The Bet – Chapter 06

By lthr_jock

I wake up. I still don’t know what time it is, but there is a thin light coming into the room so I think it’s early morning. I reflect on yesterday and what Bob put me through and to my surprise I feel tears running down my cheeks. I can’t believe what he put me through. My cock and balls are still strapped up so wave obscenely in front of me, taunting me as though that gear aroused me. Which it didn’t. I wonder what Bob has in store for me today. I try to think of how much time I have left – and I’m not sure. I think it’s Monday, so I should be in work. I wonder what Bob has told them. As I worry about what will happen next, I drift off to sleep again.

I wake up as with a loud crash, Bob drops a sports bag in front of my cage. “Get up, slave, time for a shower and the gym.” As he opens the door, I obediently crawl out and then head into the shower. Although he hasn’t given me a time limit, I know he’ll want me back as soon as possible, so I hurry through it including removing the plug and evacuating my bowels. I look at myself in the mirror, the collar showing up against my shaved head and my cock and balls still restrained and sticking out in front of me.

The steady ache in my balls has dulled – I must be getting used to it. I head back out and, with only a nod from Bob to prompt me, I open the sports bag and take out the neoprene shortie wetsuit.

Bob takes off my collar and the same gear as yesterday goes on. Today he doesn’t chain the neoprene collar on, and we head to the gym. As we pull up, I see Tom waiting for us and he looks up, grins and lopes over to the car. He greets Bob and then bends down by my window. “Hey there, slave boy. You ready for a good workout?” I nod and get out of the car. Before I can get my bag, Tom pushes me back against the car and reaches in his pocket for a chain. He loops it around the collar of the wetsuit and then locks it in place with a heavy combination padlock. “There. Now come on, we got a hefty session ahead of us.”

Tom leads me into the changing rooms where he gets changed. He pulls on a neoprene shirt – red with yellow piping and then his loose shirt and shorts over the top. “Alright, slave boy, here’s the deal. The padlock has a 6 combination number. Once we’ve done warm up and cardio we’re only doing 6 exercises. Each one you beat me at, you get a number. If you get all 6, you get a day back. If the collar is still on you at the end of the session, I get you until this time tomorrow. Oh, and as you’ll be with me, the day won’t count towards your slavery.” I know I’m stuck, so I nod and try to prepare for the session. My muscles are still aching from the last 2 days and looking at this muscled fire-plug of a man, I know this is going to be hard.

An hour later, I know I’m right. I’m dripping with sweat. I thought the cardio would be easy as this guy is a mass of muscle and I reckoned he would be a lifter rather than a runner. Turns out he is good at both and he made me keep up with him. I stagger as I get off the treadmill and we’re soon on the weights. He loads the first bar with the same weights I was using yesterday. I groan – I know they’re going to be tough and I reckon he goes light on his first set. I’m right, and by the fourth set, I can’t keep up. Tom grins “One fail. Five exercises to go.”

From somewhere I find some energy for my muscles and I manage to keep up on the next three exercises. I draw with him on one, and manage to squeeze out an extra rep on the other two. That nets me my first two numbers. But I’m totally exhausted. My shirt is dripping and when Tom takes his shirt off to reveal his neoprene shirt, I don’t mind doing the same. I try desperately hard, but my muscles are over-exerted and I barely get close to his reps on the last 2 exercises. As we head to the showers Tom slaps me on the back. “ Never mind, slave boy. You’re going to have a good time with me.”

I sit down in the shower room, gasping for breath. Tom walks into the showers and then comes back. “ Sorry, I forgot.” He unlocks the padlock and then waves towards the showers. “ Hurry up, slave boy, I have things to do today and don’t want to be late.” I try to tell him that I don’t have a change of clothes with me, but as I do I look into my locker and see there are things hanging up there. I hurry to strip off the workout gear, revealing my butt plug and strapped up cock to anyone who is looking and I head into the showers.

It’s great to use a hot shower and I’m luxuriating in it when I Tom pulls the curtain aside and steps in with me. He turns me and pushed me against the wall, and presses himself against my back. I can feel his cock hard against the small of my back and my own is trapped against the tiles, and swelling all the time. Tom runs his hands down my sides and then cups the globes of my arse, before pushing on the butt plug. He then slowly pulls it out. I stiffen as I think I know what’s happening next. Tom chuckles and puts his head close to mine. “Relax, slave boy, Bob is going to be the first man to fuck you, not me.” He then reaches around me and removes the straps from my cock and balls. I groan out loud as the permanent dull ache fades. “Now, hurry up. I have an appointment.”

I finish washing and by the time I leave the showers, Tom is pulling up his jeans and grabbing his leather jacket. “I’ll wait for you outside, slave boy.” With that, he’s gone, and I grab my clothes from the locker. From the moment I put my hand on the slick lycra and rubber, I know I’m not going to enjoy this.

Ten minutes later, I step outside and hear Tom beep his horn. He has parked right on the other side of the parking lot and I can see lots of people looking at me as I walk across. Not surprising due to what I’m wearing. My torso is covered with a sleeveless Underarmour shirt, zipped up the front and made of shiny yellow lycra. My legs are covered with red rubber jeans, highlighted with yellow stripes down the side and a yellow zip that clearly goes all the way round to show a line up my arse. On my feet are yellow rubber boots. I flush red, aware that probably shows all over my shaven head as I try not to run to the car. In the end, I break and run to his car, yank the door open and throw myself into the passenger seat.

Tom roars with laughter. “Fuck me, you look uncomfortable, slave boy. Want to see?” Tom shows me his phone where he has recorded me and as I watch he uploads it onto a forum that I post on. He titles it “A Master dresses down.” He then heads off, without saying anything else. As we drive along, I try to get comfortable, but the rubber jeans are tight and squeak every time I move. Tom seems to live this and his left hand drifts across to settle on my thigh and then across to my crotch where he squeezes my bulge. “That’s a nice package for a slave to have.” As it swells under his hand he chuckles and squeezes it harder. “So, if you cum, that’s another day of slavery?” “Yes, Sir.” Tom laughs. “I’ll have to see if I can get a couple of days added then.”

Tom drives out of town and soon he turns off the main roads and pulls off at a layby. He reaches behind his seat and pulls out a pair of sunglasses. “Here, put these on.” I do and realise the lenses have been painted black. They also have shields at the side, so I can now see nothing. “Hold your hands out.” I do and I feel cuffs go on and hear a chain clank. I try to raise them and they are now secured at waist level. Tom runs his hands over my pecs and tweaks them through my shirt, making me wriggle and cry out. As I do he pushes a ball gag into my mouth and secures it behind my head. I feel a collar go around my neck and then he ties some cloth around the bottom half of my face. “ There, slave boy, that bandana covers up your gag and collar. Now, you relax and I can concentrate on my driving.”

I can feel the drool building up in my mouth already and my muscles are burning after the workout. I can feel the thrumming of the engine as Tom drives along and, to my surprise, I fall asleep.

I wake to silence. The car isn’t moving and I try to reach across to see if Tom is there, but my hands won’t move far enough. I can feel that the front of my shirt is sodden with drool and I realise I must have been in this seat for hours. My muscles are aching and twinging painfully as I hear footsteps approaching. The door beside me opens and I feel hands removing the bandana and undoing the seat belt. Something is clipped to the front of the collar and it is sharply yanked to show me that it is time to leave the car. I get out, groaning as my legs and arms ache and another sharp yank encourages me to get moving. I proceed across grass, occasionally directed by yanks on the collar until we go inside a building. I am led across a stone floor and the collar is yanked again – this time in a downward direction. I go to my knees and then to my hands and knees. The handcuffs are removed, though the sunglasses remain in place.

The collar is yanked again and I crawl across the floor until my hands find a metal bar. I start to explore it, finding some uprights and some curved sections, but before I can work out what it is there is another yank on the collar and I’m moved further forward. I feel hands moving my ankles apart onto curved sections and then something presses on the back of them and they are locked in place. I feel something padded being pushed under my stomach and a wide strap goes around my waist, holding me tight against it. My forearms are then placed on metal bars with curved elements under the wrists – and my wrists are then locked in place. I feel the collar being removed and then a steel collar goes around my neck and is locked on. I try to move, but something holds it rigidly in place.

The sunglasses and gag are removed and I look up at Tom who smiles wickedly at me. “Know what you’re in, slave boy?” All I can see are my wrists that are shackled to a metal frame. But I reckon I know what this is. “Yes, Sir, it’s a bondage frame.” Tom smiles. “ Well done, slave boy. Ever been in one before?” I shake my head, “No, Sir.” “I thought not. Well, you’re going to get used to this one.” Tom moved behind me and I couldn’t bend my head around to see what was going on. I feel him undo the zip on my rubber trousers and my cock and balls fall out of the hot rubber into the cold air. I also feel a chill on my arse and realise Tom has opened the zip all the way. I then feel something cold and slimy dripping onto my arse and then Tom massages it into my hole, using a couple of fingers to push it inside me. He then comes round the front of me and unzips his jeans to pull out a thick veiny cock.

“Here’s the deal, slave boy, I turn the machine off when you make me cum.” I look confused and then Tom lifts a remote control and points it at something behind me. I hear a whirring from behind me and then feel something pushing at my hole. Tom steps out of my view and I feel him guiding it into my arse. Soon I have something pushing in and out of my arse. Tom comes back, the sight arousing him and his cock already half hard. He steps forward and as he does he thumbs a button and the dildo pushes further inside my arse. At the same time, he pushes his cock into my mouth. I stretch my mouth wide to let it in and start to work it with my tongue and almost immediately I feel it swell.

The dildo in my arse is churning and pushing deeper, rubbing against my prostate before pulling back and then thrusting in again. Tom is pushing in and out of my mouth and I’m desperately breathing through my nose, trying to time my breaths with each thrust. I soon stop wondering what I look like and concentrate on working Tom’s cock. Each time he thrusts, I work it and soon he is pushing into my throat. The feeling of being impaled at both ends is driving me wild and I can feel my cock leaking precum onto the stone floor. I know that if this doesn’t finish quickly I will cum and I will lose another day. I work his cock desperately, urgently and start making little noises and groans as he pushes into my mouth. I can feel my balls rising as the dildo thrusts in and out of me and Tom holds his cock inside my mouth as he ejaculates and I swallow his cum like the worthless slave they are turning me into. Tom turns off the machine and I feel it slowly stop moving though it remains inside me. My cock is still hard, but at least I haven’t cum.

Tom pulls his cock out and leaves it in front of my mouth. Without prompting, I lick it clean and he puts it away. He checks underneath me. “ No cum, slave boy? Damn.” He walks back and crouches down in front of me. “Right. I’m off for my appointment. Don’t go anywhere.” He then pushes the ball gag back in my mouth. Before leaving, he puts a laptop in front of me and starts a replay that he puts on a loop. In front of me is a repeating video of my violation, shot on multiple cameras. I can’t do anything but watch as I am repeatedly face-fucked and impaled by the machine. I then look at the bottom of the screen and I see this has been uploaded onto a website and is called “Slave Boy.” The more I watch, the more I think that the description is correct.


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9 thoughts on “The Bet – Chapter 06”

  1. Thanks for such a great story, however I’m rootin’ for the slave. If I was him I’d tell Bob exactly where to shove his Bet. You don’t make a wager then change all the rules after you win. That’s just cheating, hate guys like that. Mind you, as I said, it makes a terrific story.

        1. I agree. This story is amazingly hot. These kinds of forced situations make things even better than they already were.

  2. Fucking hawt as fuck…. Love our slave boy crying and bing emotionally vulnerable. I cant get enough of our lucky boy being paraded around and humiliated. Its cute that he is starting to admit and accept he is now a sub slave boy for real men.

    You always write the best stories man.

  3. It is nice to know that sometimes Dave does not loose in the bet to motivate him that there is a chance of escape.

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