The Devil – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

I slowly started waking up. I started to stretch my arms out in front of me, and realized that I couldn’t. When I opened my eyes to figure out why, I remembered that I was tied tightly to a chair, my wrists cuffed behind my back. As I started feeling the cuffs on my ankles and the tight ropes tying me, as well as the gag that was preventing me from opening my mouth, my cock started getting erect. I couldn’t see him because I was blindfolded, and I didn’t hear a sound. My memory started recalling what had happened.

I had recently moved to this city, and didn’t know anyone I could play with. After I’d gotten settled, I started checking out sites to see if I could find someone suitable. I’m a bottom, and have had a fair amount of experience with tops. I figured I knew the catchwords to look for to distinguish those who were just looking for a slave from those who were genuinely interested in playing.

This guy came across on his site as someone who was genuinely interested in playing, despite his internet name, ‘the_devil.’ But with that name, I was intrigued. I decided to meet up, telling him that I didn’t play with anyone until I got to know them better. We met at a nearby restaurant, and discussed desires over dinner, which I had told him I would treat him to. Remembering now, I did most of the talking. He seemed to agree with everything I said, being very nice and accommodating, saying that it was also what he wanted. I realize now that I was too eager to find someone that would get me what I wanted.

We met again the next night at a local leather bar, both dressed appropriately, and he cuffed my hands behind my back at the bar. After blindfolding me and locking a metal collar around my neck, he attached a chain to the ring at the front and pulled me out the back to his car. He lay me down on the back floor and drove off, talking to me all the time. One of my turn-ons is to be talked down to, so he was constantly telling me what a worthless slut I was, and how he was going to treat me the way a worthless bitch should be treated, kept tied and restrained.

When we got to where we were going, he yanked me up from the back of the car and he pulled me inside. He roughly sat me down in this chair and started tying me to it. He also cuffed my ankles after removing my boots, and moved the chain attached to the ring in the front of the collar to attach it to the back. He pulled the chain down, and pulled the connecting chain to my ankles back, and locked the two chains together. It was a tight fit, which required my head and neck to be pulled back. I was starting to have difficulty breathing, and started ‘mmpphh’-ing into my gag. This caused him to start to laugh.

“You might as well get used to it, bitch. You ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

He next reached down and pulled everything out of my pockets. I realized that I had put my driver’s license, which gave my address, and the keys to my place and my car into my pockets. He now had full use of them. I started shaking my head back and forth, and ‘mmpphh’-ed some more. He responded by backhanding me hard across the cheek.

“Gotta first check out your place to see what you got. I’m a little short of both gear and money to buy it. I hope you’ve got more at your place than you brought with you. I’m sure you would want to have me get more to torment you with, you pain slut. You said you wanted to be treated rough, so I need to get some things to treat you proper. I’ve checked out your writing on your profile. You’re quite the pain pig. I’ll do my best to abuse you as you say you want to be, bitch.”

male bondage storiesSaying that, he spit on me, laughing when he saw my reaction. He left the place he’d put me in.

I was trying to figure out where we were. I kept hearing strange sounds, like the pitter-patter of little animal feet. I figured that he hadn’t brought me to where he lived. It sounded like I was in some kind of abandoned warehouse.

Time passed slowly as I waited for his return. I finally fell asleep. I awoke once to the feel of something at my ankle, but when I flexed it, whatever it was left. All in all, I couldn’t tell how long I’d been asleep or what time it was. With the blindfold, I couldn’t see any light. I hadn’t heard any birds chirping, so I figured it wasn’t daylight yet.

Time dragged on. There was no sign of his return. I finally heard birds chirping, so I figured the sun either had come up, or was about to. I wondered if he had fallen asleep in my bed. I keep it nicely covered with leather sheets. It had sounded at dinner that he would like that, but I couldn’t be sure that anything he told me was true, or was something to get me to agree to accompany him.

Time dragged on further. I needed to go, both #1 and 2, but couldn’t, tied to this chair like I was. I was thinking that this guy wasn’t very considerate of me, leaving me like this. I also was hungry and thirsty, but there was no sign that this would be satisfied, either. All I could do was wait. And wait some more. It had been Friday night when we met, with a holiday weekend coming up, so there was time for us to play for a couple of days. I didn’t expect to spend it like this, however.

I don’t know how many more hours passed before I finally heard a sound. He was finally back. I heard him drop a heavy box on the floor next to me. When it hit, I could hear the banging of metal against metal, as well as the rattling of chains. I figured he’d gotten the gear he wanted. I wondered how much of my money he’d spent getting it.

The next thing I felt was him unzipping my pants. I didn’t have any briefs underneath. “You’ve probably been needing to pee. Go ahead into this jar.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I quickly obliged.

After I was finished, I felt him putting my cock into something. I didn’t hear the ‘click’ of a padlock, so I figured that it wasn’t a chastity device. I started noticing something on the inside of it that was attaching itself to my cock. My pants were left unzipped.

The next thing I noticed was my chair being taken over to a different part of the room. I heard something metallic being attached up above me. Next I felt the chain that was attached behind my head being released from the ankle cuff chain and attached to another chain. Soon that chain was slowly pulled up. I stretched my neck and pulled my head up as high as I could get it. But the chain was pulled up more. I was having difficulty breathing. I tried swallowing, but couldn’t. I was getting excited, and suddenly felt a lot of pain coming from my cock. I started yelling into my gag. The guy started laughing.

“I thought you’d like that spiked cock sheath. Go ahead and erupt. That will really get you some pain, you slut.”

My God, what pain that was. I’d never experienced pain like that. I was screaming as loud as I could, though that gag muffled my sounds. Finally I heard the unmistakable sound of cum splattering on my leather shirt. After my cock had subsided, I still felt pain from it. Apparently the sharp spikes were now embedded in it. I hoped he would remove it now that I’ve cum, but he showed no sign of doing that.

He had locked the pulled-up chain above, and my head was still kept pulled up high by that chain. I knew that in this position I was turned on and would soon be erupting again. All I could do was prepare myself as best I could for the inevitable. In the meantime, I was hearing him attaching some items to something nearby. I figured I was going to be in for more torment and torture.

After a while the sounds he was making had stopped. He seemed to be waiting for something, but I didn’t know what it was. Suddenly the pain was back from my cock, and I started screaming again. I felt him stroking my sheath-covered cock, and I soon erupted again, screaming at the top of my voice all the time.

After I’d subsided, he started undoing the ropes that kept me secured to the chair. My second eruption was apparently what he had been waiting for. After I was free from the chair, he helped me stand up. I hadn’t realized how weak I had become, what with the two eruptions, spending all that time in the chair, and not having eaten. I figured that was why he had treated me that way, so I would become more pliable to him.

He also took off my blindfold. He gave me a minute for my eyes to adjust to the light, dim as it was. He started walking me over to what I could now see was a pole, set up in the room as support for the floors above in the building. The chain to my collar was still attached, and I could see that it had been locked to a metal rung that was sticking out of the pole above my head. I noticed a stepladder on the side, which he must have used to do this.

When my back was against the pole, he locked a chain that he’d already attached to the bottom of the pole to one ankle cuff, and locked the other end to the other ankle cuff after pulling it around the pole. I now couldn’t move my feet away from the pole. I could see what he was planning to do to me, but in the weakened condition I was in, I couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

He had another chain hanging down opposite my neck, which was obviously attached to something at the back of the pole. He locked one end of the chain to a ring at one side of my metal collar, and locked the other end to a ring at the other side. My head had dropped back to its normal position after the taut chain attached to the back of my collar had been slackened when I got up from the chair, but this chain was so high that to attach it, he had to pull the chain up to get my head up higher. He succeeded in doing this. I was back to that position again.

Next he unlocked the cuffs on my wrists. He started removing my leather shirt. My hands were free, but I couldn’t do much with them. I made a few feeble attempts, but he just laughed when I did. After my shirt was off (no undershirt), he pulled one wrist back behind the pole and locked it to another chain. This one was also pretty high up, and my arm had to be lifted high up to lock it. I was tilted slightly. Then he took the other wrist and pulled it back behind the pole to lock it to the other end of the chain. This was just as high up, and my shoulders started hurting me from the forced position of my arms.

After he’d finished this, he tested the chains to make sure they were in the position he wanted them to be in, as well as pulled taut. Then he went out of my sight. I was testing the position I was in. I was forced up onto the front half of my feet when he pulled my head up to attach my collar to the chain. My ankles couldn’t move at all, nor could my wrists, nor could my head. I was attached to that pole.

When he returned, I saw that he’d put on some boxing gloves. He wasn’t able to tie the strings completely, which would require the assistance of another, but they were still on pretty good. He was sporting a big smile when he came up to me.

Standing in front of me, he smashed his fist into my gut, his smile getting bigger. Then he started dancing around and started pummeling me. There was nothing I could do but accept it. The more punches he landed, the weaker I was getting. Finally I passed out.

Coming to again, I soon realized that I was still tightly chained to that pole. I quickly remembered where I was and what I’d been through. My mid-section was hurting from the blows he’d delivered. My shoulders were also hurting me, as was my cock, wrists and ankles. He was nowhere to be seen. I wondered how long I was going to be kept in this position.

I started thinking back on the time. We met Friday night and I was brought here. He strung me up next to this pole on Saturday night, so it had to be later Saturday night or early Sunday morning. I couldn’t hear any birds, so I figured the sun hadn’t come up yet. I figured that he’d spent Saturday during the day shopping for gear, so it was possible that he would be back Sunday during the day to continue. Since Monday was a holiday, that gave me almost two more days of this.

He was back later in the afternoon. When he returned, he put the jar up to my penis for me to piss into. He then brought the ladder over and set it up next to me. He picked up a spider gag and looked me square in the face a couple of inches away. He said “I’m going to take out your gag and replace it with this spider gag so I can get off into your mouth. If you try to hinder me in any way, I will severely punish you, something I’m sure you realize you don’t want. Got it?”

male bonsage torture pornI nodded my head up and down as best I could.

“Good.” I’d thought about hindering him, but realized that would not be wise. After all, he had me at a distinct disadvantage. Soon the spider gag was in my mouth. He got up on the ladder and had his fly open. His cock was out and was in front of my eyes. It was huge. He was seeing my reaction, and said, “Very few men have the privilege of servicing my cock. Look at this as a rare opportunity. But I expect a good servicing in return.” I was ready to start licking the tip and sucking it when it was inside my mouth.

He grabbed the chain that was attached to the back of my collar and started pulling it up as he was inserting his cock into my mouth. That presented a couple of problems for me. As I was trying to suck his cock, my cock was starting to get hard while in that spiked sheath, and I was getting intense pain from it. I involuntarily tried to scream, which prevented me from sucking his cock. He was getting annoyed, and said, “you aren’t doing a very good job” and pulled harder on the chain. This, of course, made things worse.

The chain also prevented me from breathing through my nostrils, and with that big cock in my mouth, I couldn’t breathe through my mouth, either. I was trying to focus on sucking his cock, but without everything else that was happening, I obviously got distracted. My brain was telling me that he was doing this on purpose, that he didn’t expect a good cock-sucking job from me, but I kept trying. Finally he erupted down my throat, which caused me to have more trouble breathing. Mine also erupted at the same time, which caused me more intense pain, caused me to try to scream with his big cock in my mouth.

He finally pulled his out, but he locked the chain at the new higher point. I was choking big time with that. He started muffling my now audible screams by putting the penis gag back into my mouth through the spider gag. He got it buckled behind my head and said, “I’m disappointed that you couldn’t service my cock better than that. You told me at that dinner that you were pretty proficient at doing that. I guess you lied.” Before leaving, he punched me hard in the stomach.

With that chain continuing to choke me, I knew that I would soon be erupting again. My cock never got completely deflated, and I was having constant pain from it. I realized that this guy was the devil. He knew how to yank my chains. I was shaking from the position I was in, all from nerves, as I was trying to get hard and trying to breathe. I’d never been so turned on in my life. At this point I would do anything the devil wanted me to do.

I had erupted twice more before he returned. Despite how tired I was, I responded to his smile by also getting a gleam in my eye. “My, you certainly have put out a lot of cum. You must be turned on by this.”

I nodded my head up and down.

“I’m glad, because I’ve decided to move in with you. I’ve already moved my things in. I like your bed a lot. I hope you will like your new one as well.”

I was thinking that the devil was taking a lot of liberties, but when I thought about how turned on I’d been, I decided he was welcome as long as he kept this up. But I wondered where I’d be sleeping and what position I’d be in when I was. After all, I did need my sleep at night so I could function well at work.

“I also got you some new clothes. You’ll need something to hide the collar you’ll now always be wearing.”

When I tried to look down at the one I had on, he laughed and said, “no, not that one. I’ve ordered a special one. It’ll be here soon. Have you ever heard of a spiked punishment collar? That’s what I’ve ordered for you. I know you’ll love it.”

I’d never heard of a spiked punishment collar. From the name it sounded like something out of the Spanish inquisition. I was going to have to look it up on the internet when I had a chance. I wondered what kind of devil’s collar it would be.

“In the meantime I’ve brought a different collar to put on you until that one gets here. I’ve also got a chain harness to put on you as well. You will now always have the chain harness on, even when working. It’s got another connection that you’ll like. I’d noticed that you bent over a lot when we were having dinner, and when I was taking you out of the bar. You should always be upright, looking straight ahead. With this on, you will be that upright man. It will help your posture.”

I wondered what device he was talking about. I had noticed that I’d been bending over too much lately. It sounded like the devil had decided to correct that. I wondered what the details were.

He again left me for a couple of hours, that chain still pulled up taut. I erupted another time while I was waiting for his return. When he returned it sounded like he had driven up in my van.

I was finally lowered some, though with the chain attached to my collar still keeping me from moving away. While I was standing there, he put the chain harness on my chest, with the lowest chain going around my stomach just under my ribcage. It was locked on tightly. With my hands and ankles still attached to chains going around the post, he finally removed my collar.

He replaced it with a two-piece collar. The first piece was around the base of my neck, and was tighter than skin-tight. It was pressing into the base of my neck. He attached a small chain from the back of this part to the chain that was around my stomach, pulling it up taut before locking it. The second piece was connected to the first one, and was high enough to go around the top of my neck, also tighter than skin-tight. I was turned on by both of them, and was once again in pain as my cock was getting hard.

“The top part stays on while you’re at home, but comes off when you go to work. Your shirts will hide the bottom part. The chain harness will always be on, even when you are at work. Again, your clothes will hide it. Now, try to bend over with that on.” I tried, but couldn’t.

“With that on you will now be an upright man.” My wrists were removed from the chain that went behind the pole. My left wrist was brought up and locked to a part of the chain harness that was behind my right shoulder blade. Likewise, my right wrist was locked to a part behind my left shoulder blade. I had been looking forward to getting my shoulders some relief, but this was just as bad as before.

My ankle cuffs were unlocked from the chain that went around the pole. A chain was clipped to a ring at the front of my collar(s), and the blindfold was put back on. I was pulled out of the room and the building. I was helped into the back of my van, and soon had that chain unclipped from the ring at the front of my collar and clipped to the back of my collar. It was pulled back and locked to the connecting chain to my ankle cuffs. It wasn’t pulled back severely, just enough to make sure that I was in a hog tie of sorts.

The devil got into the driver’s seat and drove off. When we got to what I assumed was my garage, he pushed the garage door opener and drove inside, closing the garage door behind the van. I was home, but what my home would be like I didn’t know. The chain was removed from the connecting chain to the ankles, as well as unclipped from the back of my collar, put back to the front. I was pulled inside. At the door from the garage, he removed my blindfold. I was curious to see what my house looked like now.

Pulling me down the hall, I could see no change. When we passed the bedroom, I stole a glance inside, and saw no change. He was taking me to the playroom, which was on the other side of the house. When we got there was when I saw the change. There was a little cage that had been inserted, with a length of rope setting on top.

He first put me down on the floor in front of the cage door. He brought the connecting chain to my ankles forward and locked it to a short chain, which he also locked to that chain that was just under my rib cage. He got another chain, which he put around my ankles and thighs, pulling it tight before locking it, my lower legs now resting on my thighs. With that done, he unclipped the chain from the front of my collar and attached it again to the back bottom part. He pulled that back, putting some muscle into pulling it down and locking it to the connecting chain from my ankles. My head was tilted back, almost looking up. He started pushing me into the cage like this.

When I was completely inside, he closed and locked the door. Then he tied one end of the piece of rope to the ring at the back of the top part of the collar. He brought this forward and out the front end, then up to the top, and back to be put in through the back, then pulled forward to tie my ankles together. But before doing that, he yanked the chain as taut as he could get it, putting some muscle into doing so. I was now being choked at both the top and bottom parts of my neck.

This started driving me wild. I was so incredibly turned on. I was thinking, ‘Jesus Christ, Mother of God, Holy Hell,’ this even topped the time I was left at that pole in that abandoned building. My cock was desperately trying to get erect, though it was trapped between my body and the metal floor of the cage. I was once again shaking from nerves.

The devil started calmly talking. “This is the position you will now be kept in when you are at home. I can see that you like it. Tomorrow is a holiday, and I’ll leave you like this until Tuesday morning to get adjusted. Again, that collar at the base of your neck is a poor substitute for the collar that I’ve ordered. When that gets here, you’ll notice a big improvement.”

I was having a lot of difficulty breathing. I wondered when he would be by to again get his rocks off in his ‘cum dump.’ And I wondered where all the cum will go that I will be erupting. But in the meantime, I decided to just relax as best I could and enjoy the position I’m in, the most turned on I’ve ever been.

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story!

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  1. Do you know any similar “posture device” for real life? If there’s no metal on the skin, even better (I prefer leather etc.).

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