The Speed Trap – Part 10

By Rubrpig

We finally settled into our new house. The move had been rather uneventful and the unpacking of the house did not take as long as setting up the new dungeon in the basement. One of the things that attracted us to the house was that the foundation was made of stones and mortor. So once the dungeon was setup it looked almost medieval which just made it more intense when we were playing.

Sir had settled into his new role as my Sir and head of the family as well as becoming an expert fucker. He seemed bent on making up for lost time and my ass was getting worn out from all the fucking we had been doing.

We had finally had a long talk about trust and limits and he had agreed to my hard limits of no blood, scat, or permanent markings. So we explored what turned him on and we found that like me he was a strong sadist and really enjoyed inflicting pain. Also having me in heavy bondage for long term scenes really got him rock hard. Many a night was spent with me strapped tightly into a heavy leather straight jacket or sleeping next to him in a sleep sack.

As he usually was with us on the weekends, it left me with plenty of time to play with my boys. My part-time boy since we had finally moved out of his house was more relaxed as he did value his privacy and enjoyed being on his own while still being able to come to the new family house when he wanted to be with us.

The trials of the leather troopers, judge and prosecutor were finally starting and we had been issued supeonas to appear for the prosecution. This of course started the media frenzy up again but we knew it was going to be intense especially facing the men who had basically kidnapped us and used us as sex toys. Although we were heavily into BDSM and hard play it was consentual so being forced into that situation and being gang raped was a startling situation.

The day we were due to appear at the trial, we all got up early as we were all nervous. My part-time boy and my Sir had spent the night with us and we were planning on traveling to the courthouse together. We all knew that arriving at the courthouse with the Govenor was going to create a media storm.

The media was in a frenzy as we all got out of the vehicles. Sir had arranged for several of the offical SUV’s that he was assigned along with additional state troopers from the protection division to try and keep the media back from us as we entered the court house. One of the TV crew’s boom mic was shoved into my face and trying to dodge it caused it to slam into my face and I groaned and shoved it back. One of the troopers shoved the TV sound man back and another asked me if I was ok. I nodded and rubbed the side of my face and wondered if I was going to head up with a black eye.

Once we were inside the courtroom and in a meeting room with the prosecutors assigned to the case, I was able to check my face and as I expected I had a nice shiner. I laughed and told my Sir, guess being attacked by the media is like as painful as a impact scene. He nodded and laughed. He said that he would be in the courtroom and then gave each of us a hug.

The trial lasted for days and we were on the witness stand for several days each for questioning. Finally the trial was sent to the jury for decision and it was just a matter of waiting. The verdict came 5 days later and all four of the defendants were found guilty and the judge ordered them held in jail till sentencing which he scheduled in a week.

That evening we all were finally able to relax and try to put the trial and everything else behind us. We knew that they were going away for a long time so we were satisfied. The other men arrested and charged for the most part had made plea bargains in exchange for reduced sentences.

We decided to grill steaks and eat on the large veranda that surrounded the house. We finished the meal and Sir told us to leave cleaning up for a while as he wanted to talk with all of us. We sat down and my boys and I looked at each other and wondered what we had done this time.

Sir looked at his son and told us that he had come to some decisions about how he wanted to live his life. His son looked at him and told him that all he wanted and then looked at us and told his father that we just wanted him to be happy. We all nodded and told him that we would support him in any decision he made. He nodded and looked at us and told us that he had decided to step down as govenor at the end of his term in a year.

He had started his re-election campaign but he was meeting with his campaign manager and with the party exec’s in the morning to announce that he was retiring from politics.   We were stunned and then I asked him if he was certain. He nodded and looked at his son and told us that he had spent his life and his son’s lifetime in politics and that he had not been there for his son as he grew up. Now he wanted to be with his son and his new family and enjoy a new life. He then told us that he was also going to announce that he was gay.

I looked at my full-time boy and told him that we should clean up as Sir and his son needed some time alone. We stood up, cleared the table and went into the house. As usual we were in leather jocks and wesco’s. We cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the diswasher and when we were done, wondered into the living room and sat down to relax and talk about what had just happened.

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