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Free video preview: Wesley at Dream Boy Bondage

Check him out. Wesley is doing his best to please his master, but no matter how submissive he is, no matter how much he suffers, Jared’s sadism cannot be satisfied. He lifts Wesley up onto his toes, painfully stretching his body, forcing his shoulders, arms and wrists to bear his full weight and flogs him mercilessly, then lets him hang by his wrists for over an hour. “Wanna hang upside down, slave?” Jared asks the exhausted captive. “Yes, Sir,” Wesley mutters. Minutes later he’s dangling in midair by his ankles as his master continues to flog him. Jared is fascinated by how much pain and abuse this man will willingly endure. He even clamps a spring-loaded steel vice on the tip of the prisoner’s dick. But Wesley endures. He will do anything to please his master.

Check out this free video preview, and be sure to click to watch this in full screen mode:


See the whole thing at Dream Boy Bondage

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