The Fall of a Master – Part 02

By Rubrpig

The slave inhaled the smell of its new owner and felt the scent imprint on its mind, so it knew it was owned by this Master…

Master Gunther looked down at the naked slave between his legs and smiled.  The slave sucked and licked Gunther’s cock, which pleased Gunther.  He barked an order to the slave and told him to pull off his cock and stand up.  The slave pulled back off his Master’s cock reluctantly and got to his feet.  The slave stood erect, head bowed and remained still as his wrists were still padlocked together behind its back.  Master Gunther stood up, his wet cock slapping against the heavy leather of his chaps as the stood up and moved behind his new slave.

Master Gunther grabbed a leash and snapped it to the D-ring on the front of the heavy leather collar the slave wore and then tugged on it and walked from the room with his slave quietly following.  The slave’s bare feet making soft slapping noises on the floor as the two men walked to the room that Gunther had set up as his private dungeon space.  The slave followed, and when they entered the room it knew that it would be tested as it had witnessed what Master Gunther was capable of in that room.

Master Gunther walked over to the St. Andrew’s cross bolted to the wall and ordered the slave to stand against it facing the wall.  The slave obeyed and Master Gunther quickly unlocked the padlock on the wrist restraints and then padlocked the left wrist then the right wrist to the uprights of the cross, he then kicked his slave’s feet apart and padlocked the ankle restraints to the cross.  He then walked over to a shelf and picked up a leather plug gag and walked back over to his slave and ordered the slave to open its mouth and the gag was inserted and buckled tightly behind the slave’s head.  The slave remained still and did not move its head but stared straight ahead at the wall behind the cross.

Master Gunther walked over to a rack and picked up a riding crop and a cat-of-nine-tails and walked back over to the slave.  He began to use the crop on the slave’s ass cheeks and the inner thighs which caused the slave to begin to moan and groan into the heavy gag.  The slave began to drool, and it dripped down onto its chest.  Once the skin of the slave’s ass and thighs were red and welted, Master Gunther rubbed his rough hand over the inflamed skin, feeling the heat radiate from his slave’s ass.  He put down the crop and picked up the cat and began to swing it, making it whistle in the air as he warmed up his shoulder and arm.  Suddenly, he brought the cat down hard on the slave’s upper back and the slave screamed into its gag and arched its back in pain.  Master Gunther brought it down hard again and again on the slave’s back till it was heavily welted, dark red and bruised.  There were streaks of blood from where the cat had broken the skin.

Master Gunther walked over and closely examined the slave’s back.  He nodded and put the cat down on a bench.  He walked over to a cabinet and grabbed bottle of peroxide and a clean towel and went back over to the slave and poured the peroxide on the back of the slave and wiped the skin dry with the clean towel.  He grabbed a tube of antibiotic cream from the cabinet and rubbed it into the welts where the skin had opened up.

The slave was still standing but it was struggling to remain on its feet despite being shackled to the cross.  Master Gunther unlocked the restraints and grabbed the slave and helped it to walk over to a fuck bench.  He helped it onto the bench and strapped and locked it down to the bench.

Master Gunther grabbed a bottle of lube and poured some into his hand and he began to rub the lube into his slave’s ass crack and then fingered his slave’s hole, lubing it up.  The slave groaned and then moaned as Master Gunther worked his finger then 2 fingers, then 3 fingers into the tight hole.  The slave had been seldom fucked when it had been a Master, so it was still tight.  Master Gunther grabbed his cock and began to stroke it to get it even harder than it was, and it was soon dripping pre-cum from the slit.  He skinned it back exposing its head and then began to push it into his slave’s asshole.  His kept up the pressure and his cock slowly slid into the tight hole.  His slave groaned as its ass stretched to take the large hard cock of its new Master.

Master Gunther slowly slid in, letting the slave’s hole stretch and get used to his cock and after a few minutes his cock was buried deep in his slave’s hole and his balls were slapping the slave’s ass.  The slave was grunting and breathing hard, but it was ready.  Master Gunther began to slowly pull out and ram back in.  The fucking of his new slave began in earnest as he began to pound it hard and deep.  He fucked his slave hard and after a few minutes felt the pressure building and he shoved his cock in deep and began to cum, firing his heavy load deep in his new slave’s ass.  The slave moaned as it felt the hot cum pouring into its guts as his Master bred him.

Master Gunther kept his cock buried in his slave’s hole but slumped down onto the slave’s back.  His leather vest felt cool to the slave on the hot welted skin of his back.  The slave groaned and moaned; more drool poured out of its mouth.  Then suddenly, the slave’s cock blew a load over the fuck bench and the floor under it.  Master Gunther pulled out slowly and laughed.  He walked over and knelt in front of the slave and grabbed its head and held it up so he could look at it in his eyes.  He asked the slave if it like getting beaten and fucked by his Master.  The slave slowly nodded its head.

Master Gunther stood up and looked down and noticed that there several drops of the slave’s cum on the toes of his highly polished combat boots.  He frowned as he unlocked the slave from the fuck bench and once that was done pointed silently to the toes of his boots.  The slave looked down and saw that it has gotten its Master’s boots dirty.  It dropped down as quick as it could and slowly crawled over to its Master’s boots and began to lick and suck the smooth heavily polished leather clean.  Master Gunther watched and when his boots were cleaned to his satisfaction, he told the slave to clean up the rest of the mess it had made on the fuck bench and the floor.  The slave twisted around and saw that there was cum dripping off the fuck bench and several puddles of its cum on the floor.  It crawled over and began to lick up its cum, cleaning up the mess.  When it was done it laid there quietly until it had been told that its Master was pleased.

Master Gunther ordered the slave to its feet, and it quickly stood and kept it head bowed and its arms behind its back.  The instinct to do this seemed to it be so natural that it was surprised at how it was reacting to its complete submission.  Master Gunther watched and then hooked the leash to its collar and led it back to the lounge room.  In the corner of the room was a cube shaped cage and the two men walked over to it.  Master Gunther unlocked the cage door and then cleared the top of the cage.  The cage top was cut to allow the occupant of the cage to stick its head up and several heavy pieces of wood dropped into place locking it in place.

Master Gunther told the slave to get into the cage and sit up in it.  The slave quickly obeyed and using the restraints it still wore was locked into place.  The wood top pieces were put into place locking the slave’s head in place.  Master Gunther finished up locking the slave into the cage and turned and left the room.  The slave could hear the thuds of his boots on the floor.  After a few minutes, Master Gunther returned carrying several bottles.  One bottle had a straw in it.  Master Gunther unbuckled the heavy gag and worked it out of the slave’s mouth.  The slave grunted and slowly worked the stiffness out of its jaw.  Master Gunther held the bottle close, so the slave quickly grabbed the straw in its mouth.

The slave began drinking the contents of the bottle which was cold water.  It quickly drank the contents as it was extremely thirsty as its mouth was dry from the leather of the plug gag it has worn for several hours.  Master Gunther sat down on the chair beside the cage and rested his boots on the table and looked at his slave.  He spoke and told the slave that it had permission to speak but it was to remain respectful and submissive and could only answer when asked a question.  The slave nodded.

Master Gunther looked at the slave and asked if it was feeling OK and did it regret what it had done.  The slave looked at its Master and it spoke quietly that Yes Master, it was fine and it has no regrets Master.  Master Gunther then asked if the slave was prepared to remain a slave until it was time for it to return to the United States in just over a week’s time.  The slave quietly spoke Yes Master, it willingly accepts its slavery to its Master and Owner.

Master Gunther nodded and agreed to take possession of the slave for the remainder of its stay and that they would discuss what would happen when it was time for the slave to leave.  The slave nodded and remained quiet.  The slave looked at its Master and again wondered what happened to it to make it complete turn submissive so suddenly.  It looked at the man who now owned it and realized that it was meant to be this man’s property.  It knew that it had always been turned on when it spent time with Master Gunther prior to its submission and it now realized that it had only been pretending to be a Master but it was truly meant to be a slave.

The slave quietly sighed, and its body relaxed in the cage and restraints.  Strangely enough it felt freer than it had ever felt.

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