The big Tumblr announcement

Just today, Tumblr announced that it is going to be banning all porn content later this month. Their statement is here.

I am very sad about this news. The Tumblr app on my iPad has been part of my morning beat-off routine for quite some time now, and I am very much going to miss it. For those of us who have used the platform to explore various kinks, this comes as even sadder news. If you are like me, you have probably discovered through Tumblr that you are into a number of kinks you didn’t even know existed before!

As Metalbond, I have a Tumblr page of my own, and I am not sure yet if I am going to try to keep the page going by deleting the “sensitive” posts and save my account, or let it get obliterated with countless other pages that will soon vanish.

Doomsday for the porn content on Tumblr is December 17. Therefore if there are any pictures, stories or contact information on the platform that you want, my urgent suggestion would be to save whatever you can, right now, to your hard drive!

2 thoughts on “The big Tumblr announcement”

  1. I’m wondering the same thing. I even started deleting posts, but soon realized it would take forever so I gave up.

  2. As soon as Tumblr deletes my content (or blocks others from viewing it) I’m deleting my account. This is what happens when big companies buy out stuff. Tumblr is now owned by Verizon. Glad I don’t have them for cell phone service. Boycott Verizon!

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