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Bondage wrestling with the Devil

Ever been teased and erotically tortured by a real life devil? Diabolical Asian stud Ryuji is working his evil sex magic on bound muscleboy Rio, in an extended animation sequence that has him twiddling his captive’s nips and groping the big bulge in Rio’s undies, to Rio’s groaning appreciation. When he removes the devil mask, the image swirls into live action, and our two hot Japanese guys get down to the hot dirty business at hand.

Diabolical Asian stud Ryuji is working his evil sex magic on bound muscleboy Rio

As Rio gazes longingly as muscle daddy Ryuji, the hot stud assures him “You like that? Good boy, good boy!” and unleashes a wad of juicy spit into the bottom’s open mouth. Rio licks Ryuji’s musky pits and chews on his nips. Ryuji drops his jock and lets Rio get a mouthful of hard Asian dick and low-hanging nuts. He takes his dick in hand and slaps it into Rio’s worshipful face. Once Rio’s stiffened Daddy’s tool, he bends over in submission and Ryuji slides his big cock in bareback. Holding his prisoner by the tied hands, Ryuji drills in deep. He pulls out and lets his precum drip down Rio’s hairy crack. Rewarding his “bitch boy,” he unties the red cords binding his hands, grabbing the loose ends to ride the boy like a bronc. Rio climbs up to ride Daddy’s big dick, lube and precum dripping onto his swinging nuts. Rio reaches down to beat his own cock, grinding into the invading prick. Ryuji turns him over and plows his ass in missionary position, heating up to the boiling point. As he strokes Rio in time with his screw, he gets ready to blast his load. “Almost there!’ Rio howls, and his cum streams out onto his furry abs. “Aww, FUCK!” Ryuji cries out as he splatters his sperm onto Rio’s.

muscle bondage wrestling


Title: Manga Men Explosion 1: Devil’s Got My Ass

Site: Peter Fever

muscle bondage wrestling

The New Academy – Part 02

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wescos, a Carrara chastity belt, heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.


And it continues…

The Director looked at the police officers and told them to keep Gary in the chair and suit for the next 10 hours and then what happened next was up to them. The two men nodded and smiled. The three of them turned and walked out of the room.  Gary stared through the lenses of his gas mask at the tight asses in the snug breeches and the tall shiny Dehners that the three men wore.

Gary sighed and smiled as he breathed in the piss of the men.  He was excited to learn what would be happening to him over the next 2 weeks.  His cock tried getting hard in the chastity belt, but he moaned in pain as his cock head pushed hard into the spikes in the end of the tube that encased his cock.  He moaned and then pissed, feeling the hot liquid run down his legs.  The hot piss mingled with the sweat that was building up in the suit and ran down his lower legs and into the feet of the suit.  He closed his eyes and drifted off.

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One Year – Part 27

By Taurus

Part 27 – “Pay Back”

Day 365 was the last day of James’ imprisonment in this crazy, crazy facility.

Hopefully, he thought, this would be a simple, no-frills, all round calm day.

It was none of that.

As he awoke, and the cell door opened, he heard the familiar rhythms and tones of Russell’s footsteps.

His master was back, with a small bag of toys.

James scrambled onto all fours and crawled over excitedly to greet his master, but was stopped.

“Stand up.”

As James slowly stood up, confused about the meaning of everything that was going on, Russell knelt.

In anticipation of James’ bewilderment, Russell shouted, “Stay still! Don’t move!”

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Zombie Cum Suckers

Here’s a tasty bit of seasonal fun splattered with zombie chills and seXXXy thrills. Jessie Lee is the Zombie King, an ancient undead horndog clad in kinky gold finery. We see him lure a hot young hipster (Zario Travezz) to his fetishy throne for some filthy kicks. When he announces “I’m gonna fuck you and feed you my cum,” Zario doesn’t know what he’s in for. The minute the toxic zombie cum touches his lips, he quakes and flails until a green flash of lightning binds him to the Zombie King as a faithful minion. The two set out to turn a sexy couple to complete their horny cell.

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That couple is (Grabbys winner for “Best Newcomer”) Jack Hunter and his partner, David Ace. The unwitting pair gets a mysterious sex party invite entitled “Cum Into My Web” and find themselves playing cat and mouse in a fateful foursome with Jessie and Zario. David spots Zario in a hot fetishy shredded outfit, gold slave chain and leather cap, and gets his sexual motor revved up for action. In the sling room Zario pounds David’s happy hole while Jack peeks through a slightly open door. When Zario’s sperm drizzles into David’s hungry mouth, Jack watches in horror as his love turns into a sex-driven zombie. He rushes to search on his phone for the secret of “How to turn a zombie human again.” When the answer states that only by feeding the King the “cum of pure love” can you defeat him and turn all his minions back to their human form, he knows it’s all up to him.

muscular gay asian porn

Can Jack seduce the Zombie King and jizz that potent elixir that defeats the zombie curse? Thinking of his love for David, he sets out for the King”s throne room to fuck some sweet, sweet love juice down his undead throat. The Zombie King plans to turn Jack into his final zombie slave, but he has no idea of the hot hero he”s up against.

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Journal to Hell – Part 04

By rts

male bondage storiesMy harness is restrictive, stiff and heavy. The tight crotch cradles my butt and affects my walking. The other prisoners all have shaved heads and look to be around my age and physical build. There are three skinheads walking with us, and each has one of those control-box shockers that seems to control two prisoners. A fourth skin (the one from the gas station) is definitely in charge of the others. All four of them are booted in 20-hole Rangers, dirty Levi’s bleaches held up and pulled tight on their butts by braces and showing significant bulges, mostly stained with piss.

The three in control of us all have zippers down their butts and look to be in their late 20s. The fourth skin (the overseer) walks down the line of us and with a black felt tip writes a number on the back of our shaved heads, from 1 to 6 (Jake is No. 5 and I am No. 6). He gives the order to the controlling skins, “Move these fags out.”

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Bondage in the dojo

Bondage in the dojo

At peterfever.com, old and new battles are heating up the dojo as the Iron Cock Master tournament approaches. Fu stands before the mirror, practicing moves and sharpening his technique when Morgen’s henchman Bird snatches him. In their lair, Fu turns the tables when he breaks free, and Gunryu appears to join the epic clash. Morgen and Bird are subdued and tied up, and Gunryu and Fu decide to have their way with them sexually to teach them true submission. The power struggle turns to a clash for sexual dominance. Gunryu rims and prepares Bird for a hard fuck while Fu gets Morgen’s cock hard and ready.

asian male bondage

Gunryu kneels behind Bird and plunges his powerful tool into the vanquished warrior. And Fu straddles Morgen’s perfect muscled body to get all the dick he desires from the expert cocksman. As the fourway picks up erotic steam, Morgen and Bird become eager participants and the punish fuck turns into an orgy between four sex-driven athletes. All four cum and seal their truce in a bond of manly sperm. Gunryu confronts Morgen and Bird about their deceitful turn and learns the ultimate truth. All four were part of the old Master’s plan to discern if Gunryu is really the man to embody the ideals of dojo master. He has excelled in uniting the Iron Cock dojo under a barrage of stress and deceit. With the addition of Master’s old student Morgen to assist Gunryu, the group will continue and prosper under a new guiding leadership.

asian male bondage

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Title: Masters Of the Iron Cock Ep 5: Things Are Never What They Seem

Rave gets verbal and dominant

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Leather and bondage games

In this shoot from peterfever.com, a sexy preview with Rave Hardick and Alex Chu gives a peek behind the scenes as the two hot Asian-American studs give leather and bondage games a spin. Lean ripped Rave is in high boots, cuffs, jock and a leatherman’s cap, while Alex is bound in leather straps from chest to throat. The cameraman catches each new position in a still shoot with Rave the tough top and Alex as the submissive leatherboy.

asian leatehr stud


Once the studs finish posing and get down to action, Rave gets verbal and dominant with a whispering Alex, fingering his hole while Alex strokes and gasps for a breath. Rave humps his giant uncut cock into Alex’s crack. Alex perks up his perfect tan-lined butt up for Rave to dive in, and the sexy top daddy rolls on a condom. Slow and smooth at first, Rave plows his cock in with a fury. “Goddamn you’re tight boy!” he barks out, and Alex relaxes his hungry hole. Grabbing the leather straps, Rave pumps studboy’s ass and holds him by the head. “Yeah, I like that, FUCK ME!” Alex responds begging for cock. Pounding his stud’s prostate, Rave fucks out Alex’s load before he beats off a cummy wad onto his dick and nuts.

Alex is bound in leather straps from chest to throat

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Title of this update: “Kink 14: Leather Playtime

Rave gets verbal and dominant

Suit and Tied: Love

After his grueling submission interview with domineering top stud Duncan, Asian stud Caged Jock comes home to boyfriend Tyler Slater with news of how he should prepare for his own interview the next day. Tyler has a few tricks for CJ up his sleeve, laying out an array of kinky sex toys and wrapping a black blindfold over Caged Jock’s eyes. He begins their kinky sexplay with some sharp lashes from a leather whip. Excited, CJ pumps his hips and sticks out his smooth tight ass. “Ready? Here it comes,” Tyler warns as he slides a big black dildo into his buddy’s hungry butthole. When it’s in, Tyler pumps air into the inflatable toy to expand it and “stretch that boyhole”. Once he’s opened CJ up and fingered him with a lube-slicked hand, Tyler plows his raw bareback cock in.

Caged Jock male porn

“Oh, I love it!” is all CJ can respond as Tyler buries his bone to the hilt, balls slapping Caged Jock’s slippery asscrack. He takes off the blindfold to let Caged Jock watch when he rides Tyler’s hard bare cock in the chair. He holds one end of the leather leash attached to CJ’s collar, takes ownership of his buddy’s hot hungry ass. Tyler pulls out just in time for his spasming dick to spray a creamy load into Caged Jock’s face.

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