The Cage – Part 03

By Steellock

It was a long week.

Last weekend standing behind a locked cell door all night with my cock and balls hanging out of a round porthole exposed to all cummers had been one of the best times I have had. The guys in the bar had taken turns to pump me dry; they had sucked and pulled and tweaked me to orgasm four or five times and then just kept going. I was dry, and it was agony. Wonderful agony. Then after the barman had lifted his arm, rung ‘Time’ on the old bell and eventually got everyone out of the bar and came over and peeked at me through the little window into my eyes. He grinned and mimed wanking – fuck not again I tried to yell, shaking my head furiously, and he laughed. Bastard – I was falling in love with this guy!

He disappeared from my window, and then I jumped as much as the chains on my wrists and ankles would allow when I felt his hand on my poor aching cock. He was very gently massaging it and also rolling my balls in his hard hand. I realized he was rubbing in soothing oil. It felt wonderful. Suddenly he had stretched the silicon ring over the root of my cock and balls then eased my bruised and tender member into the lubed tube. The padlock clicked, I could hear it in the now quiet bar. I was back in chastity. For another week or so I supposed.

Then he opened the door and unlocked the restraints, and I staggered forward. He caught me under the arms and carried me to a barstool. I weigh 85 kilo – this guy is as strong as he looks! It turns out his name is Ryan, and he runs the bar for its owner, his Master!

‘We have got a new toy for next week out the back,’ he said. ‘Want to see it?’ Of course I wanted to see it! He took me into a back room. Painted black. When he put a few spotlights on, I could see it was a fully equipped playroom! A St Andrews Cross, fucking bench, stocks, ranks and ranks of toys on the walls; so many that you had to slow your eyes down to see what they all were. Restraints, hoods, floggers, chains – all there in neat rows.

Hanging from a steel hawser touching the floor and lit by another spotlight was a gibbet cage. I had never seen one in the flesh before, just on porn pictures and in history books. This one looked fully up-to-date with locks down one side and gleaming of stainless steel.

The top was a head-shaped cage that flared to wide shoulders and a good space for a guy’s chest. The arms would be held in shaped bulges down the sides and the torso pulled in to the waist. There was a plate at the bottom to stand on that was quite large – obviously designed to leave space for your boots!

‘Just want to be sure you fit in,’ said Ryan, grinning. ‘You can be the first up next weekend in the bar!’

I was stunned.

‘Why me?’ I asked.

‘You are one sexy fucker, and the guys had fun today getting you to cum so much I thought they would appreciate another viewing,’ he answered, still grinning. ‘Get in!’

He opened the front, and I needed no encouragement. I slipped my boots into the narrow base and pushed back into the steel space. Arms down, they just went in and my chest — a good 48 inches — filled the space. I could feel the bars coming in over my shoulders. It might have been custom made! Then my head went back into the framework of the helmet part, and I could feel the steel all around touching my ears.

He shut the front, and it gripped my chest closely but not too tight to interfere with breathing. There was about 5mm space in front of my face, wriggle room only.

And then he locked it with three hex keys, one by the head, one by the arm and one down by the legs.

I could not move. It seems an obvious thing to say, given where I was standing, but this was unlike anything I have felt before. I’ve been spread-eagled, in sleepsacks, in medical restraints – all of these immobilize you, but this was new. Steel is like that. It does not flex at all. It is totally solid and unmoving. And cold!

He kept grinning at me. ‘What do you think? It came today too late for me to set it up in the bar, and anyway I need to get a winch point in the there. The guys were keen to see the Shed in action too, so no hurry. That was new for tonight, and you did well in there, really well. Never seen a guy cum so much,’ he said.

I tested out my jaw and found I could just move that, though not easily. I muttered, telling him how great that evening had been.

‘Well I got a waiting list as long as your arm for guys now who want to try their turn. Gets them all coming back, these toys. Going to make our fortune and pay for all the other hobbies in here, too!’ He was grinning again.

I tried to express how different this was, how solid, how totally inescapable, how completely sexy.

‘Well this is yours next weekend, but as usual there are conditions,’ he said.

I babbled – ‘Anything, I agree now, yes, yes, just don’t look anywhere else.’

Then, ‘What are they?’

‘Bit late now,’ he chuckled. ‘The first is that you spend tonight in there, as I have a little fun planned. Mind you, you’re in no position to say ‘no’ to that now are you? The second is that the post is for the full weekend. We have an all-night party starting on Friday evening, and it goes on through the day till early hours Sunday morning. I am going to be busy, so we will sort out water and piss as they are needed. Oh and you will need to be clean and on liquids.’

My cock was straining at the silicon cage. It was sore and tired and very wanked out, but even so I was in agony from the studs I now found on the inside of the cock cage! They were not there last time! Fuck that hurts! It feels so good!

Ryan’s hand went to a hanging yellow winch control, and he pressed the button. I went up and slowly started to spin. ‘Got to get the twist out of the cable,’ Ryan said. The room turned around me, and I got a good look at all of his things.

Damn – ‘This is one of the best equipped rooms I’ve seen,’ I said. He put that grin back on his face; I would do anything to see that grin.

He walked over to a wall rack and took down a few things. It was in the corner of my eye, and I could not see exactly what was happening. The level of restraint felt weird. I could see but not move. I was almost not part of the room but a voyeur looking on.

He came back and put a pile of things onto a small table nearby and pulled out his keys again. Then I found that the helmet part opened separately. He pushed a long rubber gag into my mouth; it was a flat tab that held the tongue down. Pulling my head forward, he strapped it on. Given I was in a steel body cage it seemed funny, but he locked it on!

‘Habit,’ he said and chuckled then shut the front of the helmet again and tightened the lock.

‘Now move!’ he shouted. ‘Show me how much you can wriggle and move!’ I tried. I got nowhere. A little flex of the legs; my boots moved about 5mm but that was it.

‘You are not trying enough,’ he said. This was pissing me off – how could I move? ‘More incentive,’ he said, and I felt his hands touch my nipples, brushing over them. I tensed and then felt the sting as he added a nasty set of clamps. Held upright, I could not really see what he was doing. Sure could feel it through! I jumped. At least my muscles told my body to jump, but all I did was twitch in the grasp of the steel cage. He had hit me with a Tazapper. Nasty thing, an electric shock arcs across to your twitching and helpless body, giving a shock whenever it gets close. He got it close all down the front of my body and then on down my legs! The bastard would not stop. I was howling into the gag and twitching and wriggling all I could in the tiny space around me.

‘That’s a bit better! You are trying harder now. You know there’s a small hole in the end of your chastity so you can pee. It goes both ways with the zapper!’

I screamed into my little gag. My cock was already so sore, so tender, so vulnerable!

‘Ten times,’ he said. ‘You can scream them all out for me!’

‘One,’ he said, and I did scream. Fuck, that was unlike anything I had taken before; like having a pin pushed into the end of your cock.


I was really finding out how much I could move – not a lot. By ‘Nine’ I was shouting, and the tears were running from my eyes and dripping from my chin.

‘Ten’ – thank fuck for that – it was over. ‘Oh and one for luck.’ Zap. The one you are not expecting is always the worst. The pain went up my cock and felt like it went all the way through to my butt. Your mind is a funny thing – I clearly remember thinking it was a good thing the cage was stainless steel or my tears would have had it rusting!

‘Hey, it’s shrunk now!’ he said, laughing. ‘That will teach you to get hard at my ideas, boi.’

Then I felt the cold stickiness of the little white pads. He stuck them on my abdomen in matched pairs, three sets up the ladder of my six-pack. I had been working out and got a real good definition back over the last two weeks. And besides I was so tensed up now that every muscle in my body was rigid and standing out. Then I felt them on my butt cheeks, the inside of my thighs, one pair on the point of my biceps with their partners on the back of my triceps.

Then the ones I was NOT looking forward to; he gripped my ball sack and massaged it again. Pulling the boys apart, I felt the sudden tightness of one of those stretchy silicon toys gripping them and pulling them tight away from each other. Onto the skin at the bottom of each ball he stuck another pad. Patting them into place had me trying to twitch and shout. Neither got me anywhere. He chuckled again. I loved that sound. Good to see at least he was having fun!

Shit what on Earth had I got into!

Ryan was a true Master of this art. He played me like a musical instrument. He had a chain of impulses run between the muscles of my arms that had them trying to move and the biceps and triceps bulging (I was relieved they did not go across my chest); jumping down my body in a wave making a ripple of muscle, through twitching buttocks and on down to my legs where my thighs clenched; they clenched even more when the pulse ended up on my balls. Every time the cycle ended it finished at my balls. Each time the fire of the Estim seared them. The power level slowly rose, making my muscles bulge, my buttocks jump, my legs shiver and then my balls hurt — a lot, and the level was growing. I was howling again. Now there was dribble joining the tears.

Ryan was laughing. Sitting in a leather chair where I could see him, he watched every movement and twitch. I could see him massaging the growing bulge in the front of his rubber shorts.

My cock was so hard again it was mashing itself against the studs in my chastity cage. Then I saw him pick up the Zapper again and almost pissed myself.

Yes, my cock had drawn right back up into its shell when he had finished the next ten zaps.

He went through the cycle several times. I actually lost track. I was drifting into a new place; one I had never been to before.

Eventually it stopped, and I felt his hand running over my body, massaging and patting between the bars of the cage.

I had slumped down as far as the tight cage would take, the relaxation from the end of the session was profound. But really I found I had not moved a lot! My knees were taking some weight on the front bars and butt tight against the back ones. Forehead was resting on the front of the head cage. But that’s about it! Tight!

‘OK, all done now,’ he said. ‘Let’s get some sleep.’ He walked back to his control chair and fiddled with the settings and then crossed to a leather bench by the wall and curled up, looking at me.

‘At least I will!’

My heart sank. What the fuck had he done? I ‘MMrrrpphhhed into my gag, and he giggled. ‘It’s on random now. G’night, babe!’

And he went to sleep. Right there in front of me! It started. He had set it to random zaps on pairs of the pads. It jumped from one set to another. One zap every 30 seconds or so. Just long enough between for me to relax a bit, and then tense waiting for the next one! Not hard enough to hurt, but well enough to keep me awake and waiting, anticipating where the next shock would be. Every so often it missed a zap, and I twitched in auto reaction!

It was a night of hell. I loved it. It was beyond anything I had taken, and I could feel the steel of the immovable cage hold me twice a minute for hours.

In the morning the sexy fucker let me out and hugged me.

‘Be back Friday afternoon, clean and ready to do that all again!’

So here I am, it’s Friday and I am trotting down the stone stairs into the cellar bar. Back in my leather harness and boots all covered by Camo trousers and a Levi jacket. How far will he go? Will the Estim run all of the 36 hours? Can I really do this? On down the stairs.

Yes – I am aching to do that again!

Steellock 2016.


Metal would like to thank the author, Steellock (formerly known as Sailing Master), for this story, which is posted to the Prison Library with his permission. You can read much more gay bondage fiction by this guy by visiting his very own story page, available here.




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  1. Great story, lets hope there is more to come on this one. If I was not locked in a cage right now, would have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please more.

  2. I can feel every movement, every muscle ache, each pulse of the zapper. You make it all so real. Next episode soon please.

  3. Uh oh. The previous episode ended with “to be continued”. This one ends with “steellock 2016”. I’m afraid that this great series doesn’t have another chapter. Damn.

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