The Birthday

By ty dehner

ty dehner bdsm authorTrey and I have been friends for quite a while now. We’ve played a few times, but mostly we’ve developed a great friendship. We were going to the movies today, the first time we’ve hooked up in a couple of weeks. When I arrived at his apartment, he was fiddling on his computer. I made myself comfortable on the sofa as he finished up his stuff. We had plenty of time before the movie started. After he finished, he came and sat in the chair next to the sofa. We talked about what we both had been up too in the last couple of weeks. While we talk online a lot, we still always have something to talk about in person. Trey looked pretty hot in his 14-hole black boots and matching black t-shirt with bold white letters spelling out “Skinhead.” There was a shine to his shaved head reflecting the sun coming through the blinds of his small apartment.

We were talking and laughing like guys do when I found my hand touching his shoulder. It was just a brief touch, but it sure felt good to touch him, again. He must have liked it, because he gently brushed me on the arm. Then it started the touching and slight tickling. He knows my sensitive spots. Our booted feet were playing with each other, hands on the legs, stroking.

Before long, he had my Ben Sherman shirt undone and his hands were tweaking at my tits. He was saying how they should be pierced because that would give him something to work with. I shuttered a little bit, not liking the thought of the needle going through my tits.   I worked my shirt off and felt his hands against my skin. They were warm and rough from the construction work he does. He has shown me, rather intimately, the leather gloves he wears for work, but his hands were still rough. I worked my hands around his body and we took each other in a warm tender hug.

He ran his hands along my snug denim covered legs, as I lifted my booted foot and played with his crotch through his jeans. He smiled at me, knowing that I was playing a dirty little trick. He stood, going to a drawer, and pulled out some white rope. I suddenly felt that the movies were not going to happen tonight. I stood and he came to me, putting my hands behind me and laced them up, nice and snug. He reached in another drawer and brought out his leather cop gloves. Putting them on, he ran his hands over by body. They felt so comforting. He brought one hand up to my face and let me take in the fine leather scent, as his other hand pinched my tit rather hard. My shout of pain was muffled by his hand as he gagged me tightly.

“I think you need some training,” Trey whispered in my ear.

That made my cock grow in my Under-Armor jock. Feeling the smooth cloth of the UA against my cock, mixing with my pre-cum, I just moaned into his gloved hand.

He led me to the bed where I sat. He worked my belt loose, followed by my zipper and unbuttoned my jeans. He was feeling inside my pants and worked around inside my jock. If I would have known I wouldn’t have worn them. Trey unlaced my boots, and slipped them off, then pulling off my socks. He took my toes into his mouth and sucked and licked them. Fuck!! I was squirming, if felt so fucking good. He then stood and pulled my jeans off, quickly followed by my jock. I was now naked, with my wrists tied behind my back. Man, it had been along time since I was in this position, it felt wonderful. He had me work myself on the bed, where he tied my ankles together and then laced them to the foot board of the bed. He had me sit up and undid my wrists. He then bound my wrists in front of me. Then, he took them and moved them above my head tying them to the headboard. He rubbed his gloved hands all over my body, playing with my sensitive areas. I giggled, yipped and moaned as his hands played my body. I wasn’t going anyplace, but I struggled against the ropes. I love the feeling of helplessness that I have bound like this. He stepped away for a moment and returned with a ball gag. He installed it and I was now a bit quieter as he worked my body again. My under arms, my sides, my bellybutton. It was getting more sensitive as time passed.

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He stepped away again and returned with a small black plastic bag. This worried me as he began to put it over my head. But once he had it on me, I found my nose was placed in a hole in the bag. It was somewhat dark, but I could see faint shadows. Then I heard the sound of a roll of tape being undone. A strip of wide duct tape was placed over my eyes. I was in the dark now. Trey continued to tape my entire head into the bag. It was tight, yet my skin wasn’t being pulled by the tape. The tape covered my mouth and neck down to the bottom of the bag. Trey then put on a leather collar on my neck. I couldn’t see, nor speak, and could only barely hear. As his assault began, as I knew my nose was clear and I was safe in all respects. My tits were twisted at times. Trey played with my balls and rubbed the pre-cum on my dick just for teasing. He reached under me and fingered my ass. He tickled the bottoms of my feet. I could only bounce around on the bed, moaning, and totally enjoying that lack of any control over my situation.

Things were going very nicely, I had forgot about time and was unsure how long I’d been in this state, when the telephone rang. He talked for less than a moment and hung up. He told me it was a wrong number. He started the assault on my naked, bound body again. He produced ice cubes and melted them on my warm body. He was playing with my dick when I noticed there was another set of hands touching me! This set of hands was not wearing gloves. They were soft hands, a bit cold to the touch but warming quickly against my body. I panicked slightly, not knowing what the hell was happening. But the four hands really started the work. They were tickling my sensitive spots, fingering my ass, squeezing my balls, rubbing my dick, twisting my tits, and occasionally plugging my nose. Then Trey asked if I was alright, and I responded in a grunt and nodding head that I was doing fine. I trusted Trey and knew that who ever was also playing with me would not hurt me.

After being questioned by Trey, rope was tied around my cock and balls. It was tight and felt wonderful. My balls were stretched and tied to my big toes. My dick must have been sticking straight up with the rope jacket now on it. The ice cubes returned and I began to struggle against ropes, but my balls were being pulled at the same time. Then someone took a hold of my dick head and started to rub it in the palm of their hand. I couldn’t stay still, another hand was twisting my tits as another worked at playing with my ass, just barely entering enough for a tease. I was crazy with excitement, ecstasy, and my body was enjoying every second. They continued for the longest time, or what seemed like the longest time.

Then they stopped, and I moaned into the gag. They let me know that I wasn’t done with. They flipped me over onto my stomach, positioning my head on the side so I could still breathe. There was a tug on my bound balls, but the way Trey had bound me, I was easily turned over without having to undo any of the ropes. My roped hard dick was smashed into the mattress. Then my ass was slapped by a hand. I was surprised, as it tugged on my balls. The slaps continued, not hard, just enough to know that I was not going to be leaving this position and I would have to take what ever was being dished out. Hands began running up and down my back, sometimes with fingernails. My feet were played with, which in turn tugged on my balls. Then a finger returned to my ass, as ice cubes were melted down my ass crack. Then the lubed finger slightly entered my ass, and it moved around, playing. The other hands continued their assault, as my asshole was teased. Then all was stopped, and I could feel them leave the room. I lay on the bed, feeling the ropes against my skin, the sweat pouring from my head wrapped in plastic, my balls boiling with wanted release.

I felt someone working on the ropes around my feet and ankles. My toes and thus, my balls, were released. My cock and balls were still tightly tied, but no longer stretched.

My hands were released from the headboard, but my wrists remanded tied. I was rolled over and my tied wrists were tied to the ropes around my cock and balls. They then wrapped my hands in tape so that I couldn’t play with myself. I was stood up from the bed and made to walk. I couldn’t see, but soon I felt the cold hard floor. I was being lead into the bathroom and helped into the tub. The four hands had me get down to my knees. And I heard their footsteps out of the bathroom. It tried to touch my dick with my taped hands, but it wasn’t much use with the rope wrapped about my dick. And as I moved my hands, I also tugged on my nuts. I heard the two return and then the sound of opening soda liter bottles. I soon felt liquid running down my head, and suddenly I felt cold soda running all over my skin. I could smell a cola; it was cold and made my body tingle and shiver. It was running all over me, and it didn’t seem to stop. It was a strange sensation that I had never felt. It felt as if they each dumped four liters each on me, I was sticky and cold. Then I felt warmth on my skin, liquid warmth. Then the odor filled my nose, someone was urinating on me. It was warming and tingling on my body. As one stopped, someone else started to cover the areas that were missed before. As the second one finished, I was instructed to stand. As I stood, the soda and urine dripped from my body. A unique odor had been created, I was sticky and pissy.

I shortly found the tape being removed from my hands and my wrists released. I was handed my jeans and instructed to put them on. I slid my snug fitting bleachers on my sticky skin and could feet the denim start to stick and soak up the fluids. My hard dick could hardly fit in my jeans, and when I zipped them up, I felt my cock and balls tightly bound inside. I was allowed to step out of the tub and onto a towel. My boots were handed to me and blindly I put them on, while sitting on the tub edge. I was made to stand again, and two mild tit clamps were attached to my tits. I was handed my shirt and I put it on. Then the tape was cut from my head and the plastic bag removed. I looked to find only Trey smiling at me. He reached around and removed the ball gag. When I went to speak, he put his hand over my mouth and told me not to speak.

He led me out of the bathroom and who ever was there was now gone. Trey put cuffs on my wrists and laid my bomber jacket over them to cover them. Without a word, we headed out the door down the hall of his apartments and out the front door. As we stepped out on to the sidewalk, a van pulled up and the side door was opened, I was shoved in by Trey as he followed me in. Before I could really see what was in the van, my eyes were blindfolded with a bandanna and a leather dick gag shoved in my mouth. I was laid on the floor of the van with my feet spread eagled then my cuffs released, and my arms spread eagled. Someone grabbed at my crotch and I moaned. Then I heard Trey’s voice in my ear, “Happy Birthday — We’re going to your party!”

He laughed an evil laugh as the van continued down the road.

My clothes where sticking to my skin as I felt every bump and turn the van made. Occasionally, a hand reached over and played with my tits, or squeezed my tight crotch.

Time passed by, but I was unsure of how much. I could’ve been on the van floor for minutes or hours. And if I thought I could keep track of where in the city we might be, well, that just wasn’t happening. After a bit, Trey was unbuttoning my shirt. He tied a string to the chain between the tit clamps, stretching my tits some. It wasn’t extremely painful, but I wasn’t moving much. He unzipped my jeans, fishing out my tied cock and balls. He tied my hard dick head snugly and stretched it straight up to something on the roof of the van. If I was to move or we went over a bump, well there was a tug. Just about the time Trey was finished with stringing me up, the van came to a halt and the engine turned off. Without a word, I hear the two of them leave. The doors slammed shut. Now here I was pretty much alone in this strange van. My dick tied up to the ceiling, my tits stretched and there was no way I was going to get out of the binds. Still, a thought ran through my head. Does this van have windows? Are people walking by, getting a free show? And just how long was I going to be left alone in the van. And what if someone broke in and stole it, boy would they get more than they bargained for! I’d try to struggle to see if I might get loose, but then I’d be reminded of my stretched tits.

Then my mind wondered back to the events that lead up to this, I was staying pretty hard through all this. We had done something’s that I never expected Trey to be interested in or he had been thinking of.   I had been played with by a stranger and have yet to know who he is. I’m in a strange van, headed to who knows where to face who know what. But I was enjoying the lack of knowledge and control. And I knew that Trey would keep me safe. Plus, I have the control of the safe word, the one that has not even crossed my mind. I was a bit apprehensive, look at my position, who wouldn’t? But damn, this was one of the best experiences of my sexual life so far. What had Trey planned to top it?

My thoughts were broken by the sound of the van doors opening. It sounded like more than two people were in the van, but one’s mind does play tricks when some of the sense are deprived. Then there was the distinct scent of leather. I knew that Trey wasn’t wearing a leather jacket and I don’t remember the scent when we entered the van. The engine started, and I wondered if they were going to remove the ropes that were attached to my dick and tits. I didn’t really want to experience the potholes of the city strung up as I was. But the van was moving and there was no attempt to remove the ropes. I was feeling the road surface, man was I feeling it! Then I was shocked out that worry, when what had to be a bag of ice was placed on my chest, which was exposed with my shirt open and the tit clamps applied. I jumped and nearly ripped my tits and dick from my body. There was laughter and I could tell that someone had joined the party.

“Hey, don’t melt the ice, you’re fucking too hot!” said a stranger’s voice. They all laughed.

The ice was removed as a leather gloved hand wiped the dampness from my body.

The hand was soothing. Then I noticed the roped attached to my tits was cut loose, I moaned appreciatively. But my dick remained tied up. Then another gloved hand was on my body, rubbing my denim legs. The pants didn’t move much, they were stuck to my skin. Then two more hands joined in. I now confirmed that there was a third party in the van, since it was still moving, and someone had to be driving. They enjoyed watching my body react to their touch, sometimes soft, times with a tickle, time with a pinch or slap. The time passed as touching continued. Then one sat on my chest, it was cool, I could tell they were wearing leather pants or chaps. I was dealing with leather now, another dream coming true. The stranger spoke, sternly to me, “We are going to change the blindfold and gag. DO NOT open your eyes, or speak, or you will be dropped off on the curb immediately!”   I could tell he was serious, plus I didn’t want to end this now. If it ended now, I would forever wonder what was ahead!

The blindfold and gag were removed. I could feel the fresh air touching my sweat covered head and face. I did not open my eyes and didn’t speak. I did work my mouth a bit and swallowed in some freshness. Then I felt the gloved hands work their way around my face, head, and hair. I wanted to see who this person was, but I was unwilling to end things. I was still spread eagle on the van floor, my dick tied to the ceiling, a leather clad man on my chest driving me wild. He stopped feeling my head, and shortly a leather hood was being worked over my head and covering my head. By the darkness I could tell there were no eye holes. It was supple, smelled great and was tightly laced up. A gag was strapped up, and it filled my mouth. The laced area was zipped down, and a collar portion strapped up, then I heard another zipper, and the scent of leather was much stronger. My breathing was warm. I could tell it was one of those hoods that also zipped up into a leather bag. Shit, what was going to happen next? As I thought that, the van came to a stop, the engine turned off.

My dick was released, and stuffed back into my pants, zipper ran up. My shirt was buttoned up, my hands released. I was sat up, my hands cuffed behind my back. A leash was attached to my collar, as my feet were released. Ankle cuffs were locked on.

I was dragged from the van, hobbling as I tried to gain my footing but being dragged along. As I finally got my footing, I found I was carefully led downstairs. I must have been brought to the middle of the room. My hands and feet were released, as I was instructed to remove all my clothing. I did so, fairly quickly, peeling the sticky cloth from my skin. The tit clamps were removed. My only bondage left was my head. I was totally naked and free. I was led a short distance and told that if I needed to piss or shit to do it now. I felt around for a toilet, I was slapped and instructed to do it just standing up. I was also instructed to look straight ahead. It took a bit, but I let go a stream of piss directly in front of me. I could hear it striking the cement and felt it running to my bare feet.

As I finished pissing, I was turned around moving my head straight but not opening my eyes. The collar, hood and gag were removed. I kept my eyes closed. I was told good boy by Trey. I was now totally free. But that didn’t last long. A rubber blindfold was strapped around my eyes, followed by a rubber dick gag, strapped on my face. My hands were cuffed behind my back. Then the power of the shower struck my skin. The water was cold to begin with, they laughed as I jumped and yipped into my gag. But soon it warmed up and was quite refreshing. Then six hands started to give my body a soapy cleaning. They were taking their time, cleaning the points of my tits, the cracks of my ass, the stiffness of my dick. I was relaxed as much as I had been this entire time. Someone lathered my hair and washed it. Of course, there was some pinching and slapping, anything to keep me guessing.

Soon I was pretty much clean and rinsed; it felt really nice to get the soda and piss off my skin. Then I felt something making its way up my asshole. It went in a bit then my ass and bowels were filling with a warm liquid.

“We want our birthday boy nice a clean!” chuckled someone.

I was filling up, and it was getting a bit uncomfortable. Then it was pulled out and I was allowed to release. They decided that I wasn’t clean enough and inserted it again and filled me up, but a bit slower this time. As I was being filled, I could feel someone doing something with my crotch, and then I heard the buzz of the clippers. The cold steel touching my crotch, and I knew that I was loosing my pubic hair. The second enema was pulled out after the shaving was completed. I released. They felt that I was now clean enough.

The three of them then proceeded to towel dry me, harshly and rubbing me. The towels were cheap and stiff. As I was led back to the center of the room, dried, I realized that I had indeed pissed again as this was all going on. But more over I wanted to shoot my load something awful. It had been hours since we started and well, I have been pretty much hard the entire time. My hands were released. I was handed a pair of pants. They were leather and they felt a bit heavy. I slid them on but was told not to button them yet.

I was then slid into a leather shirt, it fit snugly. Then I put on a pair of what must have been tall biker boots. I tucked the shirt into the pants and buttoned and belted the pants. Next, I was handed a pair of gloves, that attached to the sleeves of the shirt. The shirt was tightened by laces in the side. I was then put into a heavier leather jacket that was partially zipped up and belted. My hands were cuffed in front of me and raised and chained to the ceiling. There were straps on my legs that seemed attached to the pants that were tightened a bit and I heard the sound of locks being closed. Someone else started to remove the rubber gag and blindfold, I kept my eyes and mouth close and silenced. The leather bag hood that I had had on before was returned, the gag also. It was tighter this time, with the zipper front being zipped up and locked. My legs then were bound by straps together at the ankle, thigh, and below and above the knees. My hands were stretched a bit, just enough to get my feet slightly off the floor. My crotch was played with, a panel dropped, and my dick sprung out. The rawhide was removed from my cock and balls. My balls were put into a weighted leather ball bag and my cock in a leather sheath, then closed and locked into the pants. Finally, I felt a zipper open on my ass, a finger probed my asshole with some lube, then a butt plug was inserted.  I moved to my tip toes as they pushed the plug past my tight hole. It was larger than anything I was use too, but there was not stopping them. My ass was then zipped and locked closed. I heard two of the guys leave, someone was standing before me. When he spoke, I knew it was Trey…

“We wanted you to have a bit of time for yourself. Of course, this is all for you. We have a while before the party begins. I’ll see you later. But of course, you have no idea when you’ll see me.” With that, he gave me a slight push and I danced a bit like a puppet. He started up that stairs. I could faintly hear a door shut and lock

I was alone, the smell of leather filling my brain. I could feel the leather against every section of my body. Fuck, this is a birthday alright, I am being reborn! I was really enjoying this birthday, more than I had since I got to go to Farrell’s when I was a kid!! But this was much more of an experience! Cause I had been dreaming of this for years! And I was no longer a kid. My arms were starting to get tired being in this position, and I’d have to be careful, cause if I shifted my weight down from being on my tip toes, well, they’d hurt more. They must have turned on the heat in this room, because I was starting to sweat like crazy and well, I couldn’t move much. I was beginning to feel that plug up my ass. It felt really good, and well my dick would sure love some action. But it was really difficult being encased in the leather sheath. But I would find myself trying to fuck that plug in my ass. I was humping myself; it was hard, having very little support on my feet. I was moaning into the gag, fuck I wanted to explode. I could feel my legs straining to pull apart, my hands tried to break free and reach my dick. But it was no use. The more I would try, the worse it got. I just was not going to be letting loose any time soon. I had no idea how long I was going to wait for the party to begin.

Occasionally I could hear them walking on the floor above, maybe some laughing. But it always sounded like the three of them. Suddenly my ears were filled with the sounds of heavy metal music by Judas Priest rocking away. It was loud, and I couldn’t hear anything but the music. There must have been headphones in the hood. I could no longer hear the outside world, nor could I see it, speak to it or touch it. Even my smell was gone, since I was in this leather bag of a hood. The music passed on. Song after song, at times I tried to fuck my ass with the beat. I was getting tired, stiff, and sweaty. And I loved the feel of the tightness of my leather-bound body. I was not in control of nothing.

I spent nearly two hours strung up in the leather, when my hands were finally released from above my head. The music did not stop and nothing else was release. The three of them lifted me up and carried me to a table. It was a very strange sensation. I could hear nothing but the music, knew nothing in advance and couldn’t move. I was helpless, and man I bet they loved that about me! I was laid stomach down on what seemed to be a hard table. They uncuffed my hands and preceded to chain them out from my body and must have been chained to the ceiling. My legs were released from the straps and pulled apart.

At this point I started to have an idea where this was headed. My legs were chained wide open, again to the ceiling. The table was then declined a bit, my head being higher than my legs, but only slightly. I could feel straps being put around my torso. I was being securely fastened to this very small table. My crotch area was unlocked and opened. My dick was fished out, as were my balls. A weight was added to the end of the dick sheath pulling my dick. The weighted bag was removed, and a parachute was added with some weights attached. Someone started them swinging. Someone ground their hands into the position of my tits. At least with the jacket on, there was no access to them. The music still pounded my brain. The hood was zipped open and the gag removed.

Before I could speak, a squirt bottle was put in my mouth and I was instructed to drink down. I did, the water tasted great! Then it was pulled out and a new gag was installed. It had two rings, one that went in front of my lips and teeth, the other behind it. It was frustrating, since I was unable to close my mouth. I could speak, breath, but just not close my mouth. I started to dribble a bit of drool. The blindfold was left in place. Someone tested the new gag, inserting a gloved finger into my mouth. My hooded head was then somehow at the top attached to something that held my head up, I could not put it down. Then my pants at my ass were unlocked and unzipped. They pulled out the butt plug and quickly inserted a dildo that was a bit larger, and it was vibrating. There was no where for me to go, I had to deal with the new sensations, I was being fucked by a motor, I started humping the table, my balls and dick swinging below me. The music stopped. Then I heard the voice of Trey.

“Happy birthday! We are here to celebrate and have a great time! I’ve been planning this for a long time, you have been a great friend and you deserve this so much. I give you this with love.”

Then it was silent. Then I heard it. My heart started pounding, I was going where I had never imagined I could. I heard them coming down the stairs, the sound of boots, hitting the wooden steps. I couldn’t tell how many there were, but there was more than the three I knew about. When they saw me, there were cattle calls, slang and slurs thrown about like candy. Then I felt their hands touching me. I couldn’t count them all, some wore gloves. I could smell the sent of leather, beer, and the distinct odor of man. They were horny men, and I was about to be enjoyed by them all!

The dildo was turned off and removed. The hand assault stopped. I could sense someone positioning themselves in front of my face. I knew that I was about to be fucked at both ends, not once, not twice, but a good many times. The time passed by slowly, anticipation. My hands were suspended from me, I couldn’t reach anyone. My legs were also useless, my tits were smashed with the clamps against the table, my balls and dick aching as they were be pulled towards the floor and my mouth and ass begging for it all to begin. The headphones crashed the music into the brain, as my mouth and ass were entered at that same time. It wasn’t anything slow either; it was quick, violent and hard. I had to work my tongue, keep my body in rhythm as both ends were fucked. Hands were playing with my dick, balls, fingers feeling every inch of my body. I couldn’t hear the guys as they were enjoying my holes, but I am sure they were voicing their pleasure.

As one was finished, the other would fill my hole, I was never empty. They never came in me, always pulling out just in advance. The music helped me to keep tempo. My crotch was swaying with the beat, as it pulled on my balls. I wanted to release but the pressure was so strong in the weights, there was no way it was going to happen. My tits felt as if they were going to be ripped right off, as they were ground into table with my moving body. Hands were slapping me, pinching, stroking. Another set of guys would fuck me, then other. After a while I couldn’t tell if there were just different guys, or that they were doing me over and over. I was hot, literally, and figuratively. I was sweating like a pig, the strong odor of sweat, cum, and beer were filling the room and my nose. The music played on and on…

I swear that at least twenty songs passed by. Then my ass was filled with a butt plug, it just slid right in. The harsh gag was removed, and a dick gag inserted. The hood was zipped up again. My pants were sealed again. The weights removed from my dick and balls then they were enclosed into my pants. My feet and arms were released, I just lay upon the table, not moving. The music stopped. I heard the men singing happy birthday to me. Then each one stepped by me, swatting my plugged ass, then headed up that stairs. At last I could count; I was swatted 13 times. I was gang fucked by 13 guys and one of them was my friend Trey. What a friend.

As the last guy left, someone helped me to stand. I was stiff and sore, but I wouldn’t mind reliving the night over again. I was lead to a soft bed and laid down on my back. I heard Trey’s voice, tell me to lay there and rest. He went up the stairs. I was not restrained, but as I tried, I couldn’t get to my dick. My crotch was locked, and I now found out why my legs had straps, there was no way to get these damn pants off. I was truly locked up in leather. I tried to take the hood off, to find it was also locked. I tried again with the butt plug to fuck myself to orgasm. But it was not to be. I was exhausted, so I just settle down, with a raging hard on and remembered the times I had just experienced.

I must have dozed off, because when I awoke, I was disoriented from hood. My hard on was still with me. Someone was helping me sit up. I was taken from the bed. The leathers were unlocked and removed from my body. I could feel the cool air strike my sweat covered body as each piece was removed. To the end, the last piece to be removed was the hood, gag, and blindfold. Before me was Trey, smiling. My butt was still plugged, tits still in clamps, and my dick and balls still confined, but I was totally naked before him.

“How are you?”

I reached over and gave him a hug so tight and strong. I could never repay him for what he had given me. We pulled apart.

“You better get dressed, so we can get you home.” He pointed to my clothes on the floor, still soiled with piss and soda, but with a new element. For I now learned where those guys shot their loads. My clothing had been laid out on the floor, inside out and that is where they all came. I looked at Trey, he grinned an evil grin. He shoved me over the to clothing and I began to put it on. I could feel the cold, drying cum come between me and my jeans, my shirt and even in my boots. I packed my bound cock and balls into my jeans, tightened up the belt and told Trey I was ready. He came to me, handed me the leather jacket. I put it on, zipping it up, followed gloves. He cuffed my hands behind my back. Put a leather blindfold and gag on me, then I was strapped into a full-face motorcycle helmet. I couldn’t see. I was led up the stairs and out into the garage.

Someone else took a hold of my arms and led me to a motorcycle. I could feel the bike seat press against my bound crotch. Someone sat before me; my hands were uncuffed then cuffed around the waist of the rider. I heard the engine start and we raced out of the garage. I couldn’t sense where we were going. It was the strangest sensation yet. We rode for what seemed to be an hour or more. The butt plug was ground into my ass on every bump. I know he was racing at high speeds, I felt totally helpless! Then we stopped. My cuffs were undone, my hands cuffed behind my back. I was led up some stairs and to an elevator. I could tell we were returning to Trey’s. But Trey didn’t know how to ride a cycle. Someone else was bringing me home. We walked out of the elevator, and down the hall and into Trey’s apartment.

My hands were uncuffed, and I was instructed to remove my clothing. It was truly sticky now. And my clothing was stiff, since the cum had dried. I was naked and laid on the bed. I was tied down spread eagle once again with the helmet still on my head. Then I heard the door shut and I knew the stranger had left. Trey came to me, “I’m going downstairs to wash and dry your clothing. It will take me a while. You have a project to complete. While I am gone, you are to free yourself and make yourself cum. I don’t care how you do, how long it takes. Just do it. And so you know, that if I return after cleaning your clothes and you haven’t cum. Well, I will dress you and send you on your way.” With that, I heard the door shut.

I struggled, damn, they had tied me good. This was going to take a while with my cock pointing straight in the air waving around. After a good twenty minutes I finally got one hand free, and then worked the other. I worked the helmet off, followed by the gag and blindfold. I laid back and reached for my dick. I removed the sheath and ball bag. I left my ankles tied and the plug up my ass. I worked my self, I tried to hold it off, but it came with an explosion and a feeling I’ve never had. I gushed all over myself, it felt great, I kept working and I’d be damned if I didn’t continue to cum. I had never shot so much in my life. It was great, what a great evening. I rested on the bed. Looking for a clock, I was amazed at the time. It was 3am. I had arrived at Trey’s at 4pm. I had been in bondage and someone’s mercy for 11 hours. Then I saw it, a video camera was set up, taping me. I couldn’t believe it. There was a video record of my birthday.

Trey returned shortly after I undid my remaining restraints. I pulled out the plug and got dressed. He presented me with a tape. The entire night’s activities had been taped, for me to relive. I couldn’t thank him enough. We hugged for several minutes. I had to be at work in the morning, and really hated to go. But we were both exhausted and needed to rest. I hugged him again and headed out the door. When I got home that night, I fell asleep watching that tape. Of course, it was on my second time watching it. And I did manage to cum a few times during it.

What a birthday that would be, for this is all a fantasy.

© Copyright 2020 by ty dehner All rights reserved.

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  1. One hell of a birthday!! Would have loved to experience that scene in my younger days!
    Thanks for writing and sharing your story Ty.

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