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Hi Metal:

I hope things are going well for you. I thought you might appreciate an update on something that you played a significant role in inspiring (and feel free to use this on your site if you want):

I have now spent just over eight months in chastity, enforced by my boyfriend. Nearly all of it has been spent in a CB-6000s with a slightly modified KSD-G3 add-on to prevent pullout, and no extra spacers (which means a tight fit for the smallest of the devices). We tried the Birdlocked early on, but I turned out to have an allergic reaction to the material it’s made from. I’ve gotten surprisingly used to it, and am usually not even aware of it. My cock seems to have adjusted. It doesn’t struggle so much in the middle of the night to get hard, and my boyfriend is convinced that it’s actually shrunk in size (he likes the pic, below, showing the size comparison).




I’d love to claim that it has never come off, but real life interferes with chastity on occasion, and it has been removed for things like doctor’s appointments and the occasional abrasion that needs time to heal. I’m not sure how anyone could do chastity without breaks for things like doctor’s appointments, but am curious if others have managed to make that work. Even with these breaks, I’ve probably spent 90% of my time with the device locked in place over the past 8 1/2 months.

I thought some of your readers who are into chastity might appreciate a few tips on making long-term wear possible. Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience:

A balance of lubrication and cleanliness is important. Some sites say to keep everything dry, but that led to abrasions whenever my cock would try to grow, which meant having to remove the device to let it heal. I clean inside with soap on a Q-tip while in the shower every morning, and then apply vegetable oil with a Q-tip so that it can move comfortably without chafing. So far, that has worked great and hasn’t caused me any problems.

The right underwear is key. The first few weeks were painful because I was wearing boxers. I’ve learned that I have to wear something like a jockstrap that completely covers my balls inside the pouch to avoid pinching and chafing.

Shaving around the ring helps a lot, since otherwise the hairs can catch in the device and cause little painful moments.

Getting the ring size right makes a huge difference, since a ring that is just a size too small can cause a lot of pain in the middle of the night when the cock is trying to expand. If it hurts enough to wake you up at 4 a.m., the ring is probably too small.

How does it feel? Well, I have to admit it’s a turn-on. I like the feeling of being that controlled, and I guess humiliated, though it’s something that stays between the two of us (well, except for when he walked me around the last Anvil party in a sleepsack with legs, with the cb-6000s sticking out). My BF is actually very generous with the orgasms, about twice a week. He seems to enjoy edging me. And, there are studies that show a higher risk of prostate cancer for men who don’t come quite regularly, so … he’s very nice to me about that. But, of course, the cage comes off right before he edges me, and goes on right after. I have to be in bondage to come, and I have to have his cum inside me first. So, I guess I have to earn it. Just picture me in my leather sleepsack, hooded and gagged, sometimes with a couple tens patches on my ass, maybe a plug in there, with a Fun brand vibrating masturbator over my cock – an awesome machine – being edged for up to an hour before coming. Lots of fun.

Yes, the bondage/cum inside me rules make it a lot hotter for me. I found early on in the process that if we went many days without feeling sexual, the chastity device lost any feeling of sexual turn-on for me, and just become this hunk of plastic that was getting in the way and that I would start to resent. But we quickly got past that, and the device is an integral part of our sex life. I think my BF really likes that I don’t even get to see my cock get hard when he lets me cum. I can just imagine it through the hood. And I have to admit that I really like that, too.

Anyway, thanks for inspiring my journey into chastity a few years back, and keep it up with the great site.

— Rbbrstorage


Metal would like to thank Rbbrstorage and his boyfriend for sharing the information above and the pictures.

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