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10 Days in Detention – Part 35

By socalbd

socalbd metalbond prison libraryAs I started to stir, I felt the warmth of Daniel’s body against mine.  Sometime during the night, I had rolled over to my other side and Daniel must have pulled me in tight.  Our midsections were touching, and our legs were intertwined.  His arm was over my torso pulling me close with my head in his chest.  It was a warm and safe place to be.  I snuggled into him to get closer, not that I could really be any closer than I already was to him.

“You are such a hot guy, you know that right?” he whispered in my ear.

“How did you know I was awake?”

“Your breathing pattern changed and that cock of yours started pulsing.  That, and the smile that came across your face after you realized where you are.”  He chuckled to himself when he said that.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him from where I was nestled into his chest.

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Nic Slammed on the Brakes

By bdsmsydney

Nic slammed on the brakes. In the dark, nearly midnight, He had nearly missed seeing the biker at the exit to the petrol station. Bikers jacket, but no helmet and no bike.

The biker smiled and thanked Nic for the lift, yes he was going all the way back to Sydney. The biker slumped back and closed his eyes. Nic looked him over, about 30, short but fit, well-fitting quality bikers jacket and black jeans, with a prominent bulge in the crotch and tall Doc Marten boots with red laces. Clean shaven black hair and masculine.

Nic was already getting the stirring of an erection.

The biker had just got himself into a lot of trouble, Nic hoped.

Where was his bike? But the biker was exhausted. Not now, Nic thought.

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The Jacket – Part 5

By Rubrpig

It was Friday night and both of us were tired from the work week and workouts so Sir decided to have a relaxing night. After I got home from the gym and prepped for Sir, I waited for him in my apartment as I did not receive a text from him which meant He was coming to my place. I had waited by the door on my knees naked and wearing my heavy leather collar as required. Sir had walked in and looked at me and pointed to his dusty boots and I quickly laid on the floor and licked and sucked them clean. Lately Sir had me cleaning the lugged soles of his Wesco’s as well.

After I finished his boots, he told me to get dressed in my police leathers. I had earned them on Dore Alley weekend by being a display at Mr. S Leathers. I nodded and got to my feet and headed to the bedroom. I put on my leather jock then pulled on the tight leather breeches. I put on the snug leather shirt and snapped it closed and tucked it into my breeches. I fastened the heavy waist belt and clipped the cross strap to it. I put on heavy boot socks and pulled on and buckled my new Wesco’s. I walked back out and Sir was sitting on the couch. He nodded and stood up and I grabbed my wallet and keys and we headed out. Sir told me we were going for dinner with a friend of his and then back to his buddy’s place after.

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It’s Not Over Till I Say So – Part 01

By slavebladeboi

As my bondage goes it was reasonably simple. A collar, a length of chain and a few accessories. Of course, the devil, as they say, is in the detail.

The collar was solid steel, thick, heavy – it weighed several pounds and you certainly knew you were wearing it although several subs have told me afterwards they thought it was wearing them.

The chain was also steel and no light weight. It connected to the front of the collar and ran tightly straight down Greg’s chest, over the abs and connected to a ring round his cock, then to a 5lb ball stretcher weight, after which it forced its way between his ass cheeks where it kept the electro plug well and truly secured before returning with no slack whatsoever to the back of the collar. Quite near to the shoulder blades a couple of links ensured his wrist restraints could not move downwards and he had no desire to lift them, something of a physical impossibility anyway considering their position.

Oh, and a blindfold.

And that was that. I left his legs free to do as he wanted but eventually had to use a gag on him. Moaning and pleading can get tedious for the listener, even over the intercom.

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Green Bay Part 1 – Introduction

By ty dehner

What is a life without fantasies? i do believe that in time many a person can have his fantasies come true, if one truly believes. When those fantasies involve gay sex, bondage, leather and many other “kinky” thoughts, it can be difficult to find the right person to share those dreams with. And it is even harder to find an outlet to share those dreams, in order to find the right guy. But once one comes to terms that these desires are a good thing and should be explored, then finding the source becomes easier.

Since i was a kid, i have dreamed of leather and bondage. i have longed to be submissive to a dominating person.   It wasn’t until i was in my late twenties that i started to realize that in the fantasies it was always a man controlling me. And by 30 i was coming to terms that i was gay. When i was 32 i discovered that i was not alone in my dreams of leather bondage and other thoughts. As i discovered reading material that focused on these ideas, it let my mind wander to areas i never thought of, and i was excited by it all.

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