The Jacket – Part 2

By Rubrpig

Sir John and I left the shop and began the walk to our loft building. By some stroke of fate I now was the boy to a man and we just happened to live in the same building. The walk was definitely intense for me as so much had happened in just a few hours. I had gone from walking into Mr. S Leather in jeans, boots and a t-shirt to being in chaps, leather jock and a heavy locked straitjacket.

To add to the intensity I now wore 2 collars, one for service and one that was now apparently permanent. I followed my new Sir and as Sir held my leash in his right hand, I walked behind him on his right. We had about an 8 block walk so I knew most likely many people would see us. I was finally settling down and not feeling quite so nervous and antsy even though I was for the first time in my life heavily encased and locked into leathers.

With a couple of exceptions most people who walked by us simply smiled and watched as we walked by them. One gay couple walked past and asked if we were getting ready for Dore Alley? Sir John smiled and told them that was right and that he was getting his boy used to being walked in bondage. They told us to enjoy the evening and they wandered away.

After a few more minutes, we reached our building and Sir John unlocked the entrance and we walked in. He turned to me and asked what unit I lived in. I told him and he asked if my keys were in my jeans and I nodded. He pulled them out and we headed up to the 5th floor and entered my loft.

He hooked my leash to the coat hooks by the front door and told me that he was going to look around. I stood quietly as he left me standing there feeling strange as I was standing in my home and basically tethered and locked up while someone else explored it. As he was looking around I took the opportunity to try and shift my arms and shoulders as they were beginning to ache from being strapped up so tight. I shifted as best as I could in the heavy leather and it creaked and groaned as I tried to flex but the jacket defeated me and I finally gave up just as Sir walked back to me. He nodded and he had heard the jacket creak and asked me if my shoulders were aching and I nodded. He told me that we were heading to his loft.

We went down to the third floor and walked to the end unit and he unlocked the door and we walked in. He led me into the unit and I looked around. There were pieces of what I knew were dungeon pieces along with sleek black leather furniture. The loft smelled of leather. He looked at me and then unlocked the crotch straps of the jacket and then he unzipped the legs of my chaps and then unbuckled the waist belt and I felt my chaps coming off. He then knelt and unzipped both of my boots and told me to lift my right foot and he pulled it off and removed my sock. He repeated the process with my left boot. Then he unsnapped my jock pouch and my rock hard cock flopped forward and some of the pre-cum I had been dripping all afternoon sprayed out and got on his leather shirt.

He stood up and looked at me and told me to clean it up. I knew what he meant and I leaned forward and carefully licked my pre-cum off his leather shirt. I tasted his leather and inhaled the smell of his warm sweaty body.

I straightened up and he nodded. He finished removing my jock and smiled as my cock was still dripping and forming a small puddle on the concrete floor. He told me to clean up my mess again and I struggled to get down on my knees. I managed it and shuffled a bit on my knees and leaned forward and carefully licked up my pre-cum from the floor. He told me to follow him on my knees and I shuffled along till we got to the leather couch and he sat down and spread his legs. He told me to kneel between his legs and I obeyed.

He asked me if I had ever sucked a man’s cock and I shook my head and I felt my face turn bright red. He nodded and asked if I was serious about being a boy and I nodded and asked permission to speak. He nodded and I told him that I wanted to remain his boy and would do whatever I had to and learn how to properly serve him. He smiled.

He stood up and reached down and unzipped his breeches. He worked his heavy thick cock out and held it in front of my face. I focussed on it and inhaled deeply trying to get more of his scent. He told me to shuffle forward a bit and begin to lick his cock. I obeyed and began to lick and savour the taste of his hot sweaty cock. I inhaled his musk and kept licking. He told me to open my mouth and he began to shove his cock into my mouth and told me that I had better not scrape my teeth on his cock. I nodded and kept licking and sucking his cock deeper into my mouth. He slowly worked his cock in and out of my mouth and I used my tongue to lick and stroke cock head. He began to moan and pushed his cock in deeper.

I began to swallow his cock trying to get in deep so my nose would be buried in his crotch. It forced its way into my throat cutting off my air and I began to panic a little trying to breath and he pulled back and let me calm down. He kept at it for a few minutes and then he reached up and grabbed my head and held it steady as he began to buck his hips forcing his cock in and out of my mouth. He finally stopped and held his cock in my mouth and my mouth was soon filled with his cum. He pumped a heavy load and I tasted another man’s cum for the first time. I swallowed until he stopped pumping cum into my mouth. He told me to suck on the head of his cock and use my tongue to clean his piss slit. I did as ordered and once his cock was clean he pulled out.

He told me as he stood there with his cock hanging out of his breeches that I had potential to be a great cock sucker. I smiled and sat there enjoying the aftertaste of his cum. He sat back down and rested his boots on my thighs. He sat quietly and just looked at me and I was getting nervous that I might have fucked up and failed to please him. He sat up and stretched. I tried to remain still but I had to shift my shoulders and the heavy jacket creaked and groaned. He looked at me and smiled. Well, boy since you have been in that jacket now for 6 hours I think it is time to get you out of it.

I nodded and sat quietly as he stood up and fished the keys out of his pocket. I was ordered to my feet and I stood up slowly and straightened up. He began by unlocking all the buckles and then he began unstrapping the jacket and it loosened up and I was able to shift my shoulders and once again take deep breaths. Finally the jacket was fully opened. He pulled it off my body and the heavy leather slid slowly off of my sweaty torso. Finally free of it, my body chilled quickly with all the sweat on my skin.

He looked at me standing before him fully exposed except for the 2 collars I still wore and he checked out my body carefully. He asked where I had played football and what position. I told him what school I went to and that I had been the starting Running Back. He nodded and said that it was obvious from my body and especially my hard muscled ass that I had done a lot of running and heavy lifting. I nodded and asked permission to speak. He nodded and I told him that I worked out 2 – 3 hours a day after work 5 days a week. He nodded and said it showed on my hard muscled body.

He told me that it was obvious that I had determination and focus. He asked for details of my work and schedules. I explained that I worked as a trader for a major bank and I started at 6am and was finished by 3pm so I went to the gym after my work day then came home. He smiled and said that he could work with that.

He pointed to his boots and told me to show me if I was really determined to become his boy as He was going to work me hard and see if I could take it. I dropped to the floor and crawled to his boots and began licking and sucking on the heavy oiled leather of his tall engineer boots. I soon had the left one gleaming and started on the right one. Finally finished I slid backwards and waited on the floor while he decided if he was satisfied.

He ordered me up and told me to follow him. We walked into the bathroom and I told me to get into the large shower stall. He then explained that as a bottom I was going to be responsible for making sure I was ready for his use and that I had to learn how to make sure I was ready to be fucked. I nodded and he turned on the water and adjusted it so it was warm and then he picked up a hose with a chrome nozzle on it and told me to bend over and grab my ankles. I obeyed and then he shoved the nozzle in my ass and turned on the water flow and began to fill up my gut. Once my gut bulged, he turned off the water and told me to stand up and the agony of all the water in my gut caused me to groan. He watched as I squirmed from the pressure and then pointed to the toilet. I ran over and sat down and let the water blast out into the toilet. I relaxed and he told me that I had to repeat it until the water coming out of my ass was clear.

He walked out and I jumped back into the shower and began the next enema. I went through 3 more enemas before the water coming out was clear in the toilet. He walked back in at that point and looked in the toilet and nodded. I looked at him and stared. He had changed out of the leather uniform he had been wearing and was now wearing boots, chaps and a vest. His heavy cock swung loose and I was able to get a very clear few of my new Sir’s body. He was lean and muscled like he was a swimmer but he fucking hot.

He turned and told me to follow him. I followed him back to the main room of the loft and he walked over to a padded bench. I recognized it as a fuck bench from my web surfing on BDSM porn sites. I walked up and he pointed to the bench and I climbed on and positioned myself on the bench. He quickly strapped me down and then left. I laid on the bench and I knew that when he returned I was going to get fucked for the first time. I was very scared as I played with butt plugs and dildos but I knew I was tight. After a few minutes he returned and I turned my head and he had taken off his boots and leathers and was standing there naked and stroking his hard cock.

He walked over behind me and I felt him push a couple of fingers into my hole and I realized he was greasing my hole up. I groaned and he pulled his fingers out and then I felt the head of his cock pressing on my hole and I tried to relax and let him slide in. Slowly he pushed in keeping up the pressure as my hole expanded and I felt the pain as his large cock stretched my hole wider than it had ever been. I grunted and pushed back trying to force his cock in deep. Finally after a few minutes I felt his body pressing against my ass and I knew he was now buried to the hilt. He waited for my ass to adjust and then he slowly began to slide out and then rammed back in. He picked up speed and I grunted and groaned but I squeezed down hard on his cock. He fucked me hard knowing that he was tearing me open for the first time and that drove him to fuck me hard. Finally he was in deep and held it there and I felt his cock pulse in my ass and I knew he was cumming deep in my ass.

I laid there quietly as he pumped his load in my ass then he slumped forward onto my body and relaxed. He slowly slid out of my hole and walked around to my head and told me to clean his cock. I opened his mouth and I licked and sucked on his cock tasting my ass, the lube, his sweat and his cum. He pulled out and walked around my bound body and slapped me on my ass and told me that I would do nicely. I sighed and lay there and felt the cum dripping slowly from my hole. In a few short hours, I had been put in leathers, then straitjacketed and collared. I then had my cherry popped so I knew for certain that I was meant to be a leather boy.

I felt him unbuckling the straps and I was able to stand up. He pointed to the bathroom and told me to shower and get cleaned up. I nodded and asked permission to speak. He turned around and nodded. I pointed to the wide heavy padlocked leather collar I still wore and asked if it was safe to shower with it on. He nodded and looked around for the keys and unlocked the collar and removed it.   I ran for the shower and while I stood under the pounding water wondered what was coming next.

To be continued …


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