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The Journey to Hull – Part 5

By Wakeysub

The room around me was pitch black apart from a single small red light which pulsed slowly and steadily. My brain was overloaded with sensations but I soon realised that the light pulse matched the slow, rhythmic pulsing of the electrode attached to my cock – the light must be on the electro control box. I focussed on the light hoping that it would take my mind off my tortured nipples and the aching pain in my stretched balls. How long had I been here, more to the point where the fuck was I and what had I let myself in for.

Suddenly I was aware that the light was flashing more quickly. At the same time, I became aware that the pulsing in my cock was increasing in speed and the power level seemed to be increasing too. It wasn’t a massive increase just a constant build and I was conscious that what was before nothing more than a gentle pulse was turning into a more determined throbbing sensation. The only things I could focus on were the small red flashing light and the throbbing sensation enveloping my cock. I felt myself involuntarily trying to push my cock to fuck the chastity cage and increase the intensity of the electrical sensation. This made my ass grip the electrode more tightly which had the desired effect of increasing the intensity.

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The Journey to Hull – Part 4

By Wakeysub

For the sake of accuracy I need to make it clear that my session with Conradfan was an intense abduction scene. However, we didn’t indulge in the more extreme activities I have included in this and the previous instalment.

Session 3

I don’t know how long I lay there in darkness with the constant pain in my balls and my tits. Even shallow breathing caused the nipple clamps to bite deeper and any small movement caused my balls to be yanked harder and harder. The torment was unending. I closed my eyes to try and block out the pain but all the pain was overwhelming and the dark just made it worse.

Suddenly the light over the bed came on – the florescent tube in its cage high above me switched on and my eyes struggled to adjust to the brightness. I felt myself panic in anticipation for the session which might be about to start.

The heavy metal door opened and I saw him again framed in the door wearing his leather suit, gloves and the peaked cap. Despite everything I felt my cock throbbing in its tight metal cage and the evil grin which appeared on his face only made me feeling even more anxious but horny.

“I hope you are refreshed after your rest 626 you fat fucker – you’ve got a very intense session ahead of you. I’m sure a pervert like you is going to love it – I chose it from your profile. Now, let’s start the timer again so the fun can begin.”

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The Journey to Hull – Part 3

By Wakeysub

Session 2

The timer in front of me came back to life but this time showed “60:00” – what the fuck. I had struggled with 30 minutes and now I was faced with 60 minutes of God knows what. I heard the click and the timer started to count down. My second session had begun. The nipple clamps were still viciously biting into my tortured nipples but the massive rubber cock in my mouth was jabbing into my throat and making me gag repeatedly. This made me thrash around as much as the tight restraints would allow. This just drove the nipple clamps to bite harder and harder.

He leant forward and brushed the nipple clamps lightly. At his touch the pain shot deep into my chest.

“Your tits seem to be enjoying it, you fat slut. Don’t want them to get bored – lets replace the clamps with something you’re really going to love. I bought these especially for you when you told me you had sensitive nips. You’re going to love these clamps they looked so fucking hot in the adverts. First, let’s remove these pathetic toy clamps and get you ready for your new best friends.”

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The Journey to Hull – Part 2

By Wakeysub


He walked round in front of me and for the first time I saw my abductor. The first thing that struck me was the fact that he was dressed from head to toe in a tailored leather outfit with a peaked cap on his head. I had seen photos of this on his Recon profile, but seeing it in reality was so much hotter. My already aching cock throbbed painfully in its small, tight, constrictive cage.

He smiled as he stood there looking me up and down. He reached and grabbed my nipples, kneading them between his fingers and squeezing them. He seemed to enjoy watching me try to squirm with the noose around my neck.

“For a fat bastard you look good – I’ve got some friends who would love to play with you long and hard. Maybe I should give them a shout and let them have some fun.”

He smacked me hard on the left pec.

“Before we go any further it’s time to mark you up so not even you can forget your new name.”

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The Journey to Hull – Part 1

By Wakeysub

What follows is a semi-autobiographical account based on a truly life changing role play session with Conradfan who I met through Recon. Before we met I was a lurker where all the action was in my head and I thank him for restraining me tightly and releasing my “inner pervert.” Thank you Conradfan, Sir. December 2016.


For years, I had been a lurker on Recon reading profiles and talking to Tops who had profiles which got me excited. Most nights I lay in bed reading profiles with a tight grip on my cock living out my fantasies in my head of what sort of ecstasy I would experience if I only had the nerve to go through with it. Over time I convinced myself that my only sexual contact would be solo and I got more and more used to it. I stocked up on toys and restraint so I could fulfil at least some of my desires to give up control completely to a real Man – but always with me retaining a degree of control.

That all changed one day when I logged on and I had been cruised. I browsed to the profile and read with interest.

Like older (45+) chubby guys. Love to see them wearing suits, uniforms etc. Into bondage. Like to tie such guys up tight so that the abductee cannot move. Can role-play … kidnap, abduction scenes etc.

Something about the advert got me really excited – not sure if it was the age range, the fact that he was looking for chubby guys or the fact that he was offering tight bondage. Anyway, I decided to throw caution to the wind and make contact. We chatted at length and before I knew it we had exchanged phone numbers and I had given him my email address. For some reason, I just trusted this man from the first minute and I knew I was going to go through with this and for the first time ever give up total control to another man.

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