malebots site is down

The burning of Alexandria

Sadly, the MaleBots site has gone down, and from the looks of things, it is likely gone forever.

This makes me very sad, not only because the site was a great meeting spot for guys into a specific fetish, but even more so because their extensive library of stories is no longer accessible. I hope that somebody has their vast library of male erotic fiction archived somewhere!

malebots site is down


It’s the latest in a long line of sites and platforms to vanish. I still miss Boot Lust, GearFetish, and many other sites, not to mention the large number of Yahoo groups that we once had featuring tons of stories about male bondage, prison, slaves, and much more.

2 thoughts on “The burning of Alexandria”

  1. I’m so sad when sites with porn libraries disappear. So many works lost…

    I’m not even sure self-hosting would be the answer. (If it were possible for everyone.)

  2. I am utterly gutted. I turned and returned to their story archive more than any other site. The 3D animated renderings often a sight to behold. If the obstacles to keeping it going as an active site are too great to overcome, I dearly hope a static archive can be created somewhere. Who’s going to reprogram me into a sex droid now?

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