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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 15

By Hunter Perez

The next three weeks swirled into a prolonged magic show, with yours truly as the unlikely Pygmalion and Merrifield as an even more unlikely Galatea. Patterson brought us a huge box full of goodies that he purchased in Monroeville: books, newspapers, magazines, a black-and-white board for chess and checkers, a pack of playing cards, and several notebooks and pencils. Everything I requested was included except for the requested harmonicas, which Holmgren nixed. But even without the opportunity for harmonica interludes, each day was filled with so much activity that there rarely a wasted minute.

We started the morning with exercising. I tried to vary the exercises to prevent the boredom and a repetition of routines. Merrifield took it upon himself to invent a new exercise by lifting and lowering the bed. Unfortunately, he was caught doing that when Patterson arrived one morning with our breakfast – the guard scolded him gently for mishandling prison property and scolded me more harshly for encouraging such shenanigans.

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Taking My Lawyer Boyfriend to Jail


Before CJ Hernandez was my boyfriend, he was a hot-shot defense attorney in my city. You would see his face and name all over the city on billboards and on local TV ads.

My name is Jason Walker. I was a financial advisor at a small firm. I dreamed of one day making it big at a well-known firm, but for now I was struggling. After all, I got my degrees from a local college and not from an Ivy League. I had borrowed a lot of money to get these degrees, and they were not paying for themselves. I had converted my garage into a prison cell and would have people pay me to be inmates. At the moment I had three inmates in there, but I had not disclosed this to my guests. I had warned them to keep quiet because I had guests and would punish them if they made noise.

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More gay bondage action for Tied Up Tuesday

The orgy at KUMA’s Tied Up Tuesday bondage fetish night is in full swing, with Jay Tee and Ty Roderick ramming their raw rods into dick-hungry Asian studs Zed Sheng and Nolan Knox. The two bottoms on hands and knees are kissing and holding each other for dear life with the ass-pummeling they’re receiving. Ty flips Zed over and pries one leg high and wide to drill his raw dick in balls deep. Nolan is grinding his tight little ass into every hard thrust Jay Tee can dish out.

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When Jay Tee swings around to feed his thick cock to Zed, Ty takes his position at Nolan’s rear as Nolan plows into Zed’s juicy hole. Watching Zed chow down on Jay gives the other buddies an idea. They circle him and begin beating their stiff prongs in the horny bottom’s face. He gorges on this buffet of big cocks and each of them let their cum loads fly into his face or hot hungry mouth. Once he’s dripping cum, the other three milk their last drops into him and feed him the faceful of sperm he’s been wearing like a badge of honor. Tied Up Tuesday is done for the week, and four horny studs are drained, sticky and exhausted, at least for the night.

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Title: Tied Up Tuesday 7: The Final Knot

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A group bondage scene in a gay sex club

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What’s a great gay sex club night without a big juicy orgy to top things off? Ty, Zed, Nolan and Jay Tee manage to STILL be horned up after the night’s earlier festivities, and they gang up into a sizzling group scene. Nolan and Zed are on their knees worshipping Ty’s and Jay’s big honkin’ dicks with everyone but Jay still in their harnesses from the bondage action. “Such pretty boys, love seeing that!” groans Jay as Zed and Nolan pass his stiff tool from mouth to mouth. Ty bends down to get a dick-flavored kiss from Zed, then reaches around to pull Nolan’s face into his musky crack. Zed is on hands and knees nursing on Jay.

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Ty is first to bury his fucktool, ramming into Zed’s cock-starved hole. Jay follows with a slick bareback plunge into Nolan’s butthole. Loud groans fill the sweaty air at KUMA, punctuated with the sharp smacks of flesh against flesh. While Nolan gets his ass crammed, he feels his load boiling up and thrusts his spurting cock into Zed. Ty turns him around for the first post-jizz kiss and the four studs prepare for round two.

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Title: Tied Up Tuesday 6: Dropping the Ropes

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A hot tight bondage fuck in a gay sex club

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For some guys, being tied up and immobile and left alone in a sex club would be quite a nightmare, but for Zed Sheng it’s a fantasy come true, and one that’s about to take an even more sizzling turn. Ty Roderick walks in to see bound-up Zed and starts the fun. He reaches down to fondle Zed’s thick package, kisses him, then guides Sheng’s mouth to rim his musky hole. When he turns to face his tied buddy, Zed dives toward his crotch and sucks him with gusto. Once Ty is so stiff he needs to heat up the action, he drops his jockstrap, pushes him into a bent-over position and plows his bareback cock in deep and rough. Arms tied behind him and suspended by a rope from the ceiling, Zed is perfectly positioned to take a hard raw screwing.

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Peter Fever Tied Up Tuesday

Ty holds his sweaty jock over Zed’s nose and feeds it to him to hold in his mouth during their hot tight fuck. Grinding in even deeper and tighter, Ty braces himself, hands around Zed’s suspension ropes. His heavy nuts smash into Sheng’s smooth crack as his cock rams in again and again. Zed threads a leg through the suspension ropes to lift his leg up and his ass wide open. These two horny kinksters are ready to blast. Ty pulls out to squirt a thick splatter down Zed’s crack and throbbing hole. Untied and lying on the floor, the tied-up muscleboy sprays his sperm into his palm and licks up the drips.

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Title: Tied Up Tuesday 5: Suspended Disbelief

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