Testing the Metal Sleep-Sack

By Mister-X/Spartan

Mitch invited me over to see his latest creation. He makes bondage gear, and he gives me the first chance to try it out. Sometimes the gear he creates is great, but sometimes, well, let’s just say that not everything always works the way it is intended to work. I never know what I’m going to experience when I go to visit Mitch.

When I got there Saturday morning, Mitch asked whether I had anything scheduled for the weekend. It was a holiday weekend, and I don’t like to get out on the road on holiday weekends. I’m retired from work, so if I want to go anywhere or do anything I do it during the week, leaving after the commute traffic has dissipated. I told him I didn’t have anything up.

“I’d like you to try this little baby out, but you’ll need to spend a couple of days in it. To get you prepared, you’ll need to take an enema. I’ve got a kit set up for you in the bathroom over here.”

I was thinking that this was just like Mitch. None of this ‘would I be willing to spend a couple of days in something I’ve never seen before’ or ‘would I mind taking an enema’ — just orders of what I will be doing. But I appreciate that Mitch has me be his guinea pig for trying out his new creations. It certainly adds interest to an otherwise boring retirement.

It took some time to completely empty out, this being a normal enema kit. I was wondering how I was going to be set up to consume and empty out my liquids. Sometimes Mitch forgets the basics, so I made a mental note to be sure these were taken care of.

When I was finally ready and came out of the bathroom, Mitch was waiting for me. “You sure took your time in there. Did you finish reading ‘War and Peace’?”

“Enemas take a few hours to completely clean out your system. It’s not as if you gave me any warning before I came here.”

“Well, at least you’re ready now. See what I’ve got.”

What I saw was a metal shell that was roughly the shape of my thick rubber sleep-sack which I had stored here, and which he had out alongside his metal shell. He also had my rubber hood out as well sitting above the sleep-sack. I figured he was using these as measurements.

His metal shell was also lined with rubber along the bottom and sides up to a point. The sides went up further, and I didn’t see a top. I also noticed a gas mask, and looked for a hole in the metal shell, finally seeing it behind where my head would be. But I didn’t see anything that would be providing liquid, or any place for it to be stored.

“Where’s the top?”

“I will be causing the metal that is pushed up the side to be pushed down to provide the top. Then I will weld it solid. I’ve got some insulation to put along the top of your sleep-sack before I do that so you won’t feel or be affected by the welding torch.”

I was thinking that this was going to be a very hot experience. And then I realized that I was going to be tightly welded into this thing. “How long do you expect me to be kept in there?”

“The first time, just a couple of days. I want to see how it goes. If everything goes well, then I expect it to be for a longer period of time. I want to show it to some people at NASA as a way for Astronauts to be kept while sent out into space.”

“Mitch, if they’re welded in, how are they going to get out when they’re in space?”

“There will have to be someone else sent along to get them out.”

“And if something happens to that person? I don’t think you’ve thought this completely through.”

“I’ll let them figure that part out. Let’s first try this out and see how this works. You’ll need to strip off your clothes so I can first put you into your sleep sack while you’re in there.”

“Another thing, Mitch. What about liquids? I don’t see any way for me to get any liquids while I’m in there, or for how I will get rid of my liquids.”

“I’ve got a bottle of water that I’ll be putting in there with you, with a long thin hose connecting it to your mouth. As for getting rid of your liquids, I’ve got another long thin hose that sends your piss into the bottle of water, so that you’ll always have liquids to drink.”

I was thinking that I was going to have to drink piss, something I didn’t like to do, but at least it would keep me hydrated. Then I realized that I was going to be wearing my rubber hood which only has two little pinholes at the nostrils. “Mitch, have you thought about how that hose will be getting the liquid into my mouth with that rubber hood covering it?”

“I made a hole in your hood for the hose to go through.”

Terrific. He’s now ruined that hood for other times. I’ll have to order a new one. But that’s Mitch. He treats all of my gear as his own.

I was now naked. Before I got into the sleep-sack, Mitch put the rubber hood on my head. It was easier to do it then than after I was in. After that was on, zipped down, the strings pulled tight so that it was another layer on my head, I started working my way into my rubber sleep-sack which was laid out in his metal shell. Mitch helped me get my arms into the internal sleeves. It was a tight fit next to the rubber lining the sides of this metal shell, too tight in places for me to lie down. I was on my side. After Mitch had zipped me up, he started pulling the straps and buckling them. He pulled them as tight as he could get them to help me fit. With that, I was able to fit into the floor of the shell. He pulled the neck strap tightly closed over the neck portion of the hood. I was now inside.

Mitch opened the zipper over my crotch and fitted the covering over my penis for me to piss into, the covering attached to the long thin hose. The other end was already attached to the top of the water bottle. The hose coming out the bottom end he brought down to go through the hole he’d made in my rubber hood. He laid the bottle down on top of my neck, about the only open space available, and told me to drink a sip to make sure it worked. I did, and it did.

Finally Mitch got the gas mask with the long hose attached to the front. He fitted it over my head and put the hose through the hole in the top of his metal shell. He told me to breathe, as if I needed to be told. This was also working satisfactorily. Mitch was now ready to put the insulation over me and start his welding work.

I could hear and feel him pushing down the sides. He would sometimes heat the sides up next to me to get them to bend. I was starting to heat up from this. Finally he seemed to have all the sides bent down. This is when he started welding the parts together where they overlapped. This went on for some time. At last he was finished. He bumped the sides and asked “are you all right in there?”

“I’m hot, but otherwise all right.”

“As you know from past experiences, it will soon start getting hotter. I’ll check back periodically.” I heard the sound of him leaving the room.

I decided to use the occasion to try to catch up on my sleep. I’d been doing some projects around the house, and hadn’t been able to get a full night’s sleep in several days. This would help me catch up with that, assuming I don’t get too hot. But, as Mitch forecast, I soon started getting hotter. I was also thinking that I had a couple of extra pounds of weight that I’d put on lately, and wouldn’t mind losing.

I woke up from a short nap with a great idea for a new bondage story. I write these, and some of them I think are good enough to send off to be posted on the net. This was currently just the germ of an idea, and I’d have to think out the possible ways it could play out. It was something to think about while I was trapped in Mitch’s metal shell in my hot rubber. While taking that nap, I’d gotten hotter yet.

I finally took a sip of water. It had also gotten hot. I didn’t have anything to cool me down. I was sweating quite a bit, and the sweat was getting into the nose holes of my rubber hood which was covered by the gas mask. I was having to be careful not to breathe the moisture into my lungs. My breathing was starting to become automatic as my mind was focused on my germ of a story. This was interrupted by Mitch banging on the side of the metal shell.

“How are you doing in there?”

“I was having a nice nap when you woke me up. I’m having a very hot time.”

I could hear Mitch laughing as he walked away. I went back to my germ of a story, thinking about possible ways it could play out, finally settling on the one I liked best. After that decision had been made, I dropped off to sleep again. When I awoke this time, I’d forgotten the story idea completely. That happened a lot to me. It’s why I’d started writing down story plots that would come to me when I would be dreaming, and would wake up with it on my mind. I wondered if I would think of it again. I noticed that it had gotten hotter yet. I was sweating quite a bit.

I was now wide awake with no story to think about and nothing happening. I was bored. And hot. I took another sip of hot water. I made a mental note to tell Mitch to next time get an insulated water bottle.

I started drifting into a half-awake, half-asleep mode. I tested my various body parts, and found that they were getting bored with being in the same position. I made another mental note to tell Mitch to add something to stimulate muscles, like an e-stim device set low and random. That was when I heard Mitch again.

From outside, he said “this is going well enough that I’m going to load it into my van and take it over to the NASA people now. They are waiting for me. I’ve got my son here to help me get it loaded. So hold on.”

Suddenly I felt myself being tipped up. That water bottle started moving around. I made another mental note to tell Mitch to fill up any empty places with rubber to prevent things from moving. I seemed to have been put onto a fork-lift, since I heard a motor running as I was being moved along. Finally I was stopped, and felt myself rising up. When it reached a certain point, I seemed to be pushed a short distance. I heard the fork-lift leave, and heard a car door close. Then another one opened and closed, an engine was started, and I started moving.

The drive took some time. I couldn’t tell time while I was in here. Finally the van stopped. I could hear some talking. It seemed to go on for a while. The van finally backed up, and moved a short distance. I could hear the door open and close, and the sound of footsteps walking away.

I was left there for some time. Apparently the people Mitch was to see either weren’t there, or hadn’t left any instructions with a guard to let us in, since I figured that there would be a guard at a NASA facility. I was starting to drop off again when Mitch came back, started up the van again, and went back that short distance. This time he drove on in.

When he stopped, I again heard the back door open, and heard the sound of another fork-lift. I was soon moved a short distance out to it, and started being driven somewhere. I finally was taken to where I was supposed to be taken, and let down. Then the fork-lift drove off.

Soon I started hearing voices next to the shell. “How do I know there’s someone in there?”

“From a couple of ways. First, check the breathing in and out of the end of the hose here. Second, you could talk with him. And third, I filmed having this guy put inside. I’ve loaded it up to my site. You can either look at it on a computer, or on my iphone.”

“I’d like to see your video of him being loaded inside. Let’s go look on my computer.” I heard them walking away. I was back to being left alone again. My mind started wandering. I was envisioning being inside something like this and being shot off into space. I wondered if it would be as hot up there as it was down here. I didn’t see how I could come up with a good bondage story out of that, though. That got me to thinking about good bondage stories I’d read. There was a hot one that I’d just finished. As I was thinking about that, I was feeling my cock getting hard. That started being affected by the tight nozzle at the end of it which was used for my piss. The nozzle was acting as a kind of studded end for my penis, and was starting to excite it. Finally, to my surprise, I erupted into that long thin hose which sent my cum to the water bottle. I figured that I was going to eventually be drinking my cum. I wondered whether to say something to Mitch about that.

My mind was back again to the story I’d read. That’s when that germ of an idea finally came back to me. I started trying to figure out how to make sure I remembered it again after I got out of this thing. And I started expanding on it. I remembered how I had decided to do that, and my mind was quickly developing the story. I was so pre-occupied that I was surprised when I heard voices again coming from outside.

I heard one of the voices saying something about flying me to Houston. Then I heard Mitch say that it wouldn’t be a problem for me to be away for a couple of days because I didn’t have anything going. That got my attention. I was starting to think black thoughts about Mitch. The voices left again, and my mind this time was thinking about how long I would be kept in this thing. That germ of a story had disappeared again.

I was kept in this thing for several more hours. Then I heard a forklift come again and lift me up, taking me into Mitch’s van again. I recognized it from the distance I was placed in, and the sound of the engine. I was taken to somewhere else, not that far from where I was. Soon another forklift picked me up and took me to a different vehicle. I was loaded into it. Afterwards, I was left for a while before I heard Mitch coming to ask if I was all right.

“I think it’s time for you to let me out.”

“What?! Why!”

“Because I don’t want to go to Houston.”

“Oh. You heard that. Well, this is extremely important to me. It looks like they want to buy this idea, and want to let a contract with me for this prototype. I’m sorry about this, but I’ll try to find some way to make it up to you. Are you still hot in there?”

“The temperature increase seems to have stabilized. It’s about 130 degrees Fahrenheit in here.”

“You told me a couple of days ago that you wanted to lose a couple of pounds. That should help.”

“A couple of pounds, yes. Fifty pounds, no.”

“You like to spend time encased in rubber. That’s why I got your favorite gear.”

“Yes, you’re right about that. I don’t know whether I’ll want to anymore after this trip, though.”

“Oops, the jet’s about to take off. I’ve got to take my seat. Have a nice trip.”

I thought ‘I hope you have a nice trip and fall flat on your face’, but I decided not to say it. I didn’t want to be flying to Houston while in this thing. But I didn’t have a choice. I took another sip, and tasted a mix of water, cum, and piss. Yuck.

It was a bumpy flight. Apparently I wasn’t secured that well, because they came back a couple of times to adjust this shell. We finally set down. Soon I was picked up again by a forklift. I was transported to another place. Soon there were more voices looking at it. They soon left and went to a computer to watch Mitch’s video. If this kept up, I was going to have to think about getting an acting agent.

I was left to have my mind wander again, as it had tried to do on the plane, interrupted by the periodic turbulence. I decided to think again about that hot bondage story I’d read. I felt my cock getting hard again. But I decided to cut off the thoughts because I didn’t want to drink any more cum. I wondered how Mitch was coming. They were gone quite a while. That could mean that they were entering into a contract. I was feeling good for Mitch, but I wasn’t feeling good for me, stuck in this sauna.

Suddenly that germ of a story idea hit me again. I started thinking about it. As I was looking at the possibilities of how the story could go, my cock started getting hard again. This had great possibilities. My mind was developing it. I got a great idea that should appeal to the readers of the site I send my stories to. As I thought further about it, I felt my cock erupting again. I was thinking that this meant having to drink more cum. I took a healthy swig before it got to the water bottle, and tasted that mix again of water, cum and piss.

Just as I finished drinking, the voices were back. They seemed to be finishing a conversation. When the strangers left after shaking Mitch’s hand, Mitch knocked on the side and said “we’re going back home, now.”

“Do I get to come out here now?”

“No. I’m taking you back with me to my workshop.”

I figured this was not a good sign. I figured if they wanted this it would be left here. But all I could do was stay in this thing and let time pass. I was soon loaded up onto a forklift again and taken to another vehicle, driven back to the airport, loaded onto another forklift, and loaded into another plane. It was another bumpy ride back, and after landing, loaded onto another forklift to be loaded into Mitch’s van, followed by another ride, followed by being loaded onto another forklift to be set down in Mitch’s workshop. I waited. And waited. And waited. I thought I was going to be let out, but nothing was happening.

Finally I heard Mitch firing up a saw, and felt and heard him starting to open up the metal shell to let me out. At last I would be out of this sauna. When he opened up the shell, I heard him exclaim when the heat from inside came rushing out. He finally had the hole wide enough for him to pull me out.

He unbuckled, unzipped, and helped me out of the sleep sack. He also removed the connection to my cock, noticing that it was somewhat hard. He got the gas mask off, and removed the rubber hood, which got that hose out of my mouth. He was surprised at where the water bottle wound up.

Mitch was smiling when he looked at me. “Welcome back.”

“How long was I in there?”

“Three and a half days.”

“I haven’t eaten for three and a half days? Where’s dinner?”

“Sorry, but my son and I ate all the food I got to celebrate the contract I signed with NASA.”

I realized that this was the reason I had to wait to get out after getting here. “Mitch, you owe me big time for this one.”

“I know. I’ll find some way to make it up to you. You at least should have lost some weight in there.”

“Yes. A lot. Have you got some scales?”

He left to get them while I started getting dressed in the clothes I wore to come to his workshop. When he returned I got on the scales and found that I’d lost 8 pounds. At least I figured I could eat a good meal and not feel guilty about it. “Do you have any food here?”

“No. Nothing. Sorry. Thanks for everything. I need to quickly get started doing what NASA wants from me. They’ve given me a very short schedule to meet. I appreciate what you did for me. Good-bye.”

I realized that I was being rushed away. I walked to my car and drove home. On the way I got a couple of meals to go at my favorite Italian restaurant. When I got home I started in. But I found that my stomach had shrunk, and I couldn’t eat as much as my eyes thought I could. I had to put the remains in the refrigerator.

I was starting to get tired, and was looking forward to stretching out on my bed for a good night’s sleep. After I lay down, I tried thinking about that germ of a story. That was a mistake. I was soon wide awake as I was thinking about that bondage story that had turned me on while I was in Mitch’s shell. My cock soon became hard, and I went into the bathroom to start stroking it to get it to erupt. Back in my bedroom, I was still excited. I couldn’t get to sleep. So I got into my leathers and called my buddy, asking if he wanted to come over for some play. He did, and after he arrived, I was soon cuffed and gagged, with him mounting my back side.

After he’d erupted into my ass, he put my butt plug in and used an ice cube to get my cock down so he could put it in chastity. He brought my hands behind my back and cuffed them and my ankles, and cuffed me into a hogtie. He saw me dropping off, and was doing this to get me stimulated, but it didn’t work. I wanted to sleep. He asked if I wanted him to leave, and I nodded my head up and down. He asked if I wanted to be put into a sleep-sack, and I vigorously shook my head back and forth. He asked if I wanted to be kept like I was, and I sleepily nodded my head up and down. He left.

In the middle of that dream, that germ of an idea came back to me. I realized it and forced myself to wake up so I could write it down. That’s when I realized that I was bound securely and couldn’t. I looked at the clock and realized that I couldn’t call my buddy at that hour to come get me out, assuming I could work a phone, which was doubtful. By then I was wide awake again. I started thinking about that horny bondage story again, and realized that my cock was in chastity. I just lay down and slowly dropped back off to sleep again.

My buddy was by in the morning to get me out. He loved reading my stories. He asked if I’d thought of a new one, and I told him I had. When he asked what it was about, I couldn’t remember it. I’ve never been able to remember it since.


The End

Metal would like to thank the author, Mister-X/Spartan, for this story!

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