The Speed Trap – Part 02

By Rubrpig

I called my Sir’s cell again and once again it went to voice mail. This was troubling as he always checked in when he reached his home. I decided to try again the next day but the results were the same. No answer on his cell or the land line at his home. Also no response to the email checking in with him. I decided I had no choice but to contact his full time boy. His full time boy did not live with him as he travelled a great deal and due to security reasons had to maintain his own residence. I texted and got an immediate response that he had just returned from a trip but he also was unable to reach our Sir.

His boy logged into the GPS tracking site for the anti-theft device on Sir’s Harley and was able to get the coordinates of where it was. He watched the site for several days and there was no movement so he contacted me with the coordinates. As it was about an hour away from my home, I told him that I would go check out the site and if there was a problem I would contact him immediately.

I grabbed my leather jacket and jumped into the car. I punched the coordinates into the GPS system and it was able to plot the route to that site. I headed there. When I arrived I parked a little way from the actual site and walked the rest of the way. I found myself outside of a state troopers facility and I walked further around the site. In the rear there was a large storage building and I was able to see through one of the very dirty windows and saw Sir’s Harley.

I ran back to my car and called my brother, Sir’s full time boy. He agreed with me that it appeared that Sir was at the troopers barracks or at least he had been. He said he was leaving right away and would meet up with me. He said he had searched the town on Google and told me that we should meet up at a roadside tavern in 2 hours. I told him I would be there but would remain at the barracks until it was time to meet up. He told me to be careful and I told him I would. I knew what that meant well enough as all of us, had been partners and members of the same Marine recon platoon.

About an hour after I talked to my brother, I saw the rear door open and 2 men in leather police uniforms emerged. One of them had a heavy chain leash and was tugging on it. Just then a man emerged wearing orange prison clothing and wearing heavy 5 point chains. My cock got rock hard as heavy bondage always got to me but Sir was into pain more than chains. I finally got a clear view of the prisoner’s face and I was shocked as the man shuffling in the heavy chains was Sir. I grabbed my phone and took several shots and texted them to my brother. I watched as the leather cops loaded Sir into the back of a prisoner transport van and they got in the front and drove off. The van was heading in my direction so I quickly got into a position that I hoped would look like I had pulled off the main road to take a nap. The van passed and headed for the main highway.

I decided the best thing to do at that point is meet up with my brother and we could decide what was our next step. I got to the tavern and parked and went in and ordered a beer and sat at a table by a front window so I could watch for my brother. He arrived about 20 minutes later and walked in and went to the bar and ordered a beer. He spotted me and walked and sat down. He told me that he got the images of Sir in chains with the leather cops. I nodded and said what do we do now.

He said it would be best for both of us to see if we could get arrested. That way we would gain access to the barracks and the jail as it was pretty obvious that Sir was being held in the jail as a prisoner. I nodded and said, let’s try for tonight. We can leave one of our cars at my place and that way we would be arrested together and increase our chances. He nodded and we finished our beers and headed back to my house. We changed into full leathers and boots as it would increase our chances as I told him that the troopers were obviously into leathers. He agreed and we finished getting ready and got into my truck and headed back to the town where Sir was being held.

We arrive at the town and drove along the main street which was the highway as well. As we passed a side road he noticed the troopers car sitting on a side road and told me to speed up and see if we could get pulled over for speeding. I nodded and stepped on it and as we hoped, the troopers pulled onto the highway and put on their lights. I kept going and then the siren was turned on so I looked at my brother and smiled saying, looks like we got them interested. I slowed and pulled over onto the side of the highway and stopped.

We got out and stood by the truck, our heavy leathers gleaming in the headlights of the police car. The troopers did not get out but used the loudspeaker to order us to kneel and put our hands behind our head with our fingers interlaced. We kneeled, our heavy leathers creaking as we did and then laced our gloved hands together. Once we were both in position as ordered the troopers got out of their car. They were in their regulation uniforms as they were on duty.

They approached me first and asked for my licence, registration and insurance. I nodded and told them that my wallet and the other papers were in the centre console of the truck. One of the troopers went to the open driver’s door and returned handing the other one my wallet. He opened it and a picture of Sir and my brother and I fell out. He leaned down and picked it up and smiled. He showed it to his partner and they nodded.

The trooper with my wallet walked behind me and quickly handcuffed me and his partner walked around and did the same to my brother. Telling us to get to our feet, we obeyed and soon were standing side by side pushed against the side of the truck. The trooper who had cuffed me wore sergeant stripes walked over to us and told us that we were both being arrested for speeding, reckless driving and assaulting a police officer. We both began to yelled at them and told them the charges were a bunch of bullshit. They laughed and told us that we were going to be taken to the jail and held there until our trial in 2 days. We told them we wanted to call a lawyer and were told one would be provided to us at the trial.

One at a time, we were walked over to the police car and helped into the rear seat. Since my brother and I were both 6’2″ and about 220lbs, it was a tight fit with both us in the back seat. We squirmed trying to get comfortable in the tight space and our heavy leathers and boots. The sergeant got behind the wheel of the police car while his partner got into my truck.

Both vehicles were started and we were soon headed back towards the town and the trooper barracks. After arriving and being processed into the jail, we were both put into 5 point chains and we followed the troopers shuffling along in our orange prison clothing and slippers and we were lead into the jail itself. As we passed the first cell, we saw a man who was in a heavy lock steel helmet and was in 5 point chains like us but he was also heavily chained to the bars of his cell so he was rigidly held in position by the web of heavy chains padlocked over his body. We both recognized the man as our Sir due to our total familiarity with his body.

He was facing the cell next to his and we assumed he would be able to see us if we were put into that cell. The sergeant opened the cell door and we were told to get into the cell. The troopers followed us into the cell and the Sergeant took his night stick and tapped me between the legs right on the heavy chastity device I was locked in and then did the same to my brother.

Both of us wore the same devices which were heavy devices that Sir had custom made for us by Extreme Steelwerks. He laughed and said that it was too bad that they did not have the special tool to remove the devices. We stood there as they turned and left the cell locking us in. They left the jail and we heard the heavy steel door of the jail entrance being slammed and locked. We shuffled over to the side of the cell closest to Sir and told him that we were both here and we would get out of this. He spoke but it was hard to hear with his head locked in the heavy steel helmet. We understood that he ok but had been sentenced to a year of hard labor and permanent chains. We looked closely and realized that his chains were not padlocked but had been riveted.

He said the chains had been riveted this morning and I realized that when I saw him being taken from the jail he was being taken to get the chains riveted. My brother asked if he was ok otherwise. He said that he was ok but the troopers, judge and the prosecutor were all in on it and each night he had been taken to a dungeon and used by the 4 of them. They were all into leather uniforms and he thought he had been taken as he had been in full leathers. They had the photo of him and I at Folsom to prove that he was into BDSM as a Sir but they seemed determine to break him and turn him into a willing slave.

We told him that we have left detailed information at my house as to where we had gone and what we knew along with copies of the images I took of him and the 2 leather troopers. So hopefully, when I was missed someone would find the information and help rescue all of us. He told us that he was proud of both of us and hopefully, we would get out of this soon. Just then the troopers came back into the jail and walked over to Sir’s cell.

They opened the cell door and walked in and dropped something on the bunk. They unlocked the heavy steel web of chains that held Sir to the bars and dropped them on the floor. Then the corporal knelt and pulled on the orange prison pants Sir was wearing and they pulled apart. The prison clothing Sir was in was designed to come apart so his clothing could be removed. He did the same with Sir’s orange boxer shorts.

Then the Sergeant picked up object that he had put on the cot and they began to put it on Sir. The first thing they did was put a wide metal belt around Sir’s waist then holding the belt in place, they put a metal plate on Sir pulling his cock and balls through the opening in the plate, then Sir’s cock was worked into a tube on a metal object which was then attached to the plate and all the pieces were then locked.

The key was removed and the Sergeant put it on his key ring. He then tapped the metal cage covering Sir’s cock and balls with his night stick. He laughed and said since Sir like chastity for his boys then it was fitting that he be locked up as well for his new Sir’s pleasure and control. He then slammed his gloved fist into Sir’s stomach and Sir grunted and bent over from the impact. The troopers left the cell and locked it then left the jail area.

Sir moved over and sat on the cot in his cell, the helmet in place and the heavy chains he was in restricting his movements. He felt the heavy chastity belt and groaned as he sat there naked from the waist down. We watched as he sat there and then my brother asked if he was ok. Sir told us that he was ok but soon he would be taken to the dungeon for use. He said that we would be ok for now as if they followed procedure they would not begin to use us until we had gone to court and been sentenced. We nodded and told him that we do what we could to help him.

Several hours later, we could see that it was getting dark outside and the door to the jail clanged open and the two troopers came in but this time they were wearing leather uniforms which duplicated their official uniforms.

They unlocked Sir’s cell, the corporal entered and told Sir to stand which he did and the corporal knelt and soon had Sir’s prison uniform back on and the Velcro strips sealed properly. Then the corporal hooked a heavy leash to Sir’s collar and tugging on the leash caused Sir to shuffle out of the cell and follow him. The sergeant looked over at us and laughed. He told us that our time would come soon enough and that they would bring our Sir back later after he had more training. We shuffled over the side of the cell and asked them to leave Sir alone and let us all go. He smiled and said that it was not often that 3 hard muscled leathermen were available for their use and they were going to keep us. He laughed as he turned and followed his partner and Sir out of the jail and slammed the door closed. We looked at each other and wondered what was next.

To be continued …

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  1. What an excellent second chapter! I had wondered what his boy would do when he never showed up, but I never thought we’d get to find out. How much better that they’re all in this together!

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