The New Academy – Part 02

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wescos, a Carrara chastity belt, heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.


And it continues…

The Director looked at the police officers and told them to keep Gary in the chair and suit for the next 10 hours and then what happened next was up to them. The two men nodded and smiled. The three of them turned and walked out of the room.  Gary stared through the lenses of his gas mask at the tight asses in the snug breeches and the tall shiny Dehners that the three men wore.

Gary sighed and smiled as he breathed in the piss of the men.  He was excited to learn what would be happening to him over the next 2 weeks.  His cock tried getting hard in the chastity belt, but he moaned in pain as his cock head pushed hard into the spikes in the end of the tube that encased his cock.  He moaned and then pissed, feeling the hot liquid run down his legs.  The hot piss mingled with the sweat that was building up in the suit and ran down his lower legs and into the feet of the suit.  He closed his eyes and drifted off.

Over the next hours, the Officers came in and hooked a water bottle to the tube on Gary’s gasmask to allow him to hydrate.  Gary gratefully sucked down the cool water.  After he finished the water, he would stare at the Officers as they moved around the room, and he moaned as their bodies flexed and moved under their dark blue motorcycle police uniforms.

Gary woke up with a start as he felt the belt holding his head in the wooden clamp removed.  He realized that his time in the chair was up, and the Officers were there to release him, and he was curious as to what would happen next.  After a few minutes all the straps had been unbuckled and the final step was the removal of the tube linking his gasmask to the bubbler unit.  This was done and the two officers grabbed him by his biceps and pulled him to his feet.  The piss and sweat that had been pooling in the ass of the suit and around his thighs ran down his legs into the feet of the suit.

They half carried and dragged him from the room until he was able to walk as his body loosened up after being rigidly locked into position for that period.  The liquid in his suit sloshed around his feet as he walked.  The Officers took him into a wet room and turned him over to two men who were sealed in hazmat suits and air packs.  Their masked faces stared at him through the clear visor of the heavy suits they wore.  They moved to Gary and unlocked the zipper of his heavy rubber suit and then opened it.  The cool air of the room filled his steamy suit, and he shivered as he chilled.  They removed the heavy suit leaving Gary standing there covered in piss and sweat wearing the chastity belt that had been put on him when he arrived.  They led him to a chair and told him to sit down.  He obeyed.  One of the men handed him a large jug of liquid and told him to drink it.  Gary picked up the jug and began drinking.  The chemical tasting fluid had an odd taste, but he knew he had no choice and finally finished the liquid.  The men walked over and watched Gary.

Gary began feeling strange, and he then developed severe stomach cramps.  He bent over at the waist moaning as the cramps got worse.  The men walked back over and grabbed Gary and pulled him to his feet and dragged him over to a toilet.  They sat him down as the cramps continued.  Gary’s bowels suddenly released, and he felt the contents of his bowels pour out of his ass.  He realized that the liquid he had just drank was a strong purgative.  He sat there as his intestines emptied into the toilet.  Finally, the cramps eased up and the flow from his ass stopped.  He sat there exhausted, the smell from the toilet overwhelming.  The men moved back over to him, they flushed the toilet and then pulled Gary to his feet.  He felt some liquid running down the back of his legs.  He was dragged over to a shower area.

The men buckled heavy rubber cuffs on his wrists and hooked the cuffs to chains to hold Gary in place.  They picked up heavy long handle brushes and dipped them into a soapy solution and began scrubbing Gary.  Finally, the scrubbing stopped, and one picked up a hose and turned it on, blasting Gary with high pressure cold water and rinsed him off.  They picked up another hose and turned on a blower and used the air to dry off Gary and especially under the heavy chastity belt.  They finished and pushed a button on the wall.  Shortly, the two Officers entered the room and Gary was released from the restraints.  They grabbed him by his biceps again.  They walked him to a room fitted out as a prison cafeteria.  He was sat down at a table and watched by one of the Officers and the other went over and picked up a bottle.  He walked back and handed Gary the bottle.

Gary looked at the bottle and the Officers watched but Gary did not drink anything.  One of the Officers told him that it was his food and that he had better get used to it as it was all he was going to be fed while he was in their custody.  Gary realized that he was going on a liquid diet to eliminate solid waste so he could be kept in long term bondage.  Gary tasted the liquid and found that it really did not have any flavour, so he drank the contents of the bottle.  He did feel full after finishing so he decided that he could stand it while he was here which helped as he knew he had absolutely no choice in what he was going to be fed.

As soon as he was done with his food, he was pulled to his feet and led out of the cafeteria and taken to a room.  He looked around and noticed a number of heavy chains hanging from the walls.  He was told to stand in the middle of the room.  The Officers left the room and returned with a cart.  A heavy steel collar was picked up and fitted to Gary’s and a special tool used to lock it.  They began fastening chains to the 4 loops on the collar.  There were turn buckles in the chains and they used them to tighten the chains so there was no slack in them.  The chains held Gary in position while the rest of the restraints were applied.

A heavy steel belt was put around his waist above his chastity belt.  The same tool was used to lock the belt.  Again 4 heavy chains were connected to the belt and snugged to further restrict any movement.  Gary’s wrists were grabbed, and steel cuffs put on and locked.  These were clipped to the chains connected to the sides of his collar.  The Officers knelt and put steel cuffs on his ankles and 3 chains from the walls were clipped to the front, back and side of the cuffs.  A short chain was clipped between his ankles.  Then all the chains were tightened so he was now rigidly held in place by the chains.

The Officers left the room and returned after a few minutes.  One of them was carrying a heavy steel ball. The other Officer pressed a button and a cable lowered from the ceiling of the room.  The two men opened the steel ball and lowered it over Gary’s head and then the ball was closed sealing Gary into darkness.  The ball clipped to the top of the collar, so it became one unit.  One of the Officers clipped the end of the cable to a ring on the top of the ball.  He pressed the winch button and the cable tightened and the weight of the ball was taken off Gary’s neck.  Gary stood unable to move and the Officers told him that they would be back later and check on him.  He heard the door to the room slam shut and he was left chained, immobile and in the dark hearing the sounds of his breathing echoing in the steel ball.  He tried adjusting his position, even his feet but the tight chains did not let him move.  He stood there and after a while he zoned out and fell asleep held in position.

The Officers monitored Gary using the security cam in the cell and watched as he stood there.  They felt that 5 hours would be a good period for Gary in this position.  They were conscious that with Gary’s arms held in that position clipped to the neck chains, the blood flow would be reduced and that would be a potential issue.

When the five hours were up, the Officers stood up, their boots thudding on the floor, and they headed to Gary’s cell.  They unlocked the door, and they stood there watching Gary moaning in his helmet as he was obviously dreaming.  One of the Officers moved over and grabbed Gary’s left arm and checked the temperature of the skin.  It was cool to the touch, so they knew it was time.  They began unlocking Gary from all the chains and restraints.  The last thing to be removed was the heavy steel ball and the collar.  The ball was unlocked and opened.  One of the Officers pressed the winch button the ball lifted to the ceiling of the cell.  The heavy steel collar was unlocked and removed which allowed Gary movement and he began to stretch and shake his arms to get the blood flowing.

He was then led from the cell and taken to a toilet area and allowed to sit on a toilet so he could piss.  He let it go and sighed as pressure on his bladder eased.  He stood up and one of the Officers handed him a large rubber ball syringe and told him to flush out the belt to remove the piss.  Gary obeyed and then was led to the cafeteria again.  After being fed, the Officers grabbed Gary and led him to a barracks room.  He looked around and saw several other men in the room being laced into sleep sacks.

He was led over to a bed and there was a heavy padded leather straitjacket and a leg sack.  The Officers picked up the heavy jacket and Gary was soon tightly strapped in, and the pinion straps buckled tight.  The Officers helped Gary to sit on the edge of the bed as they worked his legs into the leather sack.  He was pulled to his feet to allow the sack to be laced and attached to the bottom of the jacket.  He was put down on the bed and the sack laced tight to hold his legs in place.  He laid there and straps were wrapped around the narrow bed strapping him down tightly to the bed.  The Officers then worked a muzzle over his head and strapped it tight and padlocked it.  Gary laid on the narrow bed tightly strapped down and strapped into the heavy leather straitjacket and leg sac.

The other officers in the room finished with their prisoners and they all left the barracks room and turned off the lights.  Gary laid there in the darkness and moaned as his cock got hard again and the head of his cock pressed against the spikes in his cock tube.  He tried shifting but the restraints held him, and he grunted into the muzzle.  The other men in the room with him moaned periodically as well.  He wondered what time it was as he had become disorientated during the first session strapped in the chair.  He realized that he had not seen any windows in the facility, so he had no idea if it was night or day.  He slowly fell asleep…

To be continued …

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3 thoughts on “The New Academy – Part 02”

  1. Comment about « His cock tried getting hard in the chastity belt, but he moaned in pain as his cock head pushed hard into the spikes in the end of the tube that encased his cock. »
    It would be interesting for me and especially for my two remote masters to know if the addition of spikes inside is fiction or if it is an option that can be requested from the manufacturer of CARRARA. I ask the question because a local Master will be contacted and he knew this manufacturer.
    Ce serait intéressant pour moi et surtout pour mes deux maîtres à distance de savoir si l’ajout de pointes à l’intérieur est une fiction ou si c’est une option qui peut être demandée au fabricant de CARRARA. Je pose la question car un Maître local va être contacté et il a connu ce fabricant.

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