The Caged Jock is Dicked Down

The Caged Jock is featured in an erotic film. He is caged in chastity while wearing a belt equipped with a 9-inch dildo. It doesn’t take much to convince him to show off that massive dildo (or to bend over and give it to himself). That’s a request that only an erotic muse like The Caged Jock can handle. The lights are low, and it looks like someone is about to get ‘Dicked Down.’

The Caged Jock is Dicked Down

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Title of this video: Dicked Down

The Caged Jock is Dicked Down

One thought on “The Caged Jock is Dicked Down”

  1. Thank you for the introduction to Frock the World. The idea of Dicked Down got me excited and watching the video didn’t leave me disappointed. Other videos on the site really set my imagination racing – tomorrow I’m off to get the materials to build myself a smother box with hooks on the side for handcuff attachments and a panel to lock my neck in place. I can see plenty of fun times ahead with that.

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