The Jacket – Part 5

By Rubrpig

It was Friday night and both of us were tired from the work week and workouts so Sir decided to have a relaxing night. After I got home from the gym and prepped for Sir, I waited for him in my apartment as I did not receive a text from him which meant He was coming to my place. I had waited by the door on my knees naked and wearing my heavy leather collar as required. Sir had walked in and looked at me and pointed to his dusty boots and I quickly laid on the floor and licked and sucked them clean. Lately Sir had me cleaning the lugged soles of his Wesco’s as well.

After I finished his boots, he told me to get dressed in my police leathers. I had earned them on Dore Alley weekend by being a display at Mr. S Leathers. I nodded and got to my feet and headed to the bedroom. I put on my leather jock then pulled on the tight leather breeches. I put on the snug leather shirt and snapped it closed and tucked it into my breeches. I fastened the heavy waist belt and clipped the cross strap to it. I put on heavy boot socks and pulled on and buckled my new Wesco’s. I walked back out and Sir was sitting on the couch. He nodded and stood up and I grabbed my wallet and keys and we headed out. Sir told me we were going for dinner with a friend of his and then back to his buddy’s place after.

We walked to the restaurant and met up with his friend Sir Andy. His friend was tall, muscular and in full Langlitz leathers. I waited quietly beside Sir as he greeted his buddy and then he introduced me. He grabbed me and wrapped me in a big hug and told me that I was doing good as a boy as he had seen me when I had been on display during the day of Dore Alley. I nodded and thanked him. We went in and had a relaxing time over dinner.

After dinner, the three of us walked to Sir’s buddy’s SUV and we got in. We headed out of the city over the bridge to Marin County. After a while we reached his house and we got out. Our leathers creaked as we all got out and we went into the house. Sir looked at me and told me to strip. I nodded and stripped off my boots and leathers, and soon I was standing naked except for my 2 collars. Sir and his buddy inspected me and smiled. I was told to follow them as they walked through the house and down into the basement.

The basement was a huge dungeon space filled with equipment and gear. I stared and wondered what would happen to me. Sir sat down and told me that his buddy was my Sir as well and would be working on me. I nodded. I turned and looked at my new Sir and he was standing there with an armful of heavy rubber. He handed it to me and I realized that it was a heavy rubber suit with boots, gloves and a built in gas mask hood. I unzipped the suit and began putting it on. I pushed my right foot into the leg of the suit and worked my foot into the snug rubber boot. I got my left leg in and began to pull the suit up. Once I got it to my waist, Sir Andy grabbed my cock and balls and began working them into an external rubber sheath. I grunted softly as he worked and squeezed my balls into the sheath. Then Sir Andy moved behind me and worked a butt plug into my hole. The butt plug was molded into the suit. Once it was seated in my hole and rubbing on my prostate, I could feel my cock begin to drip pre-cum.

I worked my arms into the sleeves of the suit and got my hands into the gloves. The gloves were molded with what looked like rubber inflatable bladders on the gloves and I realized the blade when inflated would lock my hands and make them useless. Sir Andy forced my head into the suit and pulled the heavy rubber hood over my head and worked the internal straps of the gas mask onto my head sealing the mask to my face.

Sir Andy checked to make sure everything was good and then he tugged and pulled hard on the heavy waterproof zipper of the suit sealing me in. I was now sealed off and totally encased in rubber for the first time. I wanted to grab my rubberized cock and stroke it but I knew that would earn me a big-time punishment. I stood quietly and my two Sirs looked at me. I stood quietly and felt the heat begin to build up in the heavy sealed rubber suit. The lens of my gas mask which was molded into the heavy suit began to fog up. My Sir picked up an air pump and connected to the bladder on my right glove and began inflating it. Soon the bladder was pumped up and I looked at my hand. The bladder was like a ball but it prevented me from even bending my fingers or moving my thumb. Sir then inflated the left hand bladder. I knew that my hands were now useless.

Sir Andy led me over to a large heavy wooden chair and turned me around and put pressure on my shoulders. I sat down in the chair and my Sirs got busy. Soon heavy straps were buckled over my torso, arms, begs and a harness strapped over the hood of the suit, but the straps were not tight. I watched as Sir Andy picked up a rubber hose and connected it to a fitting on the chest of the suit and he then flipped a switch. I felt a rush of air into the suit as an air compressor filled my suit with compressed air. The suit inflated till the loose straps of the chair were now tight and the air in the suit put pressure on my body. I was now rigidly held in the chair by the suit. The air flow into the suit was stopped and the hose disconnected. I watched but it was hard to see what was going on as the lenses of my gas mask were fogged up. Sir walked over and screwed a hose to the air intake of my gas mask. I inhaled and it was harder to get air. I sucked in air as hard as I could and realized that the air tasted like piss.

I wondered what was going on but as I was firmly locked down I just concentrated on breathing as it took more effort to get air. I could barely make out both my Sirs heading for the stairs and soon I was left alone.

After a while, Sir Andy came back and rigged a vibrator so it was resting on the tip of my rubberized cock and turned it on. I groaned as it worked over my cock and between trying to breathe I had to try and keep from cumming. I lost and my cock spasmed in the sealed sheath it was encased in and I could feel my load oozing along the shaft of my cock. I groaned into the mask but the vibrator just kept going. I struggled but I came several more times until I was drained of cum. But I just kept trying and dry ejaculations had me screaming in frustration.

Sir came down after a while and I was moaning from the constant vibration and he grabbed my head and yelled if I was ok? I tried to shake my head but only felt it move a very little. Sir dropped his hand and said I must be doing ok then. I screamed in agony but Sir walked away.

My Sirs had just moved out of my eye line and were watching me. When Sir told Sir Andy that it looked like I had had enough, they walked over and Sir Andy removed the vibrator. I moaned and sat locked into a rigid position by the straps of the chair and the pressure in my suit.

Sir Andy then began unstrapping me from the chair and soon I was loose and Sir pulled me to my feet. I stood swaying in the heavy rubber suit. The suit was hot and steamy like a sauna and sweat was running down my body. Sir Andy deflated the hand bladders and then unzipped the suit and I felt cool air hit my skin and I shivered as my body chilled. I was helped out of the heavy suit and once I was out of it, Sir told me that I had done very well as I had been in the suit for 4 hours. I nodded but remained quiet. Sir told me to have a warm shower and pointed to an open shower area. I staggered over to it and had a shower and scrubbed the sweat from my body. I saw a towel hanging by me and looked at it and Sir told me I could use it. I dried myself off and hung the towel back up.

My Sirs left the dungeon and I followed them back up to the main floor of the house. Sir told me we would be spending the night with Sir Andy. I nodded and followed Sir to a bedroom. I helped Sir undress and he got into bed. He told me to get in and he pulled me close and soon we were both sound asleep.

To be continued …


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