The Bet – Chapter 08

By lthr_jock

I’m alone in the room, accompanied only by the laptop that repeatedly shows me being shaved and then submitting to being turned into a rubber dog. Every time I move, the tail wags behind me and makes the plug rub against my prostate. As a result my cock is pressing against the seedpod and gets uncomfortable very quickly. The muzzle makes my view weird as it’s constantly in front of me and to look at the floor I have to look directly downwards. I also find that my peripheral vision is sharply limited. As the laptop starts its’ loop again, I realise that the colours are muted and dulled and seem more grey than anything else. I realise the hood has lenses in the eye holes that are making my vision more like that of a dog.

I move around on all fours, getting used to the way I need to move. I can feel the rubber warming up and I start to sweat. It’s odd being at this level, though the more I move around, the more natural it feels. I return to the laptop and now I note that there is a counter at the bottom of the screen – Tom has posted this online as well. I’m thirsty and I see that Tom has left a bowl of water in the corner. Immediately, there’s a problem – the muzzle gets in the way and my tongue can’t reach the water. I have to bury my face in the bowl and suck and lap at the fluid, but eventually I manage it.

After a while, I get bored and lie down in a corner, curling up like a real dog would. I wake up as the leash is pulled and a voice days “Come on, pup.” I look up and see Tom towering above me. He’s wearing heavy leather jackboots and a full leather uniform. As he looks down at me, his hair is covered with a Muir cap and his eyes are hidden behind reflective sunglasses. I realise that he looks like I did in my dream, but I can’t think about it for long as he starts to stride towards the door and I have to crawl after him as fast as I can. I think about standing – after all, there’s nothing to stop me – but I figure that he’ll tell me to do that if that’s what he wants.

Tom leads me through his house, though I can’t see much as I’m trying to keep up and my field of vision is pretty much restricted to his tall black boots. We go into a garage, where he opens up the boot of his car. Inside is a dog blanket. “Hup.” I clamber in and he loops the end of the leash around a hasp set into the floor. Then he closes the boot, locking me in darkness. As the car moves off, I stagger and realise that the best thing to do is lie down. Due to the size of the boot, I again find myself curled up like an animal and I doze off again.

“Aww, doesn’t he look cute?” is what I hear as I wake up. I look up to see Tom and two other men in full leather looking down at me. Tom grins and grabs the leash and I clumsily climb out of the boot. The two other men have rubbered pups sat at their feet and Tom joins them and starts talking. I am ignored. The other two pups look at me, making small yipping noises and trying to be cute. I refuse to demean myself like that and just stare at them and the floor. Coincidentally I find myself staring at Tom’s boots and I see a smudge of dirt on the toe of one of them. Without thinking I bend and lick it off, crushing the rubber muzzle against the floor in order to do so.

“Good boy.” I feel Tom’s hand rubbing across my head and I wonder at the instinct that made me do that. I miss the rest of the conversation he has as other cars pull up and more leathered men arrive with their human pups. Some of the pups go off and start playing together and I curl my lip at the thought of men pretending to be animals. While I used to reduce my subs to animals, I did so to confirm my superiority and I always felt that half of the so-called pups were actually in charge in the relationship. As a result, I stay where I am as Tom continues to talk. He occasionally reaches down to rub and pat my head and I realise that it must look just like someone petting their dog.

We stay there for quite some time, with people heading over to speak to Tom. Some bring their pups with them, other are alone. All of them talk to him about his dog. They ask what my name is and who I really am, but Tom refuses to tell them. They get intrigued and I hope he continues to maintain this stance – as I know most of these people. I feel a hand roughly stroke my head and I look up to see the guy who was at the dinner party two days ago. I’ve remembered his name now – Geoff – and his reputation, which is to treat his subs very hard indeed. He crouches down beside me and runs his hands over my chest and back, before tweaking my tail. “Tom, you got yourself a dog? About time. Looks like he has a good build – better than those twinks running round over there.” He stands up, “let me know if you decide to lend him out. I could do with something with a bit of muscle to play with.” He then ignores me, and starts telling Tom the story of going out to dinner and being served by a “so-called Master.” I realise he’s talking about me and blush inside the hood, unconsciously shrinking against Tom’s leg. Eventually, Geoff finishes running me down and Tom crouches beside me. “Sounds like you had a crappy evening, pup. I hope you’re enjoying today a bit more.” I’m relieved Geoff has gone and want to thank Tom for not telling him who I was. I know I can’t speak, so I nod my head and softly woof once. He pats me on the head “Good pup. Come on, time to go inside.”

I follow him inside, to find a loud room packed with people. There must be a couple of hundred people here, divided between men in leather and human dogs. Tom winds his way through and I stay close to his heel, so he hardly ever has to pull on the leash. He grabs a drink from the bar and then leads me over to a wall where a line of dog bowls can be filled with water. He fills one and puts it in front of me. “Drink up, pup.” I clumsily drink as much as I can, making a mess and look up to see him filming me and grinning. “Damn, you are a messy pup.” He grabs my leash and leads me into the throng.

Time passes and as it does I realise that my vision has been getting greyer. After a couple of hours, there is no colour at all and the lenses are now only allowing me to see what a dog sees. I can also feel my cock trying to burst out of the seedpod as the constant stimulation from the tail is driving me wild. Tom goes from group to group, chatting and showing off his dog. I’m stroked and groped by multiple people as well as being snuffled and licked by several of the “dogs”. I’m tired and my knees are aching when I hear a familiar voice. I look up to see Bob. He , like Tom, is dressed in a full leather uniform. He has a lit cigar in one hand and as he looks down at me he takes a long drag before crouching down to blow smoke in my face. He grins and leans in close. “Having a good day? Tom tells me that you owe me an extra day. Oh, in case you’re wondering these are your leathers I’m wearing.” He stands and I take a closer look and realise he is in my favourite Langlitz leathers. Before I can say anything his pup comes forward and crouches in front of me. He’s one of the few not wearing a rubber suit – instead he’s in a chest harness, leather shorts, boots and the ubiquitous tail plug. He’s not mitted and he reaches up to pull his rubber hood off to reveal himself as Stefan. He grins at me, “Remember my name now?” I nod and woof and he laughs. He reaches over to grab my leash and looks up at Tom and Bob. “Is it time?” They both nod and he pulls his hood back on before leading me off through the crowd.

Stefan leads me up some steps and behind a curtain. On a podium is a bondage frame similar to the one Tom had me locked in yesterday. I hesitate and Stefan yanks sharply on the leash and drags me over to it. He locks my wrists and ankles in place, then secures restraints around my forearms and calves. The waist belt goes on and is locked and he then removes my dog collar, to secure the steel collar around my neck. I am now locked in place – though this time there is no fucking machine behind me. Stefan reaches under me and removes the seedpod, allowing my cock to drop free. I groan with pleasure at the relief. Stefan pats me on my head. “Welcome to the entertainment, pup.” He then walks off and the curtains open and there is a round of applause as I’m brought into view. Tom walks onto the stage and grabs a microphone. “Gentlemen, this pup has been locked in a seedpod all day and is desperate to cum. The question is, how long can he resist before he makes a mess? If you look at your phones, you’ll find that on the app you can put a guess in as to how long he will last. The person who makes the closest guess gets the pup for 24 hours.” What? I start to complain and as I do I see Bob who mouths “Another 30 minutes” at me. I subside and look at the crowd to see lots of people – including some of the pups – inputting guesses into the app. Several have to do it several times as each time can only have one person assigned to it. After about 5 minutes, Tom raises his hand. “OK everyone, no more guesses. It’s time to see how long he can last.” A large clock is displayed behind me and a pup crawls onto the stage. “Of course, it would be too easy if he didn’t have a bit of help, wouldn’t it?” The room laughs and the clock starts ticking.

The pup immediately pushes his head under my stomach. I feel his rubber muzzle against my cock, and then he manages to get his lips around it and he starts to lick and suck it. I’m already aroused, and so his attention gets me hard very quickly. I try to resist as I don’t want to lose another day, and I close my eyes and try to concentrate on something else. It’s no good as the crowd is yelling and shouting advice to the pup, who is remarkably talented and is making me leak pre-cum. I take a sneaky look at the clock and realise I have lasted a minute – but I’m not sure how much more I can take. I let out a low groan, which Tom hears “He’s close, folks, he’s close.” There is a yell of approval, just as the pup manages to deep throat my cock. He starts moving up and down on it and I howl with arousal as I start to cum. The pup pulls off and the crowd cheers as I spurt cum across the stage. “ I minute, 17 seconds,” yells Tom. “Let’s see who is the lucky winner of this mucky pup.”   I look at the crowd, fearful of who will be taking me out of hear. The crowd parts and my heart sinks – it’s Geoff.

Then he stands to one side and Frank walks up to the stage and takes my keys away from Tom. He unlocks the steel collar, and then to my surprise, he unzips and unlaces the hood and pulls it off my head. Several people take photos and Geoff lets out a harsh bark of laughter as he recognises me. Tom shakes Franks hand. “Have fun, feller.” Frank unlocks me and leads me un-hooded into the crowd. I colour red with embarrassment as faces from the scene see me, recognise me and laugh at me. Frank takes his time and does two full circuits of the room before taking me outside to his car. He opens the back and takes out a thick leather muzzle with an integral gag. He pushes the gag into my mouth and expertly straps the muzzle tightly in place, before padlocking all the straps. Now every move of my head is accompanied by the sound of the padlocks against the buckles. He re-secures the collar around my neck, before getting me to clamber into the boot. Once again, I’m in darkness as a journey begins.


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  1. Oh, so so so fucking hot!! SO FUCKING HOT!!!

    Lthr_Jock, this is the best chapter yet. Thank you so much, and please keep them coming!!

  2. Holy shit wow… That was so hawt and amazing. I love how much humiliation he is getting. Each time i open a chapter my little sub heart is racing like crazy from beginning to end. Loved the pup theme super hot, and now it looks like our poor little puppy is on his way to the pound… I cant wait to see how master geoff treats his new sex pet. Hopefully he is just as into ruining this ‘man’ as tom was.

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