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Welcome to the Military Police


stories by CREUSSI’ve been serving in the foreign legion for years now…

Good time, bad time… depends…

No regrets…

No pain, no gain, said the enlisted Englishmen… it was right here too…

I was to change of regiment. I was due to get to the new one, next week, on Tuesday… I did not have my “Feuille de Route”, but we always get it at the latest minute.

As we were Friday only, I was expecting having a 72 (a leave for 72 hours – 3 days). Sure it was not signed yet, but I was almost sure I would be free tonight….

In order to move quickly, all my belongings where ready by the middle of the day, and I was just waiting the documents to be signed to get dressed in “tenue de sortie”, and go…

I went to the “ordinaire” (the place where troopers eat) for lunch, and had a nice lunch.

Then I went for the regular haircut, in order to look perfect when I get to the new place.

I was not to be involved in the training this afternoon.

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Eckie: A great site for male bondage stories and better than ever

For those of you who enjoy really good bondage stories, don’t forget to visit the long-running and very popular page run by Eckie of The Netherlands:

Eckie gay bondage stories

Eckie is one of my heroes. He’s the kind of guy who can look at a picture or a short video clip of a captive in some sort of unusual predicament, and then write a lengthy story based on it. Eckie also posts stories from his many contributors. He has been at this for more than 25 years now!

Earlier this year Eckie experienced some technical difficulties and he took his page down for a while, but due to very high demand he has since resumed — at the revised location of https://eckie.com/simple/ — with a slightly different format. You have to sign up to access the content, but doing so is free — and well worth it!

I check Eckie’s site just about every day. Some of the recent stories on his site that I have particularly enjoyed include:

“The Gag Lover” by Mmmpppfffhhh

“Hypnotised Biker” and “The Dummy From the Spa” by Dream Nephilim

“Hooded Forced March” and “Skinhead and Legionnaires” by Creuss

Plus there are also many, many excellent stories by Eckie himself, some of the more recent of which include:

“The Gibbet Cage”

“Hogtie Challenge at a Cost”

“Living in a Box”

… and many more!

Visit Eckie’s site — you will be glad you did!

gay bondage stories Eckie

Overnight Cage Training


overnight in a cageWhen I was in the army, we did attend several Commando Courses along my career. I remember once we had one in a place I won’t quote, as there is no real interest in the place location. On week one, we had a lot of training and learning skill. At the beginning of the second week, we had to use what we have learnt the previous week. They wanted us to practice too after a period of stress, specially a “risk run” up and down the fort. For getting the stress they wanted us to get, we had to spend about three hours in a cage.

Let me describe the surroundings. The fort was by the seaside. We could have a nice view on the ocean, and parts of the walls were falling into the sea. On one end, there were moat and rocks that were filled with water at upper tide and almost empty and very damp and muddy at lower tide. This was the period they would love us to run or crawl in stinky mud. On the other side of the fort, it was the beginning of a wild sand beach. As it was a military property, no civilians were allowed miles around.

Training was rough and efficient, and most men enjoyed it a lot as it was really challenging you.

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Skinheads and Legionnaires


Part 1

stories by CREUSSI have been serving the Foreign Legion for 7 years, aged 17 to 24. After a couple of years of Service I was a Brigadier Chef, the equivalent of a Corporal. With a couple of mates, Legionnaire or Lance corporal or Corporal, we used to have a night leave at times, and we were enjoying spending our free evening in a Café by the old Roman Theatre. Place was quiet and the owner was rather friendly, as were customers.

When there, we used to have a quiet table at the rear of the café, rather cut from the rest of the crowd. When we were 3 or 4 we used to have at least one row each paying for some beer, so we could have four beers each in one evening, often double of this amount!

You know that legionnaires are not allowed to wear casual clothes at any time when in their first contract. So every time we were having a leave we had to leave the barracks in “tenue de sortie,” our equivalent of number 2 dress. We were not allowed to be outside of the barracks on a leave in combats, too.

One night I was with two of my mates, Legionnaire Mike T., an Englishman, and Brigadier Gary S., a Scot. They were a little it older than me, not much, but still. I was 19 and half myself, just back from the NCO school and to become a Marechal des Logis soon, the cavalry equivalent of a Sergeant!

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How to build a bamboo cage

I would never advocate keeping a prisoner against his will, or putting anyone in restraints who does not WANT to be restrained. However, I must admit, many times I have beat off thinking about American prisoners of war in Vietnam, being kept tied up or locked in small, uncomfortable cages. Is that wrong?

gay bondage


A while back, CREUSS sent along a set of instructions on how to build a bamboo cage. Batard4skin writes:


Cages are a sort of cubic box. As you know, in tropical regions, bamboo grows fast, easily and is very solid. You can make many thinks with bamboo.

You cut the bamboo sticks first, and you make a sort of ladder crossing the two main bars with smaller ones, and you tie them all with leaves you pick up on some plants (can’t remember the name now). Those natural ties are really solid and efficient.

To prevent the bars from slipping, you make some cuttings in the bamboo, to keep it in place.

gay bondage

You make four equal panels like this, then two smaller ones. Then you build the box.

When you tie the panels together, they are firmly held. The bamboo is flexible enough not to break easily, or if you have some pressure on it.

As you are normally hands tied up in your back in such a cage, it is really escape-proof.



Thanks for the information, CREUSS!


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Buried Alive


stories by CREUSSHere is a true story…

I have accepted to let you know about an experience I had a couple of years ago.

You will notice that there is nothing exceptional, and we agreed in advance with the “programme,” so no surprise…

So, we had a very nice Wednesday in the forest, a few years ago, in February… How surprising as by chance it was probably one of the nicest days of this winter.

My mate collected me at his local railways station, outside of Paris, near Fontainebleau … We made our way to the forest, and parked the car as close as we could, but we still had a couple of kilometres to walk.

We loaded our rucksack on our backs and made our way through the forest.

We crossed a couple of hikers, but not much… they looked at us as we were both wearing French army combat dress, but we ignored the fact…

Within half an hour we get on the site he had planned…

We did start with some bondage games, but this is not the plot right now… I will let you know another time for this part of the game…

I wanted to get buried in the sand, up to the neck…

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The Execution


stories by CREUSSThe squad was progressing under cover, along the hill. We were to walk round the enemy camp, and take them from behind.  The Lieutenant gave us this mission, not to overtake them, but to create a second attack, at the same time our forces would invade them from the other side. They call that strategy.  It was a realistic training, against the paras, but we did not fear them!

The leading NCO ordered two of us (me and a good mate) to strip naked but the underpants, cover us with dust and earth, and crawl as close as possible to the camp. We had a river to cross swimming; so naked was better (if not, we would be soaked and noisy when getting to the enemies.)  So we did, and we took the path we were indicated. Others were to walk a longer distance, to get there, taking a bridge about 5km further. Our scout expedition would help to get quickly and safely to the enemies, and save time the attack.  We took the time to be very cautious, and quiet as it would be stupid to be discovered now and let them guess our tactics.

Eventually, we found ourselves very close to their camp. We could see them but not be seen. As the Lieutenant thought, they had very few defences toward the river, as they were expecting us to attack from the other way.  We decided to split up, and my mate made a tour around the camp to have a better view behind the rocks on the left side.  I saw him crawling and moving slowly, toward the spot he wanted to get to.  I would be able to see him from my spot but he won’t be able to see me when he got there.

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How the Army Buried Me in the Ground


stories by CREUSSHere is a real story again.

It happened about 25 years ago when I was a soldier. I spent 7 years in the army from age 17 to age 24. We were all professionals, that has to be said, as the military service still existed in those days. As the “elite” of the army, discipline was hard and rough so punishment for misconduct or any failure could be severely inflicted.  We were quite often training in battlefield conditions. Usually, it was a matter of 3 nights and 4 days per training session but it could be longer, of course.

You probably noticed that when you are in a barracks, there is always a place used and/or called the “prison.”  It is not always pleasant to visit, but it happens.  Anyway, when you are outdoors for a few days, there isn’t a fixed prison, so the officers (I am unable to share with you the exact division of the army that I belonged to, let it suffice to say that we were the crème de la crème and the best of the best) have found a simple way to handle “convicts” for over a century – sorry, no pix available.

Here is my first experience:

Actually, I will start my story as my punishment began.  All day long, we were undergoing map reading and compass training. But for some reason I got lost and got back to the campsite quite late – far too late, actually.  I was yelled at until my commander was hoarse and would be punished overnight for my inability to follow orders.

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