The Bet – Chapter 09

By lthr_jock

I look at the clock – 11:30. I have an hour to finish my chores before Frank gets back. I check the list on the table – I’m about halfway through and having problems with what would normally be simple tasks. As I turn towards the kitchen to do the washing up, the rubber I’m wearing squeaks and creaks and the accumulated sweat inside it sloshes around. My cock is caged up again, this time in a heavy metal chastity belt that has covered my cock and balls and pulled them back between my legs. My cock has been slotted into a thick sleeve that extends inside my arse and is attached to a butt plug. Each time I start to get aroused, it makes the butt plug move further in and it’s as though I’m fucking myself. When I piss, the sleeve directs the urine inside me.

The steel belt is hidden under a thick rubber neck entry suit that I’ve had on overnight. The suit doesn’t have integral feet or gloves, but separate ones were added before pushing heavy waders on my feet. Rubber mittens went over the gloves that secure my fingers together but allow me to manipulate things – to an extent, anyway. I’m hooded in rubber and gagged, this time with a ring gag that keeps my mouth open. Steel cuffs are around each ankle, connected by a 2ft metal bar. Similar cuffs are around my wrists with a 1ft metal bar between them. Finally, a matching collar is locked around my neck.

Before he left, Frank turned the heating up and so his flat is like a sauna, making me sweat even more. Every move generates more sweat and I’ve been doing household chores for three hours. Each one is made harder by the thick rubber suit, the mitts and the restraints. I’m frustrated and sweating unbelievably. Yet, somehow, I’m still aroused and I can feel the butt plug moving inside me in response.

I try to do the washing up, but the bar between my wrists means I can’t pass anything from one hand to another. So I lift a plate out, put it down, wipe it and then put it to dry. Everything takes so much longer and I’m not surprised when Frank walks into the room and I’m nowhere near ready. He puts on a fake frown. “Tut tut, slave. That’s another hour for every chore incomplete – four extra hours.”   Frank mercifully turns the heating down and then yanks on the ring at the front of the collar and pulls me into the middle of the lounge. There he makes me kneel down and he removes the steel collar and wrist restraints. I think he’s maybe going to release me, when he holds up a thick rubber straitjacket. I grunt as I lean forward and obediently hold my arms out and he pulls it over my torso.

The extra layer of rubber adds to my already overheated and sweaty torment. He yanks it on and I realise how heavy this is – more like wet suit thickness than normal latex. He secures the zip down the back and then tightens all of the straps so that it clenches all around me. Two straps go under my legs, either side of the chastity and the jacket is on. He finally wraps my arms around me and locks them in place, making me truly helpless. He then tells me to bend over and put my forehead on the floor. I do so and then feel weight on my back as he rests his feet on me. I hear the TV turn on and realise Frank is settling down with me as his foot-stool. I can feel the drool running out onto the floor, but can’t do anything to stop it. I also feel my cock swelling and the butt plug pushes deeper inside me, making me groan. Frank gives me a gentle kick and tells me to be quiet and I stop groaning, submitting to the bondage.

Time passes. My muscles cramp as I try to get used to this position. My cock alternately shrinks and swells and I realise that I am enjoying this – how the hell did that happen? The more I think about the Top I used to be, the more I realise that I’m thinking of it as something in the past. Maybe this is my future now? Franks booted feet are a constant weight on my back and as he relaxes, I realise he has fallen asleep with me lying here. I clearly cannot do the same, but I also know that if I move, he will be angry. So, I concentrate on staying exactly where I am.

My muscles are cramping violently by the time Frank stands up. He doesn’t speak, but yanks me to my feet. I stagger as my muscles twinge at the sudden movement. He looks at the stain on the carpet where I have been drooling for what feels like an hour and he tuts. “Another hour, slave, as I will have to clear that up.” I thought he would make me do it, but instead he loops a finger around the D ring on the collar of the straightjacket and leads me into the bedroom. He turns to me and steps close, running his hands over my rubbered form. “I’ve enjoyed having you for 24 hours, slave, but it’s time to give you back to Bob. I’m sure he has some fun planned for you.” He turns away and sighs, before turning back to stare into my eyes. To my surprise, he leans in and kisses me, pushing his tongue into my mouth which is still held helplessly open by the tongue gag.

I try to speak, but the ring gag will only let me gurgle. Frank runs his hand over my rubbered hand fondly and then, to my surprise, a blindfold over my eyes. He pushes my head back and I feel several small items drop into my mouth – pills of some kind. He then pours water in and I am forced to gulp them down. Frank steps away and I stand there, blindly wondering what he has given me. After a few minutes, I discover as I feel my cock swelling. As it does, the butt plug is pushed deeper inside me and I groan as it feels like I’m fucking my own arse.

I can also feel warmth around my balls and as my cock lengthens fully I realise that my arousal levels are heightened dramatically. All my attempts to keep under control over the last day are for nothing and soon I can feel my cock spasming. The plug does the same and my own cum is injected into my arse. I shudder at the humiliation – and the arousal which is still controlling me. But I’m helpless to resist. I have no idea what day of the week it is, or how long my servitude has left to last – I just know that my orgasm has cost me another day.

I don’t know how long I stand there, but my cock doesn’t go down and as it twitches, I can feel the butt plug in my arse moving as well. As the feeling arouses me, I start to deliberately twitch and move my cock and I groan as the plug rubs against my prostate. I can feel my cock leaking precum and groan as I think about that joining the fluids in my arse.

I feel something sliding into my mouth and as it fills it, I realise some kind of rubber cock gag has been pushed through the ring gag. I am now completely covered in rubber, all my holes full and jerking occasionally with the pleasure I feel through my cock and arse. I feel Frank pushing down on my shoulders and I kneel. He removes the spreader bar from between my ankles and then I feel them being chained tightly together. More chains go around my legs both above and below the knee, and soon I am completely helpless. He pushed me onto my side and then pulls my legs up behind me. I am soon hogtied in the straightjacket.

I lie there, completely covered in rubber and utterly helpless. I can only imagine what I look like – a figure completely covered in black rubber, chained on the floor. I look like a gimp. The thought makes my cock harden again and I feel the plug pushing against my prostate in response. I groan with pleasure and find myself sucking on the cock gag. As I start to fall asleep, I realise how much I’m enjoying this.

I wake up to find myself upright. I’m still enclosed in rubber and judging by the way I’m sweating, I’ve been in it for several more hours. I try to speak but my mouth is filled with an inflatable gag. My head is still covered with a rubber hood and I can’t see anything through it. My arms are still secured across my chest so I’m still in the rubber straitjacket. My legs seem to be somehow secured to each other and I can’t do much more than wriggle.

Lights come on and I can now see through the pin prick holes in the hood. Opposite me is a mirror so that I can see myself – as I thought, still straitjacketed. My legs are covered in a rubber sheath that holds them together and which is zipped and laced up the front. The only non-rubber on me is the steel collar which is locked onto a metal frame and holds my neck in place. Rubber straps are secured to D-rings on the jacket and leg sheath and have been tightened to hold me in place. I can’t even turn my head from side to side and am forced to look straight ahead at my own reflection. As I look at my restrained form, I can feel my cock swelling and the response in my arse indicates that the fiendish plug is still in place.

I hear steps approaching and to my surprise a man and a woman step into view. He is wearing a smart suit and she has a cocktail dress. Both are carrying drinks and they both stare at me. She looks confused and consults a booklet. “It says here that this is a performance piece called Sub or Dom.” She pauses and stares at me. “I don’t think I understand it.” Their attention goes to something beside me but I can’t turn to see what it is. “Oh, some interaction. How fun. It says here that we must say whether we think this represents a sub or a dom. That’s easy.” She leans forward out of my eye line and I feel a shudder of pleasure go through me. I groan into the gag.   She laughs. “Well, he seems to like that. I wonder what happens if I press Dom.” She disappears again and I feel a sharp pain around my cock and balls. I let out a muffled but high-pitched yelp. The couple roar with laughter. “I must tell Genevieve about this piece.” The pair walk off.

Over the next three hours, I am visited by more people and I realise from their conversation that I am an exhibit in an art gallery. Most of them press the unseen buttons to the side – though most only pick one. As more and more press the Sub button, I find myself craving the pleasure it brings me and as they pass by without pressing – or worse, pressing the Dom button – I feel unhappy. Soon I associate pleasure with the Sub button and I stop wondering how long this will go on, instead wishing that the button would get pressed more and more often.

The gallery goes quiet and I assume it has closed. I hear heavy footsteps approaching and Bob, Stefan and Frank come into view. All are wearing black leather uniforms and reflective sunglasses and the sight of them makes my cock swell again. Stefan takes out his iPhone and consults it, before turning to Bob and saying “He came three times, Sir.” “Three times?” Bob smiles wickedly. “That’s another three days. Of course, we could stop all this now if you just admit to me that you’re a sub. So how about it? One grunt. That’s all I need to hear.”

I barely hesitate and give a single grunt.

Frank pats Bob on the back as Bob steps forward to look me closely in the eyes. “And do you submit to me?” I grunt once again. “Good slave. But I think I have one more test for you. Frank, gas him.” Bob steps back and Frank steps forward with a gas mask that he pulls over my head. It soon fills with a heavy smoky gas and as I inhale it obediently, I soon fall asleep.


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Metal would like to thank the author, lthr_jock, for this story!

4 thoughts on “The Bet – Chapter 09”

  1. AHHHHH!!!!!

    I’m pulsing and straining and practically cumming through my enforced chastity; this is so good!!!

  2. Shit I didnt expect that. Really loving this story. Love how the big muscled guy is now nothing but a rubber object.

  3. So fucking amazing

    Aww…. I love how he admits that he belongs submitting now. My heart nearly dropped as i thought they might leave him there as a helpless object for a second. Cant wait to find out what the test is…..

    I hope our new sub finds a man to collar and own him now.

  4. Wow! this is a situation that really turns me on, well written (I envy that “sub”) look forward to reading more.

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