsuit, full face mask and a rebreather system.  The rebreather was silent and no bubbles were emitted by the unit.  This would allow the Boss to remain underwater for hours.

Nick shifted around and then pushed up with his arms and that forced him upright in the water.  He turned and faced his Boss.  The Boss nodded in his heavy mask.  Suddenly there was a click in Nick’s helmet and he heard the Boss.  The Boss was asking Nick if he was ok and did he still have water and food.  Nick responded but realized that he was not able to transmit.  The Boss told him to nod or shake his head in response to the questions.

The Boss swam slowly around the tank checking out Nick’s gear to ensure that it was still sealed and in good shape.  He came up behind Nick and reached around grabbing Nick and pulling him back onto his chest pack.  He reached down and grasped Nick’s caged cock through the heavy suit and pressed hard.  Nick grunted and felt his cock respond as pain flashed through him.

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