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Southern stud Evan Mercy gets tied from the ceiling

Evan Mercy - Straight Southern Stud

Evan Mercy is a polite straight guy from the South who is in SF to play a bit while he’s away from his girlfriend. Tied in front of the windows they blindfold him right away and take the vibrator to him. His cock gets hard through his underwear so they cut his clothes off. Begging to cum he’s yanked up by his balls on to his toes. In the red ropes he’s tied up on one leg as his ass is flogged. They play with his hole, then fully suspend him and make him beg to cum. In the next room his hands are tied frustratingly close to his cock but just out of reach. He’s jacked off while he drools all over a dildo begging to cum. After taking the nipple clamps he gets to shoot his load and endure the post orgasm torment.

This is a vintage shoot from Men On Edge

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