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Electro urethral sounding

E-Stim Systems — the electro-play experts — makes these UltraSounds, which come in various sizes and styles


“Manufactured from solid stainless steel, then polished to a mirror finish, these ultra smooth ultra shiny urethral sounds feature a sleek tapered end with a rounded tip,” E-Stim writes. “With a 2mm differential between the tip and the shaft you get a gradual stretch as you gently insert this sound helping to open you up, ensuring that you can go on to take the full diameter.”

More information on these Ultrasounds is available HERE

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How big do you want it?

E-Stim Systems — the electro-play experts — has a variety of electro butt plugs, including the OMG, pictured here:


“The OMG. It stands for Oh My God, and was the first comment that was made when the test team saw it. Until the Decimator came along it was the largest electrode in our collection, and at 3″ in diameter it’s probably more achievable than the 4″ diameter Decimator,” E-Stim writes. “It’s another 1/2″ bigger than the Stuffer, so you know you are going to feel it once it’s in. It’s certainly not designed for beginners.”

Not all of the insertables are this big — they have many other sizes and shapes. More information on these plugs is available HERE

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The new ElectroHelix from e-Stim Systems

E-Stim Systems has updated its Series 1 — now check out the ElectroHelix™

E-Stim Systems writes,

“The ElectroHelix™ contains the ‘DNA’ of our classic Series 1, but with a completely updated and reworked design giving you simply more of everything you need. With an updated microprocessor control boost system, together with an entirely new logic timing control, the ElectroHelix™ has five program modes, including the infamous and still unique ‘Fire Button’ mode.”

To see this and much more, go to e-Stim Systems

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