The Class Reunion

By Mister-X/Spartan

Guy got home from work. He had packed his luggage that morning. He was ready for his high school’s reunion. It had been 10 years since he’d graduated. He was looking forward to showing his classmates who he now was.

His parents were very strict with him when he was growing up. They made sure that he kept his attention on his school work. When he wasn’t studying he had to help out in his father’s business. He had little time for outside activities. He had done no socializing. In truth, he wasn’t interested in socializing, and liked school work. He was considered to be a geek, and as almost all geeks were in school, he was bullied.

But now that he was out on his own, he had changed that image. True, he had a successful job, so all that school work had paid off. But he had taken a long, hard look at himself, and had come to some conclusions. First, he realized that he was gay. Second, he realized that he was kinky, turned on by being bound and gagged. Third, he could see a fat slob looking back at him, and knew that he needed to lose weight and put on muscle to attract others. Fourth, he enjoyed the leather lifestyle. He started making an effort to change his physique, and lost 50 pounds of fat and added pounds of muscle. He now owned a motorcycle, which he would be driving to his class reunion. He would be dressed in his motorcycle leathers over his shirt and tie from work. He was looking forward to his classmates’ reaction to his new image.

He got his luggage attached to the motorcycle, and set off. It wasn’t far, about 200 miles, to the hotel that would be the designated place for the class to gather. He had reserved a room there. The miles flowed by. Guy was good at his driving, exceeding the limit a little, but not enough for him to get a speeding ticket.

Arriving at the hotel, he parked his bike and walked in. Already he recognized some of his classmates who were gathered. Several looked over at him, but no one recognized him. Inwardly, he was pleased at that. A couple of them were waiting at the counter to get their room. When it was his turn, he said “reservation for Shaw.” One of the nearby customers perked up his ears on hearing that.

“Guy? Is that you? My God, how you have changed. I don’t know if you remember me. I’m George Larson.” He stuck out his hand.

Guy took off his leather glove and shook it. George winced from the strong grip that Guy had.

“Hi, George. You don’t seem to have changed. Good to see you again.” The clerk had gotten his information ready and was waiting for Guy. As George walked away, Guy was thinking that George had put on about 30 pounds and wasn’t looking that well. He was always the athletic one, but that muscle was turning to flab now. Guy was already feeling good about how he would compare with other classmates.

After Guy had gotten his room key, he went out to his cycle and got his luggage. He noticed another guy who was also dressed in leathers who looked somewhat familiar who was looking over at him. Figuring there would be time to find out who this guy was, he took his luggage up to his room and deposited it. He hung up his suit coat, spare shirts and leather pants. The other items he left in his suitcase. When he saw the cuffs he smiled inwardly, wondering what the others would say about those.

Guy took a day off from work to arrive on Thursday night. The agenda for the reunion was to have a formal dinner on Friday night, and a dinner the next night in which each was to dress to express their inner ‘self’. Guy couldn’t wait to show up dressed in his leathers with a pair of handcuffs attached to his belt on the ‘sub’ side. He wondered if any of his classmates would understand the significance of that, and would take him up on his ‘invitation’. He hoped so.

It was late, and Guy decided to retire for the night. He always got up early in the morning to do exercises to keep trim and fit. Tomorrow morning would be no exception. He already noticed that the hotel had an exercise room.

After his morning exercises, Guy cleaned up and got dressed. He decided to dress in his suit, since that would be what he would be wearing that evening at the dinner. He had his clothes tailor made to be tight fitting to show off his physique.

There were several events planned for the day, touring the old high school, checking out a couple of new buildings in the city, having lunch together, and attending a local school baseball game. He decided to attend all the events.

Waiting for the bus to take them to their old high school, he happened into Paul. He and Paul were the two that competed to be Valedictorian. Paul edged him out. Paul looked the same as he had while in school. He was more into socializing, more well-rounded than Guy, and he was easy to talk to. “Hey, Paul, what’s up?”

“Guy, is that you? Wow, have you changed! You’re looking great!” Privately, Guy thought that Paul looked a little peaked. Paul was also dressed in a suit.

“Thanks. One day I decided that I didn’t like the guy I saw in the mirror and decided to change that. You’re looking good, also. You haven’t put on any flab like some of our classmates.”

“I’ve been able to keep weight off. But you’ve gone the opposite way from those classmates. You’ve lost quite a bit of weight.”

“It just takes a little will-power. We both exercised that with our studies in school, so I’m sure you’re familiar with that. Have you got a job? Married? What have you been up to in the last 10 years?”

“College first. Then got a Master’s degree. I started working for the state. Haven’t progressed much yet in my career. And haven’t settled down with a family. How about you?”

“College, then a job. I’m doing well. Still single. And gay.”

“Oh. That had to be a difficult decision to come out as gay.”

“Again, I just decided that’s who I am and figured if anyone couldn’t handle that, I didn’t want to be their friend.”

“Any repercussions from work or family?”

“My family decided they didn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, and I probably killed any chance of advancing into management, but I didn’t want that anyway. I’m happy with what I’m doing.”

“As long as you’re happy, that’s the main thing.”

“Will you be doing the tour all day?”

“No, I’ve got other plans after lunch.”

They started boarding the bus. Guy saw others he remembered, but no one else recognized him. He was just as happy with that. He didn’t have many friends in school. Paul was one, and he was happy to have had the chance to visit with him. But he noticed that Paul chose to sit with someone else, the guy who’d been looking at him when he removed his luggage from his motorcycle. He sat at a vacant seat, and soon another sat next to him. He recognized Freddie Mason, the quarterback of the football team.

“Hi. I feel I should know you, but I don’t recognize you. With a build like that you had to have been on my football team.” Freddie stuck out his hand to shake.

“Hi, I’m Guy Shaw.” Guy grabbed his hand in a firm grip and shook it. Freddie wasn’t the jock that he was then, but he was still in decent shape.

“What!! Geeky Guy? Good God, I would never have recognized you now. You sure have changed. I remembered you as 250 pounds of flab.”

“Yeah, I was. I didn’t like it. So I decided to use some of that self-discipline I used to get grades to change my body. I’ve become a gym rat.”

Shaking his head, Freddie went in search of others from his football team who were on the bus. Inwardly, Guy was chuckling to himself. He was thinking, ‘wait until tomorrow night for the big shocker.’

He was able to meet a couple more classmates the rest of the day. He was interested to see what the city he’d lived in while growing up was looking like now, so he spent the tour checking that out. There had been a few changes here and there, but basically it hadn’t changed much. He didn’t even want to see his parents, who still lived here the last he’d heard.

That night at the formal dinner, those who had achieved some distinction were introduced after the meal was finished. As class Salutatorian, (Paul was Valedictorian), Guy was introduced. There were a few gasps from the audience when he stood up and his classmates could see what he looked like now. Again, Guy was pleased at the reaction. When Paul was announced, he wasn’t there.

The next day consisted of more events. These were more along the lines of games, and involved the various class members participating. Guy decided to again dress in his suit, as he had the day before, giving no indication of what he would be like that evening. When the last of these were finished, he went back to his room to get changed. He also wondered what his other classmates would come dressed as.

Guy came dressed in a leather shirt, open at the collar, leather pants, boots and a leather jacket. He also had handcuffs on the ‘sub’ side of the back of his belt.

When he walked into the room all conversation stopped. Guy smiled inwardly as he sauntered up to the bar and sat down, cuffs apparent at the back.   He was curious to see if any of the guys were dressed in leather. He saw some in super-hero costumes, some in suits, some in casual clothes, but no leather. He was wondering what Paul would come as, but Guy didn’t see him. Guy had ordered a beer, and was starting to drink it when his wrists were suddenly yanked behind his back and cuffed. Guy was pleased that the bait he had put out had hooked someone.

The guy sat down next to him, and Guy looked over at him. He was also dressed in leather, and he had a sadistic smile on his face. Guy suddenly realized it was the guy who had been looking at Guy removing his luggage from his motorcycle, and who Paul sat next to on the bus tour. It was one of his bullies at school. Guy started thinking back on all the things he would do. “Hi, Guy. Remember me?”

“Ray. I should have expected it would be you.”

“That isn’t a very nice way to greet an old friend. And in particular since we’ll be having a good time together tonight.” Ray pulled out a two-inch high leather collar and put it tightly around Guy’s neck. He put the tongue through the buckle in the back and yanked it as hard as he could before buckling it tightly closed. Guy and a few of the others let out an audible gasp. Ray reached down and felt Guy’s cock.

“Ah, you’re turned on by the rough treatment and by being choked. You’re in luck. I’m the perfect man to turn you on. I’ll be able to get you so turned on you won’t ever want to be without me. I need to get this secured.” He got a metal collar and locked that over the leather one. It had rings at both the front and the back. He next pulled out a chain and reached over to clip it to the ring at the front of the collar. He also got some ankle shackles which had a connecting chain and started cuffing Guy’s ankles. When Ray had finished doing that, he ratchetted the handcuffs extra tight.

“Let’s go start having some fun.”

Guy had a difficult time keeping up with Ray with the short connecting chain for the ankle shackles. They made a loud exit with the clanking of the chains and clomping of the boots. All conversation in the room had stopped as they were leaving. Guy had achieved one of his objectives, to shock his classmates. Guy figured that he would be taken up to Ray’s room, but in the elevator, Ray said “I don’t have a room here, but someone else that I’ve been playing with does. We’ll join him.”

Ray pulled Guy up to a room on a different floor, pulled out the key, and opened it, pulling him inside. The light was off, and Ray didn’t turn it on until both were inside and the door was closed and locked. When the light was turned on, Guy took a look and let out an audible gasp. There was Paul, naked, on the floor in a cuffed hogtie, his wrists brought all the way back to be padlocked to his ankle cuffs, which brought his chest up off the floor, revealing clamps on his tits. His elbows were brought tightly together behind his back by a leather strap. Paul was also gagged. He was shivering, apparently from nerves. When he saw Guy, his eyes opened wide and he started shaking his head back and forth.

Seeing their reaction, Ray said, “I thought you two didn’t realize that you were both into this lifestyle, both subs. It must go with being brainy. I’ve been playing with Paul for some years, now. He loves to be bound tight, and he hates to be bound tight. He’s not open about it like you appear to be. He wants desperately to cum, but I don’t let him do that until I’ve prepared him properly. But it’s time to get you set up nicely.”

Ray got a washrag from the bathroom and stuffed that into Guy’s mouth, pushing and pushing until it was completely in. Then he got duct tape and wrapped it tightly around his head several times until there was no way he would get any air through his mouth. He then unzipped Guy’s pants and brought out his cock. It was erect and dripping pre-cum. Ray said, “oh, we can’t have that.” He went over to a case and got out a metal chastity device. He then went to the refrigerator and got an ice cube. He came back to Guy and put the ice cube on his cock. Guy let out a gasp, which elicited a chuckle from Ray, and soon Guy’s cock was deflated. Ray put Guy’s cock into chastity, and locked it, pocketing the key.

“I’m now in charge of your cock. It will now always be locked up until I let it out. Paul told me he’d met you and you said you had a good job. Your cock will be locked up when you’re at work. Get used to it.”

Pants zipped, Ray unclipped the chain from the front of Guy’s collar and helped Guy get down onto the floor on his stomach. He clipped the chain to the ring at the back of Guy’s collar and started pulling back on it with one hand while he pulled up the connecting chain to Guy’s ankles with the other.

“This is something I learned when I was in prison. I learned lots of interesting turn-ons for you guys when I was in there.”

Ray pulled up Guy’s arms and strung the chain underneath Guy’s wrists as he pulled it back. He put it underneath the ankle connecting chain and brought it back over to pull back up again. This time he strung it over Guy’s handcuffs and brought it all the way up to the back of Guy’s collar, ankles and collar pulled as close together as Ray could get them, before locking the chain to the ring with a padlock. Ray pocketed this key as well. Guy was having difficulty breathing. His back was also starting to hurt, since it wasn’t used to being bent like this

Ray noticed Guy’s breathing difficulty and said, “here, let me help you.” He got a leather hood that had two little pinholes at the nostrils, and put that over Guy’s head, pulling the strings at the back as tight as he could get them before tying it off. He also managed to work the neck strap around the top of Ray’s neck over the metal collar, and pulled that as tight as he could get it before buckling it. He pulled out another padlock and locked the neck strap on, pocketing the key. Guy’s sight was now gone, and his breathing was further restricted.

Ray turned Guy over onto his back side. With the chain at the back, Guy was resting on his head, fingers, and toes. Guy heard Ray go back over to his bag and return. Guy felt his leather shirt being unsnapped at his chest, and soon felt clamps being put onto his nipples after Ray had pinched them and pulled them out as far as he could. He made a sound into his gag. After the clamps were on, he felt his shirt being snapped back with the clamps inside. This put more pressure on the clamps. He was making more sounds into his gag. The thick hotel washrag muffled most of the sounds Guy was making.

Ray next undid Guy’s belt and started lowering his pants from the front. Guy’s pants were off the floor, so Ray was able to pull them down as far as he wanted, though as tight as they were, it wasn’t easy. He then turned Guy back over onto his stomach, which meant that he was now resting on his clamped nipples as well. He was making more sounds into his gag from that pain. He was beginning to remember some of the things Ray did to him in high school when he’d bully him. He realized that Ray had gotten a lot more sadistic than he was then. He was wondering what he’d gotten himself into at this class reunion.

Guy chose not to wear any underpants in order to feel the leather next to his naked body. Guy heard Ray go over to his bag again, and return. He started feeling some lube put into his crack, and soon started feeling a metallic object being pushed into his ass. It kept going further and further, a little at a time, until finally he felt his sphincter muscle take it in. He started getting other feelings then. He figured that the butt plug had touched his prostate. His cock was trying to get hard, but not able to while in chastity. After that, Guy’s pants were brought back up and belted shut. The tight pants seam at the back started pushing the plug in further.

He then heard the sound of Ray going over to Paul. Soon he started hearing Paul trying to move his head. Ray was saying “you know you love this, which is why I do it. You crave it. Keep trying to get air. You can’t, but keep trying.” Finally Guy heard Paul taking deep breaths, followed by no breaths being made. Guy then heard a repeat of the patter Ray had been saying before. This went on and on. Guy realized that Ray must have been pinching Paul’s nostrils to cut off his air.

After about five cycles of this, Ray said “I think it’s time, Paul, time to remove your chastity and put on that special cock sheath that you enjoy so much.” This elicited some excited responses into his gag from Paul. Guy heard Ray go over to his bag again and come back over to Paul. Guy heard the sound of Paul being put over to his side, and soon heard the click of a lock being opened. There was more fumbling, until finally he heard the sound of Paul being put back onto his stomach.

After that was a repeat of the banter that Ray gave when cutting off Paul’s air. After about a minute of this, Ray said “I’m not stopping until you erupt. I know you will.” This was followed soon after by the sound of screaming by Paul into his gag, followed by what sounded like cuss words Paul was saying.

Ray said “just for that, Paul, I’m leaving that spiked cock sheath and condom on you for the rest of the time you’re here.” He soon started his banter again that he gave when he cut off Paul’s air supply, and this was followed after about a minute by more screaming by Paul into his gag.

Ray said, “you’ve got to start learning some manners. And you’ve got to remember that you come to me wanting this. I help you get what you crave. You shouldn’t complain when you get that.” This was followed by what sounded like pleas coming from Paul.

“Okay, I guess you’ve had enough for now. It’s time for Guy to start experiencing these pleasures. But don’t worry. I’ll be back to pleasure you some more.”

Guy was wondering whether he would like this or not. He’d never experienced having his breath cut off before. And he’d certainly never experienced a spiked cock sheath before.

When Ray returned he asked, “how are the nipples feeling, Guy? Have they gotten used to being pinched yet?” He reached down and started twisting the clamps. Guy responded with muffled sound into his gag as he was experiencing more intense pain.

“Let’s see how turned on you get from breath control.” Suddenly Guy felt fingers pinching his nostrils. He had been breathing through those two little pinholes, but now that was covered up. He couldn’t get any air into his lungs. He tried but wasn’t able to. He also felt a hand down at his cock, feeling it. Guy tried moving his head around to loosen the fingers that were covering his nostrils, but they wouldn’t budge. He also realized that he couldn’t move his head much. He was running out of air. He was starting to panic. He was starting to lose consciousness. And suddenly the blockage on his nostrils was gone.

Guy took a couple of deep breaths. His panic was starting to subside. But just as suddenly the blockage was back again. He couldn’t breathe, though he tried desperately to do so. He couldn’t get air into his lungs. He was trying to, but couldn’t. He was starting to panic again. He was starting to lose consciousness again. But suddenly the blockage was gone and he could breathe.

On and on this went. Finally Ray stopped and went over to his bag. Guy could feel himself turned over onto his side. His chastity was removed. But before his cock could start to get erect, a sheath was put over it. Guy also felt a condom being put over the end as well. After his pants were zipped back up, he felt himself turned back over onto his stomach again. And soon his air was cut off.

This time his cock was getting erect while his air was gone. He kept trying to breathe, but couldn’t. He was instinctively trying to remove the blockage, but couldn’t. He was soon starting to panic again. As he was starting to lose consciousness, he felt his cock erupt. That’s when the pain hit. He started screaming into his gag. ‘Jesus Christ! The pain was unbelievable. Mother of God! What pain! Holy shit, I’ve never known such pain!’ Guy kept screaming and screaming as he let go of rope after rope of cum.

Finally when his cock had subsided, though still skewered by the spikes, Guy started getting his breath back. “You’re obviously just as turned on by breath control as Paul, here, is. That’s good to know. It will be something that you will be experiencing constantly now. I enjoy giving you two what you get turned on by. And I love that cock sheath. I love to hear the screams of pain you two make. It’s music to my ears. Let’s try again.”

Guy was thinking ‘no, no, not again. The pain is too intense! I can’t take that’. But the blockage on his nose was back again. It was another repeat of the previous. Guy wasn’t sure that he could perform again this quickly, but he did, much to his regret. Ray decided to let Guy have a break from this, but went over to his bag again and returned. Soon Guy felt his arms being pulled together above his elbows with a leather strap being put around them and pulled tight before being buckled. It was one more item to have to put up with. His arms were now tightly together like Paul’s were.

Ray kept up his ‘play’ with the pair for a couple more hours before they had no more cum to put out. He went to bed, leaving the two on the floor to cope as best they could. Paul was able to get some sleep, but Guy couldn’t. Check out time from the hotel was at noon the next day. They were both in Paul’s room, and Guy had not been to his. After Ray had gotten up, gotten his rocks off in Paul’s ass, and gotten cleaned up afterwards, he told Guy he was going to Guy’s room to get his belongings. Ray was gone quite a while, and when he finally returned, he wasn’t carrying anything. Guy figured that he’d taken them to his cycle.

Ray first removed the cock sheath and condom from Paul and locked his cock back into chastity. He let him out of his restraints to get cleaned up. He took off the cock sheath and condom from Guy, and locked his cock back into chastity. Guy didn’t like having his cock locked up, but he was happy to have it out of that spiked cock sheath. Ray left the room again and was gone for a while.

When Paul was out and dressed, he came up to Guy and said, “I wish I’d known that you were into this part of the lifestyle when you told me you were gay. I would have warned you about Ray. He’s a monster. I’m sorry that your life is now going to be just as miserable as mine now is. At least I was able to service his massive cock in the morning and evening so you didn’t have to, but your ass will soon have that to take care of as well.”

Guy was wondering whether his meeting with Ray was a good thing or a bad thing. Like Paul, he craved what Ray was giving him. And like Paul, it was far more painful than he wanted.

When Ray was back, he let Guy out of the hogtie he’d been put in, but didn’t let him out of the cuffs, gag or hood. He clipped the chain to the front of Guy’s collar and started pulling him out by that. On the way he said, “I put your belongings and motorcycle into my van. After I’ve got you suitably set up in my van, I’ll be driving you home. I need to see where you live and make sure things are set up properly for you to spend your evenings and weekends there, just as I’ve set Paul’s up for him.” Paul was accompanying the pair, and Guy heard Paul let out a deep sigh when he heard that.

Guy heard a few gasps from people as he was slowly pulled out of the lobby of the hotel by Ray, still dressed in his leathers with the metal collar, but now sightless in the hood. Once inside the back of the van, he was soon restrained as he had been in the hotel room. Ray went back in and checked Guy out of his room, then got into the driver’s seat of his van and started out.

Guy was thinking that Ray seemed to be intentionally aiming for every pothole on the trip. Ray also started talking to him about his plans. “Someone as athletic as you are should be able to handle always being in heavy chains. I’ve got plenty of those to keep you in at night and on weekends. I like those tight collars you’ve got on, and I’ll lock the thick chains to the metal one, making a chest harness. And I’ll pull your cuffed hands up behind your back as far as I can to lock those to the harness. And, of course, your tits will be clamped. You should be struggling and in lots of exquisite pain every night.” Guy was wondering how this would affect his work.

When they got to Guy’s home, Ray parked his van in the driveway, got Guy out of the hogtie that he’d put him into for the trip, clipped the chain to the front ring of his collar, and started pulling him up to the front door of his home. Guy heard at least one gasp from a neighbor. Guy was thinking that Ray was heavily into humiliating him. He wondered where else he would be taken like this in the city he now lived in. He hoped it wouldn’t be to work, but figured that it would be.

Once inside, Ray unhooked the chain from the front of Guy’s collar and clipped it to the back. He found something to put it over, and soon Guy was standing on the front half of his feet pulled up by that chain to his collar. He was again having difficulty breathing. Ray started walking around his home, looking at various rooms and supports, sizing things up. When he returned, he reached up and put his fingers over Guy’s nostrils, and said “I’ll spend the night here, and while you’re at work tomorrow, I’ll go to Paul’s place, move some of the chains out of there to your place. I’ll now be living with you, treating you the way you crave to be when you’re not at work, and have a friend that I’d met in prison take care of Paul in his spare time. I’m sure you will like the change, particularly having your mouth always stuffed and covered in duct tape with that leather hood covering your head and those super tight collars. I don’t think that Paul will like the change. My prison friend likes to beat people after he’s gotten them well secured. I’ll periodically need to switch play partners with him to give Paul a break.” Guy realized that meant that Ray’s prison friend would periodically be in charge of him.

After Ray had done his breath control play with Guy a couple of times, he unchained his collar and took him into the bedroom. He lowered Guy’s pants and yanked out the butt plug, which caused another yell by Guy into his gag. He put Guy on the floor on his knees, and standing in front of him, he zipped his pants down and brought out his massive cock. He tantalized Guy with it in front of his wide-open eyes. Then he put Guy on the floor and got on his back, starting to put it into Guy’s hole, reaching under Guy’s shirt to twist Guy’s still clamped nipples as he did so.

Guy was realizing that his life had completely changed as a result of going to that class reunion. He knew it was not for the better, but realized that a big void in his life was starting to be filled. It was, after all, what he’d hoped would happen when he went to that reunion, though not to this extent. All he could do was experience it. He knew he didn’t have a choice with his cock locked up.

The End

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for the story!

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