The New Academy – Part 03

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wesco boots, a Carrara chastity belt, a heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner. It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.

And it continues…

The other officers in the room finished with their prisoners and they all left the barracks room and turned off the lights.  Gary laid there in the darkness and moaned as his cock got hard again and the head of his cock pressed against the spikes in his cock tube.  He tried shifting but the restraints held him, and he grunted into the muzzle.  The other men in the room with him moaned periodically as well.  He wondered what time it was as he had become disorientated during the first session strapped in the chair.  He realized that he had not seen any windows in the facility, so he had no idea if it was night or day.  He slowly fell asleep.

Gary woke up with a start as he heard the thumps of heavy boots entering the barracks room.  He shifted a much as the straps holding him down to the cot would allow.  His shoulders were sore and starting to cramp from being so tightly strapped in the heavy leather straitjacket.  He laid there waiting for the Officers assigned to him to release him from the cot and the leather jacket and leg sack he was locked into.  Finally, the two officers were standing over him looking down at him.  The mirrored glasses covering their eyes.  They could have been twins as their builds were so similar and the tightly tailored police uniforms strained with the pressure of their muscles on the material.  The heavy body armour they wore over their shirts just added to the bulk.  He turned his head and looked at the one on his right noticing the bulge in his breeches, stretched tight over his thighs and the tops of the mirror-shined Dehners.

The two Officers began releasing Gary from the jacket and sleep sack.  He was hauled to his feet and the Officer grabbed him by his biceps as usual and began dragging him from the barracks.  He stumbled and his right foot landed on the toe of the left boot of the Officer on his right.  His sweaty foot left a smear on the boot.  He fell forward and he slid down the wall that he had slammed into.  The officer on his left grabbed his stun gun from his belt and shoving the points into Gary’s left ass cheek, fired a charge into Gary.  Gary screamed and collapsed on the floor.  He was grabbed and hauled to his feet by his Officers and held up and dragged over to a bench.  One of the officers radioed in that there had been a disturbance and one prisoner had been tazed.

The Director and several other officers came running into the barracks and saw the Officers standing over a recovering Gary.  The Director looked at the Officers and asked what happened.  The Officers explained that the prisoner attempted to cause trouble by messing up their boots.  The Director smiled and nodded.  He looked at Gary sitting there and told the Officers that Gary was to be put in heavy shackles whenever he was being moved from one locked room to another.  He radioed to the equipment room to bring a set of irons to the barracks.  Soon, the thudding of boots running down the hallway sounded, and an officer ran in carrying a set of Clejuso irons.  The Officers quickly locked the cuffs and shackles on Gary then pulled him to his feet.  He stood quietly and then he was grabbed, and he struggled to walk more like shuffle as the chains he now wore prevented him from taking anything but small steps.

The Officers walked him to a room with a red cross on the door, so he assumed he was going to be checked out after the tazing.  The group entered and the Academy medic stood up, his green rubber surgical scrubs squeaking as he stood.  Like the Officers, he was heavily muscled.  The Officers told the medic to prep the prisoner for the lung and the medic nodded.  He walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a sealed package.  He turned and told the Officers to put Gary on the chair.  The medic walked over pulling on a pair of surgical gloves.  He ripped open the package and pulled out a coiled clear tube.  He pushed Gary’s head back and inserted the end of the tube into Gary’s left nostril.  The tube slide into Gary and soon he felt it in his throat.  The medic told him to begin swallowing and Gary felt the tube slide down his throat.  The tube finally stopped sliding in, and the Medic taped the end to Gary’s cheek.

The medic asked if he was to be cathed as well, but the Officers shook their heads and told the medic that diapers would be fine for this prisoner.  The medic nodded and smiled.  He walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a large diaper.  He told Gary to stand and spread his legs as much as he could.  Gary obeyed and the medic quickly put on a heavy diaper and taped it closed.  Gary was then walked out of the infirmary.

The Officers walked Gary down the hallway and entered a room.  Gary stared at what was in the room.  Sitting there was an iron lung.  His diaper made crinkling sounds as he moved.  One of the officers held Gary while the other one unbolted the end of the machine and pulled the machine opened.  The internal cot slid out and Gary was walked over to it.  He was helped up onto the cot and the shackles were removed.  He was told to lay down on the cot and then the Officers helped him to slide his head through the latex neck seal.  His head slid through, and he settled as best as he could on the cot.  The Officers locked leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles before sliding the machine closed.

The door to the room opened and Gary heard rubber squeaking so he turned his head as much as he could but he finally looked up and saw a mirror above him that allowed him to see what was happening.  The medic stood there.  He looked down at Gary and told him that he was going to insert a breathing tube into Gary to allow Gary to be connected to a ventilator to keep his breathing under control when the iron lung had to be opened to when the diaper needed changing.  Gary nodded and the medic picked up a piece of equipment and the tilted Gary’s head back and inserted the equipment into Gary’s mouth.  He picked up a curved tube with a mouthpiece and the tube slide into Gary’s throat.

The medic left and the Officers turned on the iron lung.  The machine began to created pressure and then a vacuum inside the lung forcing Gary to breath according to the rhythm of the machine.  The air whistled into and out of the breathing tube in Gary’s throat.  The Officers looked down at Gary and then they turned and left.

Gary laid in the machine being forced to breath in an unnatural rhythm for him.  He slowly slipped into a dream like state.  He was startled when the medic came in and connected a portable ventilator to the throat tube and turned it on.  He then turned off the iron lung and stepped back.  Two men in full hazmat suits and air packs came in.  They opened the lung and rolled Gary out of the machine.  They began removing Gary’s diaper.  It was soaked and they wiped off the belt and rolled Gary partly over and wiped his right ass cheek and then reversed the position and did his left cheek.  The hazmat team then put on a fresh diaper and taped it closed.  The team closed and locked the lung.  They left and the medic turned on the iron lung and removed the portable ventilator and left the room.  Gary laid there and finally his breathing pattern stabilized with the machine.  The officers entered the room and connected a feeding pump to the nasal tube and pumped a bag of liquid food into Gary’s stomach.  They disconnected the feed pump and left Gary to the struggle.

Gary lost track of time, but he had another feeding and several diaper changes while he continued to have his body’s function controlled by the lung.  The officers and the medic walked in, and the medic slowly pulled the breathing tube out of Gary’s throat.  He left and the Officers unlocked the machine and opened it.  Just then the hazmat team came in and they removed Gary’s wet diaper and left.  Gary’s shackles were unlocked, and he was pulled down the cot, so his head and neck slowly slid out of the latex neck seal.  He was helped to set up and the heavy irons were put on.

Gary and the Officers left the room and they slowly walked out of the medical area.  Gary was led to the main part of the facility and then into a room.  In the room was a medical or dental chair and laid out on the chair was a pile of heavy leather.  The Officers began to put Gary into the sleep sack.  The door opened and the medic walked in with the Director.  The Director walked over and unlocked and opened the cage of the chastity belt exposing the cock tube.  The medic walked over and unclipped the tube and then opened a package.  He slid the tube over a piece of tubing and then took a tube of sterile lube and squirted the lube into the slit of Gary’s cock.  The tube was then slid into the slit and slowly pushed in until Gary felt it at the sphincter of his bladder and then the pressure as the tube was pushed through into his bladder.  The medic took a syringe and slid it into the port on the side tube and injected saline into the tube enlarging the bulb in Gary’s bladder preventing it from coming out.  Taking ice, he put it on Gary’s cock to shrink it as it has gotten hard as it was handled by the medic.  Gary’s cock shrank and the cock tube was slide back over his cock and then the cage closed, and the Director came over and relocked the belt.

The officers quickly worked, and Gary was soon enclosed in the sack.  The tube from his cock laid across his leather covered body and it had been connected to a bag.  The Officers adjusted Gary on the chair and began strapping him to the chair with wide leather straps.  His leather covered arms were strapped to the arms of the chair.  The Director stood watching and then he walked over and stood over Gary.  He looked down at Gary and smiled.  He turned and left telling the Officers to finish up.  The Officer went to attention and saluted.  One of the officers picked up a heavy padded sensory depravation hood.  He took the nasal tube that still stuck out of Gary’s nose and slid it through one of the two grommet holes in the hood.  The hood was worked over Gary’s head and laced tightly.  The neck of the suit was inserted into neck of the sack.  The straps on the hood were buckled tight around Gary’s head and padlocked.  Then the other officer picked up a heavy leather and steel posture collar and fitted it around Gary’s neck forcing his head upwards.  The collar was buckled and locked.

Gary tried struggling but the straps did not allow for much movement, but the Officer’s cocks got hard as they stood watching Gary struggle as the heavy leather of the sleep sack squeaked and squealed as it rubbed on the leather of the chair.  They rubbed their cocks through the material of their breeches and then left the room.  Gary was all set for a 24-hour session, and they would come in every 6 hours and connect Gary to a feeding pump but they were sure Gary would not realize they were there.

Gary laid there on the chair, secure in the sack…

To be continued …

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    1. I have several of the titles on DVD. I think they would be too large to email but I could copy and send. Also, I’d love to see the JTC videos.

      This story is hot as the iron lung scenes of the Academy videos were my absolute favorite.

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