The Execution


stories by CREUSSThe squad was progressing under cover, along the hill. We were to walk round the enemy camp, and take them from behind.  The Lieutenant gave us this mission, not to overtake them, but to create a second attack, at the same time our forces would invade them from the other side. They call that strategy.  It was a realistic training, against the paras, but we did not fear them!

The leading NCO ordered two of us (me and a good mate) to strip naked but the underpants, cover us with dust and earth, and crawl as close as possible to the camp. We had a river to cross swimming; so naked was better (if not, we would be soaked and noisy when getting to the enemies.)  So we did, and we took the path we were indicated. Others were to walk a longer distance, to get there, taking a bridge about 5km further. Our scout expedition would help to get quickly and safely to the enemies, and save time the attack.  We took the time to be very cautious, and quiet as it would be stupid to be discovered now and let them guess our tactics.

Eventually, we found ourselves very close to their camp. We could see them but not be seen. As the Lieutenant thought, they had very few defences toward the river, as they were expecting us to attack from the other way.  We decided to split up, and my mate made a tour around the camp to have a better view behind the rocks on the left side.  I saw him crawling and moving slowly, toward the spot he wanted to get to.  I would be able to see him from my spot but he won’t be able to see me when he got there.

For about half an hour, nothing moved, and the surroundings were very quiet.  Suddenly, I felt a cold metal cylinder in my back and a whisper by my ear ordering me not to move, and to raise my arms.

I was ordered to stand up and then everything went fast. I was handcuffed behind my back, and then hooded with a canvas bag; all before being hit on the head with the butt of a rifle.  I fell on the ground in one second, almost totally unconscious.

When I woke up, I was in their camp, still hooded, standing up, back to a tree. They had roped me from ankles to torso. So I was unable to move or fall.  One soldier talked to me. He explained that they were at war, and they discovered a spy around their camp. When they have captured a spy, and he is a soldier, they keep him prisoner.  If not, they kill him.  He told me I was not wearing any uniform, so I was not under the protection of the Geneva Convention, and had to be shot dead!

I tried to protest and explain that I was a soldier but after the first word he punched my stomach hard and cut off my breathing. When I recovered from the hit, he had gagged me with an old rag effectively stopping me from talking.  He called to his men and ordered five of them to form the firing squad and shortly they were lined up in position.  I had my soul in my heel but was almost sure it was all to frighten me and they would stop within seconds.

More orders followed and they were about to shoot me.  Within seconds I heard the voice commanding FIRE and the bullets hitting me. The bullets hit me at several spots on my body. I slide down within the ropes – shot dead. I felt my life leaving my body.


When I woke up, I was still bound to the tree. I was still gagged and hooded. I could feel the wounds of the bullets but it seemed none were lethal. But it was hurting like hell.  All around me was quiet. They must have gone I thought.  Soon I felt someone cutting the ropes and I fell to the earth. He removed the hood, then the gag, and I was able to recognize my mate. He explained after they fired me they moved their campsite so we wouldn’t be unable to find them again.  He would have intervened but he had no gun.  He asked me how I felt but I was unable to talk.  I did not understand what had happened and I was still in shock. He told me they fired rubber bullets and they wouldn’t kill me but as I was naked and the impacts were very noticeable.

I looked down at my body and saw the bruises where the five bullets hit me. Three were around the heart and it was probably the reason why I passed out.  I felt a welt just above my eyes in the middle of my forehead. The fifth, and most painful, was a direct hit to my balls.

The squad get there within half an hour and our commander told us that we spoiled the attack and the fight would be much harder as the enemy would be more careful now.

The “bullet holes” were painful for days and the bruises lasted for over two weeks.  Sadly, I was unable to wank off for a long time!


Metal would like to thank CREUSS for this story! You can contact him via Recon.

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