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A male bondage prisoner gets tied up, suspended and jacked off

In this video from Men On Edge, a captive is taken from his home and bound against his will by two perverts who milk a load out of his uncut cock


Jackson Filmore is passed out at home when Sebastian and Jesse decided they need a man to torment and edge. After taking Jackson out of his home, they bring him to their underground Boiler Room and tie him spread eagle on the floor, his body pressed to the floor with tight twine as he’s edged repeatedly. Jackson begs to cum, but with the bondage so tight he can barely squirm. Jesse feeds him his cock while Sebastian licks his feet and Jackson can’t contain himself, but Sebastian denies him again and again. Tied to the boiler, Jackson gets turned around for an ass fuck by the vibrating dildo that nearly shoots a load out of him. Fully suspended from the giant device he gets another fuck that makes him cum but it’s the post-orgasm torment that really sends him reeling.

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Hot gym stud is tormented and fucked by the Creepy Handyman

At Bound Gods, Jackson Filmore is changing into his workout clothes without realizing that the Creepy Handyman, Trenton Ducati, is looking on.

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Jackson catches a whiff of his sneakers and gets aroused, doing his workout routine with a hard-on. Trenton can’t help himself and ties Jackson up to a bench. He sucks the jock’s toes, punches his chest and makes Jackson suck his cock. On an exercise bike with a dildo attached, Jackson is made to fuck his own ass while receiving a hard flogging. With Jackson’s hole primed for fucking, Trenton ties him to a treadmill and fucks him hard. With the workout over, Trenton gives Jackson a stretch fuck at the end of the session and covers his face in cum.

Models in this shoot: Trenton Ducati, Jackson Fillmore


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