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Gay-for-pay performer gets tickle tortured

At Tickled Hard, gay-for-pay performer Mickey O’Brien jumps up on the tickling table and slips out of his shorts. Franco quickly secures Mickey’s wrists and ankles, and the fun begins. Mickey groans and bursts into fits of laughter as Franco tickles his taint, armpits, ribs and belly. Laughing hysterically, Mickey’s fit, muscular body spasms all over. He loves it! Franco tickles Mickey deep in his bellybutton and blows raspberries on his stomach. With lubed up fingers, he tickles Mickey on his inner thighs both from above and below, then moves down to Mickey’s feet. Mickey struggles to catch his breath as Franco tickles his super-ticklish size 11’s through his socks. The sounds he makes intensify when Franco works on his bare feet, tickling and sucking his soles. Somewhere between pleasure and pain, Mickey laughs, pants and swears as Franco exposes his beautiful feet to various brushes and feathers. Mickey twitches uncontrollably, moaning loudly as Franco tickles the hell out of his feet and armpits. Finally, Mickey reaches a fever pitch, laughing and screeching loudly in a state of tickle madness. Franco releases Mickey’s sore arms from their overhead bonds and lets him relax with a nice blowjob and handjob. He lets Mickey finish himself off, then grabs his cock and tortures him until he’s twitching.

Gay-for-pay performer gets tickle tortured

See the video here

Site: Tickled Hard

Title: Mickey O’Brien Tickle Tortured

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