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It is trapped in inescapable full-rubber coverage with a timed lock

Rubber Covered (also known as “it”) is gearing up in its shiniest rubber suit. Every inch of its body is transformed by the new encasement. Underneath the polished exterior, Rubber Covered is plugged in with two breathing tubes that go from its mask, through its nose and all the way down its throat. The final touch is a collar that closes with a timed digital lock around the neck. There’s no escape — and that’s exactly the point.

It is trapped in inescapable full-rubber coverage with a timed lock

It is trapped in inescapable full-rubber coverage with a timed lock

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Title: Rubbercovered

Florida Trap – Part 11

By Johnny Utah

Based on a suggestion by MetalbondNYC

Note: This is the final chapter. To start at the very beginning, click here.

The stocks sat in the middle of a sandy, sun-baked clearing, surrounded by big green old Army style tents and a few plywood buildings with tin roofs. Sweat was pouring into my eyes as I shuffled over to a low platform with two tall vertical posts and two cross members with holes cut in them for my head and arms. What had I got myself into!

A gorilla-sized guard of this hellhole pointed at me and said, “OK, shithead, this can go easy or I can go and get ten of my buddies and fuck you up for life, got it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You stay still while I get these chains off you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I was unshackled and uncuffed.

“Put yer boots in the there.”

I dropped my booted feet into the half circles on the platform. A plank with another two half circles dropped in over my boots. My feet were trapped. In front of me was a crosspiece with cut-outs for my head and arms.

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Total Behavioral Solutions – Part 03

By Sang Freud

Brian was in the observation booth reviewing paperwork when he saw the orderlies return with 5962. The subject formerly known as Tom Hathaway was definitely changed. 5962 was now completely smooth and hairless, and the heavy canvas straitjacket practically gleamed under the fluorescent lights. Brian noticed that 5962 was guided rather than dragged to the exam table.

The orderlies encountered no resistance whatsoever as they laid their subject down, and Brian thought he even saw 5962 willingly place his legs into the stirrups that jutted out from the table’s end. Of course the orderlies secured 5962’s legs with leather restraints before cranking the stirrups apart, but Brian even wondered if this one would have willingly spread its legs for him. His speculation got stronger when he saw the tip of 5962’s dick poking out of its foreskin, covered with a light sheen of precum. It wasn’t overly common, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a subject’s true nature emerged under Brian’s gaze.

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Lucky Cup – Interlude

By GratDelay

This story will make a lot more sense if you have read Lucky Cup. What follows is a standalone scene that happens sometime in the year after the end of the story.

We were playing a game that Aaron came up with. We called it ‘Sixty-nine’, obviously.

My head was trapped between Aaron’s thighs, and my thighs were trapped around Aaron’s head. I could not pull my mouth all the way off his cock, nor could he do likewise. Our hands were glued to each other’s asses, and Aaron was kneading my cheeks. No light reached our eyes, but we could hear each other’s moans and growls.

Smart boy Aaron had used his warp tubes to flip our cocks right-side up in relation to our tongues, a nice touch.

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Event Urinal – Part 07

By Nitro

Hey y’all – I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to me lately to give me feedback and support for my stories. You have helped inspire me to get back into writing, and I have some fun stuff coming.

I have had a whole lot going on in real world land lately that has needed my focus, but now I’m back! Let’s do this! Please feel free to reach out to me and tell me what you think of my stories.




To recap where we left off – SIR and Dallas had just finished an intense 69 skullfuck with one another on one bed and spit their loads down my funnel gag. Shea and Tom were fucking Bill from both ends in the sling. Bill has been locked in self-inflicted chastity for eight weeks. Then that just leaves me—the gimp. I am sitting on the floor with my feet pulled in toward my ass and pressing the heel of my wader boots into the base of a huge plug up my hole. I’m in head-to-toe rubber with a funnel gag in place and restraints on my ankles and wrists. A thick catheter is lodged in my cock which has a tube connected to my funnel gag. Twelve padlocks are holding everything in place and the keys are all sealed in a time safe with one hour per padlock. We started with 12 hours… I have no earthly idea what’s on the clock now, but it feels like it’s been DAYS already. My nipples are on FIRE from the clover clamps at their base and the talon clamps at the tips. The numbing cream on my cock has long since worn off, which tells me it’s been at least a few hours since we started, but I can’t move enough to get friction on my cock to even think about getting close to shooting.

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Pushing the Limit

A group of guys are huddled together in a dark basement dungeon

A group of guys are huddled together in a dark basement dungeon. You can tell by taking one look that these guys are serious about their pleasure. Leather, denim, whips, dildos, and cigars are all in play tonight, and everyone is going to get their limits pushed. The group circles up around Julian Torres as he throws his legs back and exposes his bare ass. The guys take turns stretching him out with their fists inside him. Bennet Anthony finishes off Julian with a hot load while Gunnar gets tagged by Sir Malice and Eli Martinez. The scene ends with dueling sling action between Gunnar, Julian, Sir Malice, and Julian.

male leather sex in the dungeon


Site: frocktheworld.com

Title: Pushing the Limit

caged jock chastity

Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 05

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

…You have a bit of a pissgasm and let yourself enjoy the afterglow.

Thoughts of nothingness fill your mind, and this is the most relaxed you’ve been since you arrived at Garrett’s. You sag and let the padlocks that are holding you against the wall give you support. There’s some tension in a few places — Adam’s apple, armpits, gut, and crotch, it’s a nice feeling. Well, not exactly nice. Different. And that’s a nice feeling.

The light comes on and the door opens. You squint again at the light but not nearly as long as the last time. How long were you drifting? You ‘stand up’ again and look at Garrett holding a full glass of what you know can only be piss.

“I thought you might be thirsty. Gotta enforce the contract, right? And after you empty this, I’m gonna let you fill it so I can feed it back to you. How you doing?”

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