The New Academy – Part 07

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wescos, a Carrara chastity belt, heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.

And it continues…

The control centre monitored Gary with the hidden camera in the padded cell.  The entire facility was monitored from the central command so they could check on the men in custody and the staff controlling them.  The control centre monitored all the men currently in various programs and levels of control and custody.

Gary slept on in the total silence of the room, unaware of being watched and under total control…

Gary shifted in his sleep and then slowly woke up.  He was startled by the intense silence of the padded room, and he could hear the rustle of his movements on the heavy leather pads he lay on.  His diaper squeaked as he tried to shift his body so he could prop himself up on the padded wall.  However, the thickness of the padding and the straitjacket he was tightly wrapped in thwarted him, so he gave up in exhaustion.  He listened to his thudding heart as it finally began to slow down from all his efforts.

The door to the room swung open silently and Gary lifted his head and watched as the two orderlies in their white leather scrubs came into the room.  They grabbed Gary by the straps on his jacket and shifted his body around.  One lifted Gary’s legs while the other one unbuckled the crotch strap of the jacket and then peeled open Gary’s diaper.  Gary felt the orderly clean and wipe him down and then a new diaper was slid under him and taped closed.  The orderly did up the crotch strap again.  Once this was done, the orderlies grabbed Gary again and shifted him till he was propped up in a sitting position against the back wall of the cell.  One of the orderlies left the room and returned with a tray with a bowl of soup on it.  The orderly knelt and began to spoon feed Gary.

This was the first solid food Gary had been given since he arrived at the facility.  He swallowed the thick rich soup slowly as his stomach rumbled and protested.  Finally, he swallowed the last of the soup and his face was wiped clean.  The orderlies stood up and left the cell leaving Gary sitting upright.  The heavy door swung closed, and Gary was left again in the overwhelming silence of the room.  Gary slumped against the wall and nodded off in the silence of the room.  Again, he was startled awake when the orderlies returned to change his diaper and to feed him.  He was totally isolated, and his mind wandered and began hallucinating from the lack of stimulus.

Gary was deep in a nightmare when the door swung open, and the orderlies accompanied by the Doctor of the facility entered the cell.  The entry of the men startled Gary awake and he slowly opened his eyes and stared up at the men.  The Doctor nodded and the orderlies grabbed Gary and pulled him to his feet and dragged him from the cell.  Once outside of the cell, the Doctor told the orderlies to take him to the shower room in the hospital and get him cleaned up.  The orderlies nodded and half dragged, and half carried the groggy disorientated Gary to the wet room.  Once in the room, Gary was removed from the heavy canvas jacket and put in rubber restraints.  The hazmat team entered the room and as they had several times, scrubbed and hosed Gary clean.  After drying Gary and the heavy steel chastity belt, they called the orderlies back to take Gary away.

The orderlies removed the restraints from Gary and walked him to the Doctor’s office and one knocked on the door and the order to enter was heard from the Doctor.  The orderlies with their patient between them walked into the office.  The orderlies held Gary by his biceps.  The Doctor looked up at Gary and asked if he had decided to calm down and Gary slowly nodded his head.  The Doctor told him that he was going to be returned to the custody of the prison.  Gary nodded and the orderlies walked Gary out of the office and took him out of the hospital section of the facility and returned to the prison side.  Waiting for Gary were the two Officers who had controlled him before.  The Officers quickly put Gary back into the heavy irons and walked him to the Director’s office.

The Director looked up at the prisoner standing before him in heavy chains and a steel chastity belt and smiled.  He pointed to a chair and told Gary to sit.  Gary shuffled over to the chair and sat down.  The Officers stood behind him.  The Director looked at Gary and told him that his 2 weeks were up and that he was being released.  Gary sat there stunned and wondered at how 2 weeks had passed in what was a blink of an eye it felt like to him.  He knew that he had never been out of bondage or confinement at any time during his stay.  He nodded and asked what happened now.

The Director told him that he would be taken to the locker room and given his leathers and boots.  However, there was a condition to his release.  Gary asked what that was, and the Director told him that it had been found that released prisoners especially those like Gary suffered from a form of depression caused by the sudden freedom and their inability to cope with it after the total and absolute control they had endured.  Gary would need time to decompress and slowly come to terms with freedom.

The Director stood up and took out the keys to the chastity belt Gary wore and handed the keys to one of the Officers.  The Director told Gary that the belt would remain on for a period to be determined by the Officer who now held the keys.  He went on to tell Gary, that the Officer was a member of the police force for the city where Gary lived.  Gary looked at the man and nodded.  The Officer would monitor and supervise Gary for the next weeks until he was satisfied that Gary had recovered and was able to return to his previous life.  The Officer nodded and smiled at Gary.

Gary stood up and told the Director that he accepted the terms of his release.  The Director nodded and ordered the Officers to remove the heavy irons.  The men quickly complied with the order and then the 3 men left the Director’s office.  They walked to the locker room and the Officer who was now Gary’s guardian opened a locker and Gary saw his heavy Langlitz breeches, jacket and boots along with the rest of his gear.  He pulled out the gear and began to get dressed.  Soon he was in his leathers, and the Officers led him out of the main facility, and they entered the storage area outside of the main building.  There was a tarp covered object there, and Gary realized it was his Harley.  Gary walked over and pulled the tarp off and saw his Harley along with his helmet.  He got on the bike and pulled on his helmet.  The Officer assigned to him as guardian walked over and told him to head straight back to his condo, he was allowed to stop at a grocery store if required to obtain food and other needs.  Otherwise, he was to remain at his home.  Gary nodded and the Officer went on to tell Gary that he was to expect to have the Officer arrive about 5 hours from now and that he would be moving in to oversee Gary’s parole and return to society and work.  Gary started the Harley and pulled out of the facility.  The 3-hour ride back to the city was uneventful and he enjoyed the freedom however, his cock kept providing him with a reminder that he was not yet fully free.

After Gary had gotten home and had gone shopping, he was sitting on the couch in his living room.  He was still wearing his Wescos and his padded riding breeches.  He was bare chested and was feeling somewhat relaxed.  The phone rang and he saw on the display that it was the entrance.  He answered and the Officer barked at him to let him in.  Gary pushed the button on his phone to open the front door of the building and he stood up and walked over to the door.  He waited and then a heavy knock sounded, and he opened the door.  Standing there is jeans, tactical boots and a black t-shirt was his guardian and parole Officer.  He stood back and the Officer walked in and told Gary to close and lock the door.  Gary obeyed and closed and locked the door.

Gary followed the Officer as the Officer explored the condo and told Gary that he would be taking the main bedroom and Gary nodded.  Turning to Gary, he told him to strip and report to him in the living room.  Gary quickly pulled off his heavy Wesco’s and stripped off his leather breeches.  As soon as he had put the gear away, he ran to the living room and reported to his Officer

The Officer told Gary that he was going to remain in the belt and that when he was at home, he would not be allowed clothing unless he was given specific orders.  The Officer nodded and smiled, standing up he moved over to Gary and reached up and grabbed and twisted Gary’s nipples.  Gary groaned as the pain hit and the Officer smiled.  The Officer smiled and told Gary that he had been waiting for this since Gary was arrested and taken to the facility.  Gary looked at his parole Officer and realized that he was reacting to the pain, and he felt safe and calm in the presence of the Officer despite the pain from his nipples.  The Officer grabbed Gary by his right bicep and the two men walked to the main bedroom and Gary was told to kneel.  Gary obeyed and watched as the Officer sat on the bed and told Gary to take off his boots and jeans.  Gary obeyed and soon had unzipped the zippers of the boots and pulled them off and removed the Officer’s socks.  He then unbuckled the heavy belt and unbuttoned the jeans and worked them off the Officer.  The Officer stretched and pulled of the snug t-shirt and tossed it on the floor.

He sat back on the bed, his cock hard and dripping.  Gary watched and the Officer nodded.  Gary opened his mouth and swallowed the Officer’s cock.  The Officer grabbed Gary’s head and began to face fuck Gary. Soon Gary was swallowing the first of many loads of cum he would receive from his Officer.  The Officer stood up and grabbed Gary and tossed him on the bed.  He lifted Gary’s legs up and rested them on his shoulders as he slides his cock between the cables that run up Gary’s ass crack and into Gary’s hole.  He pounded Gary’s ass hard and fast blowing another heavy load deep in Gary’s ass.

The Officer slowly pulled out and looked down at Gary and smiled.  He told Gary that it looked like things were going to work out just fine and Gary nodded and smiled, feeling the Officer’s cum slowly drip out of his ass.

The End

Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for this story!

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